Branding Tobacco Products and Other IP Issues

Brand protection is most important in the tobacco business, and our team has added value in this area by:

  • Screening chosen marks
  • Securing registration of foreign and domestic trademarks
  • Securing registration of copyrights
  • Policing intellectual property rights
  • Licensing and sale of trademark & copyrights

We know how important it is that trademarks be licensed in writing and their use monitored for proper quality control in order to avoid abandonment of trademark rights. Our team performs all necessary tasks to protect, police and enforce trademark and copyrights, including intellectual property audits. We are well-versed in promotions, as well as website requirements, which are popular with businesses of all types.

  • Advise on intellectual property strategies to identify, protect, police and enhance value of intellectual property; prosecute trademarks, service marks, copyrights; perform company-wide intellectual property and website audits.
  • Provide advice regarding web strategies including web hosting, ASP, Terms of Use, Privacy Statements, marketing, advertising, sweepstakes and promotions.


Practice Highlights