Better Business Bureau (BBB)

The Importance of the Better Business Bureau
While it is not a government body, many consumers turn to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) as the first source of information on businesses with which they interact. Thus, a high BBB rating and BBB accreditation have obvious public relations and reputational benefits. A business’ status with the BBB also is important because media outlets often use BBB reports as their first source of information on a business, and sometimes refer the audience to the BBB website for more in-depth coverage of a business about which they are reporting. Additionally, a business’ reputation has regulatory ramifications because, when a business comes to their attention, regulators often check a business’ BBB status before deciding whether its practices deserve closer scrutiny.

The Organization of the BBB
The BBB is organized into a network of regional BBBs, with the national Council of Better Business Bureaus (CBBB) serving as the hub for that network. Businesses are accredited and rated by the BBB branch that covers the region in which they are headquartered.

Troutman Sanders and the BBB
Troutman Sanders has been accredited by the BBB since 1971 and enjoys an “A+” BBB rating. The firm is also one of 200 businesses and law firms nationwide recognized as a National Partner with the CBBB. Our high level of involvement with the BBB gives us credibility in interacting with the CBBB and with regional BBBs on behalf of our clients.

How We Help Businesses with the BBB
Our lawyers have substantial experience assisting clients in developing and improving their relationships with the regional BBBs and with the CBBB. We work with our clients to turn relationships that are sometimes perceived as adversarial into collaborative relationships aimed at improving, maintaining and demonstrating public trust. Through this process, we have succeeded in raising BBB ratings by multiple letter grades and achieving accreditation.

The transformation of a business’ relationship with the BBB brings with it positive benefits for the business and the BBB. Our clients benefit from fewer customer complaints, more positive news stories and less distrust from regulators, while the BBBs are assisted in carrying out their mission of raising the level of trust between businesses and the consumers they serve.