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Data Privacy: The Current Legal Landscape (Annual Edition)


Mark C. Mao

Ronald I. Raether, Jr.

Yanni Lin

Sheila M. Pham

Jonathan Yee

Sadia Mirza

Molly S. DiRago

Julie D. Hoffmeister

In the last few years, the right to privacy has been hotly debated in the United States. What critics do not understand or appreciate is that the next technological paradigm is completely dependent on improvements both to the quality and quantity of data.

As connected things (IoT) explode in popularity, they make things such as augmented reality (AR) and autonomous vehicles possible. And as interconnectivity grows, so do the opportunities. The companies that fail to leverage those opportunities may find themselves falling behind their competitors.

In venturing into these emerging paradigms, companies should stay informed of recent enforcement actions, cases, and laws to determine how their role within new ecosystems may be impacted.

This publication attempts to cover the ongoing evolution of the legal landscape for data-based products, so that organizations can continue to succeed in their development of data-based products.

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