Developing creative works requires a significant investment of time, energy and resources. Our intellectual property lawyers are equally committed to helping companies protect their copyright portfolios throughout the United States and around the globe. Our experience has been recognized by Best Lawyers in America, which lists Troutman Sanders lawyers among the top copyright practitioners in the country.

We provide responsive, personal service at every stage in the creation, acquisition, publication, distribution and protection of software, web content, books, magazines, artwork, music, television shows, movies and other creative material. Our services include:

  • Preparing copyright applications and registrations of works
  • Conducting copyright searches
  • Securing transfers of copyright in works prepared by employees and third-party contractors
  • Responding to office actions initiated by the U.S. Copyright Office
  • Ensuring compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and related take-down notices
  • Providing opinions and analyses on copyrightability, ownership, safe harbors, fair use and anti-circumvention

We also represent clients in the prosecution and defense of copyright litigation and related infringement and other claims. Our lawyers have developed creative approaches to litigation involving cutting-edge issues such as software piracy of goods on the Internet and ownership of proprietary source code. We also handle disputes involving First Amendment rights, publishing and breach of copyright license agreements.



Practice Highlights