Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Ongoing efforts to promote and foster an inclusive environment are lead by the Troutman Sanders Diversity & Inclusion Committee. Its primary goals are to implement the firm’s philosophy on diversity, ensure a welcoming workplace for all personnel, and make an impact on the community through charitable giving and pro bono service.

Members of the Diversity & Inclusion Committee are:

Sallie A. Daniel
Chief Development and Diversity Officer
Hollister A. Hill, Chair
Partner, Environmental & Natural Resources
University of Georgia, J.D., 1988

Robert Angle
Partner, Intellectual Property
Richmond, Tyson's Corner
University of Virginia, J.D., 1994

Laura Boorman 
Associate, Environment and
Natural Resources
University of Richmond, J.D., 2013

Charanjit Brahma
Partner, Intellectual Property
San Francisco
University of California, J.D., 1999

Chris G. Browning
Partner, Appellate
University of North Carolina, J.D., 1986

Megan Burns
Counsel, Financial Services Litigation
Virginia Beach
The College of William and Mary, J.D., 1993

Kevin Coleman
Associate, Corporate
Georgia State University, J.D., 2015

Christina Ding
Associate, Insurance
San Diego
University of Virginia, J.D., 2011

Seth Erickson
Associate, Insurance
Vanderbilt University, J.D., 2009

Monique M. Fuentes
Partner, Insurance
Orange County
University of Southern California, J.D., 1999

William G. Homiller
Partner, Real Estate
University of Virginia, J.D., 2002

Molly F. James 
Partner, Private Wealth Management
Tysons Corner
Georgetown University, J.D., 1992

Michael A. Karpen
Partner, Finance
New York
Yeshiva University, J.D., 1981

James "Jim" A. Lamberth
Partner, Business Litigation
The George Washington University, J.D., 1987

Brandon F. Marzo
Partner, Energy
Washington and Lee University, J.D., 1999

Stacey L. McGraw
Partner, Insurance
Washing, D.C.
University of Michigan, J.D., 1993

Andrew J. Perel
Partner, Environmental & Natural Resources
New York
Brooklyn Law School, J.D., 1986

Daniel Sharpe
Associate, Intellectual Property
Washington, D.C.
University of Virginia, J.D., 2012

Ashante Latanya Smith
Partner, Multifamily Housing Finance 
University of Virginia, J.D., 2002

Paul A. Steffens
Partner, Corporate
University of North Carolina, J.D., 1996
Fitzgerald Veira, Environmental & Natural Resources attorney
Fitzgerald Veira
Partner, Environmental & Natural Resources
Georgetown University, J.D., 1995

Chuck Wall
Partner, Corporate
University of Richmond, J.D., 1989

Michael Whitton
Partner, Real Estate
San Diego and San Francisco
University of Notre Dame, J.D., 1992

Michael Drew Wooldridge
Partner, Energy
University of North Carolina, J.D., 2002

Grace Yang
Associate, Business Litigation
New York
Fordham University, J.D., 2009