Corporate Governance

Corporate governance remains at the forefront of governmental and business reform. To avoid costly operational disruptions, regulatory and law-enforcement investigations, and civil and criminal penalties, businesses must develop an effective compliance plan — and act quickly in the event of adverse findings.

The corporate governance attorneys at Troutman Sanders have extensive experience advising individual executives, boards of directors and board committee members on their fiduciary responsibilities. Our practice is tailored to address our clients’ unique issues and features a comprehensive, cross-team approach that includes attorneys from our corporate, litigation, regulatory and executive compensation practices. Together, we provide necessary counseling regarding the governance of public companies and the continually developing responsibilities of their directors and senior management. We advise our corporate clients on developing and implementing customized compliance and ethics programs and establishing policies that address issues arising under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and related securities laws. We focus on each client’s needs to produce an integrated compliance structure that fits the client’s business goals and addresses specific regulatory pressure points.

Our attorneys have extensive experience conducting internal investigations sponsored by companies, their boards and committees. We regularly conduct inquiries in connection with employee whistleblower complaints, Section 10A of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, and other sensitive matters. We are well versed in responding to informal and formal SEC investigations and are prepared to represent clients in governmental investigations and civil and criminal actions involving compliance issues. Additionally, we provide comprehensive training opportunities for directors, senior executives and employees across a broad range of areas.

Our deep understanding of the underlying regulations and the diverse business practices of a broad cross section of companies allows us to avoid a one-size-fits-all approach and tailor our advice to the specific needs of each client. We listen closely to our clients’ goals and expectations, and take a practical and commercial approach to delivering high-quality legal services.

Clients’ legal counsel must remain current on legislative, regulatory and market changes in order to provide the most relevant and timely counsel available. At Troutman Sanders, our attorneys are active members of the bar and, as thought leaders, regularly speak before industry groups and other associations on corporate governance, compliance and related topics. Our deep relationships with our corporate and institutional clients in a wide range of industries enable us to apply best practices and provide legal counsel across a number of areas.