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02.25.19 21st Annual California CUPA Training Conference
02.20.19 Northwest Hydroelectric Association, 2019 Annual Conference
02.14.19 Annual eDiscovery Updates
02.11.19 National Hydropower Association, 2019 Southeast Regional Meeting
02.02.19 NC Chamber 2019 Environmental Compliance Conference
02.06.19 DRI Product Liability Conference
02.06.19 Consumer Products and the Environment
02.01.19 Government Investigations 2019: Investigations Arising From Data Breach and Privacy Concerns and Parallel Proceedings
01.15.19 Global Privacy Laws: Privacy, IP, and Localization Trends For 2019
11.29.18 American Conference Institute 23rd Annual Conference on Drug and Medical Device Litigation
11.20.18 New EPA Rule on Solid and Hazardous Waste: Updated Compliance With 83 Fed. Reg. 24664
11.14.18 "EPA's New Hazardous Waste Pharmaceutical Rule: What to Expect and How to Comply"
11.08.18 Energy Law and Change Webinar: Legal Developments Affecting Oil & Gas Pipelines
10.29.18 6th Annual Berkshire Hathaway Sustainability Summit
10.26.18 Complimentary Webinar Invitation: "A TCPA in Chaos: Navigating the Circuit and District Courts Splits on the Interpretation of the TCPA Since ACA International"
10.18.18 26th Fall Conference - Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources
10.17.18 American Bar Association’s SEER 26th Fall Conference
10.16.18 Bloomberg Next Webinar, Elevating Environmental Due Diligence: Key Strategies for Success
10.11.18 The 8th Annual EDI Leadership Summit
10.04.18 2018 Richmond/Virginia Beach Public Company Seminar
09.29.18 Water Environment Federation, 91st Annual Technical Exhibition & Conference
09.25.18 2018 California Environmental Compliance Workshop
09.06.18 2018 Mid-Atlantic Market Update
09.05.18 Environmental Roundtable Breakfast
08.29.18 2018 Market Update
08.22.18 Georgia Environmental Conference
08.19.18 ILTACON 2018, ILTA's 41st Annual Educational Conference
08.07.18 13th Annual Credit Grantor Consortium in New York City
07.25.18 Stormwater Discharge Permits and Clean Water Act Compliance
07.19.18 Virginia Bar Association’s 128th Summer Meeting
07.20.18 11th National Advanced Forum on Defending & Managing Automotive Product Liability Litigation
07.16.18 30th National Advance Forum on Consumer Finance Class Actions and Government Enforcement
07.13.18 Join Us on July 12- 14th for the 9th Annual NetDiligence Cyber Risk Summit Conference
07.12.18 CEEC Webinar: Discussion of Key Environment, Health & Safety Enforcement Trends and Developments
06.14.18 The Legal, Regulatory and Business Conference on 3D Printing
06.12.18 New York State Bar Association International Section Global Law Week
05.18.18 National Creditors Bar Association 2018 Spring Conference
05.18.18 American Bar Association’s 12th Annual National Institute on E-Discovery
05.15.18 North Carolina Chamber, 2018 Manufacturing Summit
05.15.18 2018 Troutman Sanders Tax Seminars
05.10.18 ACI’s Women Leaders in Financial Services Law and Compliance Conference
04.30.18 Examining the Evolving State Regulatory and Enforcement Paradigm Governing FinTech and Payments
04.25.18 Updates, a Case Study & Legal Developments in Background Screening
04.24.18 State and Local Regulations of E-Cigarettes and Other Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems
04.24.18 Information Security Media Group’s Fraud & Breach Prevention Summit
04.16.18 Sports & Fitness Industry Association Summit
04.11.18 Credit and Collection News Annual Conference
03.29.18 State Bar of Georgia Toxic and Mass Torts Seminar
03.22.18 Abusive Car Loan and Sale Practices: Scope and Potential Remedies to Strengthen Consumer Protections
03.20.18 Center for Applied Energy Research, 2018 Workshop on Current Issues in Ponded CCPs
03.15.18 Troutman Sanders/Janover LLC Tax Reform Seminar
02.15.18 Washington Building Congress Presents a Women's Roundtable and Networking Event
02.13.18 Government Investigations 2018: Investigations Arising From Data Breach and Privacy Concerns and Parallel Proceedings
01.25.18 CLE Webinar: Annual eDiscovery Updates
12.12.17 The Future is Here: Cyber Insurance and Privacy Risks in 2017 and What to Expect Moving Forward
11.01.17 Terminating Employees on Job-Protected Leave: Avoiding FMLA and ADA Claims
10.23.17 Infocast Mid-Atlantic Power Market Summit
10.19.17 Qualified Retirement Plans, Health & Welfare Plans, and Plan Governance - What You Need to Know for 2018
10.18.17 Tips and Tricks to Ensuring the Best Background Screening Policies
10.18.17 2017 Richmond/Virginia Beach Public Company Seminar
10.04.17 Environmental Law Update for Real Estate Attorneys
09.28.17 The Seminar Group - 6th Annual Georgia Construction Law Seminar
09.20.17 Initial Coverage Evaluation, Reservation of Rights, and Best Practices Webinar
09.14.17 American Bar Association Business Law Section Annual Meeting 2017
08.30.17 2017 Market Update
08.23.17 HR Steps to Success
08.16.17 ILTACON 2017
08.10.17 A Review of the New York Cybersecurity Framework for Financial Institutions
07.26.17 Product Liability Litigation Essentials: Creating Legal Holds, Confronting Spoliation Risks, and Crafting Ethical Settlements
06.13.17 HR Steps to Success: Equal Employment Protection for LGBT Workers
06.07.17 2017 Tax Seminars - Orange County Office
06.05.17 2017 NetDiligence Cyber Risk & Privacy Liability Forum
06.05.17 2017 GRC Summit
05.23.17 Most Notable Professional Liability Insurance Decisions of the Past Year Webinar
05.12.17 Food Law: A Comprehensive Review of the Evolving Legal Landscape
05.11.17 2017 Perrin Emerging Insurance Coverage & Allocation Issues Conference
05.11.17 2017 Tax Seminars - Chicago Office
05.09.17 2017 Tax Seminars - Washington, D.C. Office
04.25.17 2017 API Pipeline Conference and Control Room Forum
04.18.17 Webinar: I-9 Changes & Immigration Update
04.18.17 Business Trends in Real Estate
04.18.17 Community Wills Training Program
04.04.17 The Business Interruption Claim Webinar
04.02.17 Consero Financial Services and Insurance Litigation Forum
03.23.17 Electronic Fund Transfer Act (EFTA) - Latest Trends and Developments
03.23.17 Ten D&O and Professional Liability Insurance Decisions from 2015 That Should be on Your Radar Webinar
03.22.17 Infocast 2017 Solar Power Finance & Investment Summit
03.20.17 NAPBS 2017 Mid-Year Legislative & Regulatory Conference
03.20.17 National Association of Professional Background Screeners Mid-Year Legislative & Regulatory Conference
03.16.17 eMerge Webinar - The Evolving Impact of Technology on Legal Ethics
03.07.17 Renewable Energy Projects: Structuring Operations & Maintenance Agreements
03.01.17 2017 ABA Insurance Coverage Litigation Committee CLE Seminar
02.24.17 Government Investigations 2017: Investigations Arising From Data Breach and Privacy Concerns and Parallel Proceedings
02.24.17 NACHA Payments Innovation Alliance Meeting
02.23.17 Data Privacy 101 For Real Estate Attorneys
02.22.17 25th Annual Product Liability Seminar
02.22.17 “Employment Law: Top Five Areas to Watch in 2017” Webinar
02.16.17 Global Legal & IP Confex
02.09.17 Redlining and Fair Lending: What You Need to Know
02.09.17 ETA & BAFT for International Payments Policy Day
02.08.17 2017 ACG Capital Connection
02.08.17 Infocast 2017 Wind Power Finance & Investment Summit
01.24.17 Data Breach Litigation & Investigation Forum 2017
01.24.17 ACI Consumer Finance Class Actions & Litigation Conference
01.17.17 Infocast Projects & Money
11.18.16 2nd Annual National Construction Defect Conference
11.15.16 What's Next in Cyber Insurance: New Trends, New Risks, New Cases, and What We Can Expect in 2017 Webinar
11.10.16 2016 Workplace Challenges Update
(f/k/a Annual Labor & Employment Seminar)
11.10.16 2016 Atlanta Public Company Seminar
11.09.16 2016 PLUS Conference
11.09.16 Troutman Sanders Annual New York Lending Conference
11.04.16 ABA Construction Forum 2016 Conference on the Fundamentals of Construction Law: Learning From the Pros
11.03.16 Advanced Issues in Construction Law
10.19.16 ABA Women in Insurance Networking CLE Meeting
10.13.16 U.S. Supreme Court 2016-2017 Term Preview in Raleigh
featuring reflections on a court without Justice Scalia
10.06.16 U.S. Supreme Court 2016-2017 Term Preview in Charlotte
featuring reflections on a court without Justice Scalia
10.05.16 Cybersecurity in the Financial Institutions Industry
10.05.16 12th Annual Southeastern M&A/Private Equity Forum
09.27.16 2016 PLUS Cyber Symposium
09.21.16 Balancing the Burdens & Benefits of Third Party eDiscovery
09.20.16 Hot Spots: Handling Complex Claims in California, Florida, Illinois, and New York (Part II) Webinar
09.14.16 Georgia Bankers Association De Novo Conference
09.14.16 Thinking Outside the (Black) Box with Early Case Assessment
08.31.16 2016 Market Update
08.06.16 2016 ABA Annual Meeting
07.25.16 New York Bar Association - International Section: Global Corporate Compliance Workshop
06.15.16 Vapor Expo International
06.07.16 A Year in Review - TCPA Developments Since the FCC's Landmark Declaratory Ruling
05.25.16 Hot Spots: Handling Complex Claims in California, Florida, Illinois, and New York (Part I) Webinar
05.19.16 FinTech: The Future is Now
05.12.16 Mission H2O Annual Meeting
04.20.16 NERA Breakfast Briefing: Recent Developments in Class Certification and Damages: Surveys and Regressions
04.20.16 2016 PLUS Professional Risk Symposium
04.08.16 2016 CLM Annual Conference
03.29.16 High Volatility Commercial Real Estate Loans: Guidance for Developers and Lenders on HVCRE Rules and Loan Covenants
03.23.16 eDiscovery Ethics
03.22.16 Infocast Solar Power Finance & Investment Summit
03.15.16 Managing Risks with Contracts in China
03.15.16 Tennessee Environmental Conference
02.10.16 Wind Power Finance & Investment
02.05.16 EUEC 2016
02.04.16 2016 Legal Update CLE Seminar
01.28.16 North Carolina Chamber of Commerce 2016 Environmental Compliance Conference
01.26.16 Infocast's Storage Week
01.26.16 Look But Don't Touch: How Water Quality Regulation Affects Water Availability
01.25.16 ACI's FCPA Boot Camp - Africa Anti-Corruption Seminar
01.20.16 Infocast Projects & Money
12.10.15 Corporate Counsel Institute
12.10.15 2015 Utility Regulation Conference: Rate Case, ROE and Reliability
11.18.15 TPPPA Member Executive Leadership Summit and Retreat
11.17.15 ABA Regional Advanced eDiscovery Meeting
11.11.15 2015 PLUS Annual Conference
10.29.15 2015 Labor & Employment and Benefits Seminar
10.27.15 EUCI's Operating an Effective Utility General Counsel Office; Working with Outside Counsel and Regulators
10.15.15 U.S. Supreme Court Preview
10.15.15 U.S. Supreme Court 2015-2016 Term Preview
10.08.15 The 11th Annual Southeastern M&A/Private Equity Forum
10.07.15 New Federal Rule Amendments on Discovery
10.05.15 ACI Cyber Security & Data Privacy and Protection
09.17.15 2015 PLUS Cyber Symposium
09.15.15 Ratemaking 101
09.02.15 Defending Insurers and Insureds Against Class Actions Webinar
08.26.15 One Water Leadership Summit
08.25.15 Technology Assisted Review & Predictive Coding CLE Webinar
08.05.15 U.S. Supreme Court 2014 Term Review - Reprise
07.22.15 Cybersecurity Symposium & Global Corporate Compliance Workshop
07.16.15 U.S. Supreme Court 2014 Term Review
07.16.15 HR Steps to Success: Fundamentals of Employee Discipline
06.25.15 Webinar: Mobile Device Discovery
06.25.15 ACI's 2nd National Forum on Insurance Allocation
06.23.15 Legal Challenges to Business in Latin America
06.08.15 Cloud Computing 2015: Key Issues and Practical Guidance
06.01.15 Managing the Discovery of the Most Challenging ESI Sources
05.19.15 Perrin Emerging Insurance Coverage & Allocation Issues Conference
05.19.15 Resolving eDiscovery Disputes in Large, Complex Arbitrations
05.13.15 Top Ten Insurance Decisions of the Last Year Webinar
05.11.15 Cloud Computing 2015: Key Issues and Practical Guidance
05.07.15 DRI Intellectual Property Litigation Seminar
04.28.15 2015 PLUS Professional Risk Symposium
04.08.15 A Comprehensive View of Cyber Exposures, Today and Tomorrow Webinar
03.31.15 26th Annual Environment Virginia Symposium
03.31.15 Infocast EPA Clean Power Plan Implementation Summit
03.26.15 GW Law J.B. and Maurice C. Shapiro Environmental Law Symposium
03.25.15 2015 CLM Annual Conference
03.23.15 Infocast Solar Power Finance & Investment
03.18.15 Environmental Compliance for Wastewater Utilities: Understanding the Mundane but Essentials of Effective Compliance
03.05.15 HiMSS Media & Healthcare News Presents: The Privacy & Security Forum – Protecting Data and Managing Risks
03.02.15 Infocast Storage Week 2015
03.04.15 Insurance Coverage Litigation Committee CLE Seminar
02.27.15 Georgia Water Law and Regulation
02.23.15 Southern States Energy Board Mid-Winter Meeting
02.23.15 2015 Auditing Roundtable Winter National Meeting & Training
02.16.15 2015 Energy, Utility & Environment Conference & Expo
02.09.15 2015 Legal Update: The Impact of Recent Developments on Structuring Deals
02.04.15 EPA's Proposed Regulations Under Section 111(d) of the Clean Air Act: Clean Power or Power Play?
02.04.15 2015 ACG Capital Connection
02.04.15 The Chicago Bar Association, Insurance Law Committee
01.29.15 North Carolina Environmental Compliance Conference
01.15.15 ACI Cyber Security & Data Privacy Conference
01.15.15 Cyber & Data Security Forum
01.13.15 Infocast 2015 Projects & Money
01.13.15 Law Seminars International - Cybersecurity Conference
01.07.15 The Insurer’s Duty to Settle, Bad Faith and Verdicts in Excess of Policy Limits
12.05.14 CLM Insurance Bad Faith & Coverage Conference
11.20.14 SEC Institute’s 30th Annual Reporting & FASB Forum
11.17.14 Infocast Distributed Solar West Summit
11.07.14 ABA 2014 The Women of the Section of Litigation Conference
11.06.14 2014 PLUS Annual Conference: Cyber Speed Debates 2.0.
10.30.14 ACI Medical Professional Liability Conference
10.23.14 Preview of the Upcoming United States Supreme Court Term
10.23.14 Georgia State Bar, Bankruptcy Section
10.05.14 International Energy Credit Association Conference
10.02.14 10th Annual Southeastern M&A and Private Equity Forum
09.30.14 Infocast Solar Securitization Summit
09.29.14 ALM Environmental Compliance Seminar
09.27.14 Water Environment Federation Annual Technical Exhibition and Conference (WEFTEC)
09.19.14 Healthcare Meets the Environment: Managing Pharmaceutical Wastes
09.18.14 Compliance and Risk Summit: Compliance and Business Growth
09.17.14 Infocast Northeast Energy Summit
09.16.14 One Water Leadership Summit: Water Quality Trading
09.16.14 Auditing Roundtable National Meeting: What You Need to Know About Compliance
09.11.14 American Bar Association's Business Law Section Annual Meeting
09.09.14 Infocast Utility Scale Solar Summit
09.09.14 Stormwater Discharge and CWA Compliance after EPA Rule Revisions: Webinar
08.20.14 9th Annual Georgia Environmental Conference: Regulation, Policy Updates and more
08.19.14 Credit and Collection News' 9th Annual Credit Grantor Consortium
08.11.14 Republican National Lawyers Association: National Election Law Seminar
08.09.14 ABA Annual Meeting: The CAFA and State Attorney General Enforcement Actions
08.08.14 American Bar Association: 2013 U.S. Term Review
08.07.14 Key Contracting Issues for Owner & Design Professional Agreements - Comparing Key Provisions in AIA & ConsensusDocs Contracts
08.07.14 Comparing Key Provisions in AIA & ConsensusDocs Contracts Webinar
08.06.14 ABA's Section of Environment, Energy and Resources Conference
08.06.14 National Constitution Center Webinar: TCPA Mandates
08.02.14 CLE: Georgia Environmental Law Section Summer Seminar
07.26.14 Virginia Bar Association: 2013 Supreme Court Term in Review
07.24.14 American Bankruptcy Institute’s 19th Annual Southeast Bankruptcy Workshop
06.26.14 NYSBA International Section and Tel Aviv District of Israel Bar Association Meeting
06.17.14 2014 Georgia Bankers Association Annual Convention
06.12.14 The Knowledge Congress: Changes to the TCPA
06.12.14 Associated General Contractors of America Environmental Conference
06.04.14 Corporate Counsel’s 26th Annual General Counsel Conference
05.30.14 Business Resource Institute: IP and Antitrust Compliance
05.22.14 Association of Corporate Growth: Trends in SEC Enforcement & Securities Litigation
05.20.14 Infocast Distributed Solar East Summit
05.19.14 Law Seminars International: Electric Transmission in the West
05.19.14 Consero Financial Services & Insurance Litigation Forum
05.19.14 LSI’s Second Annual Comprehensive Conference: Electric Transmission in the West
05.08.14 Vapor World Expo: Manufacturers, Distributors, Wholesalers and Retailers
05.06.14 Mortgage Banker's Association - Compliance Conference
05.04.14 Equipment Leasing and Finance Association: 2014 Annual Legal Forum
05.01.14 Clean Rivers, Clean Lake Conference: Alleviating Runoff and Improving Quality
04.29.14 NY State Wetlands Forum: Ecosystem Markets Primer
04.29.14 5th Annual Virginia Land Forum: Chaos, Disruption and Opportunity
04.24.14 PLUS Cyber Symposium: Is Professional and Cyber Liability Needed
04.23.14 Georgia AGC Construction Professionals Conference: Worst Construction Contract Clauses
04.18.14 The Northwest Experience with Water Quality Trading for Compliance
04.17.14 Real Estate Loan Commitment Letters & Term Sheets: Negotiating Key Terms
04.17.14 Carolinas Air Pollution Control Association Spring Meeting
04.17.14 PLUS Southern California Chapter Seminar: Government Investigations on the Rise
04.11.14 ABA, Business Law Section Spring Meeting: Lessons from the FTC
04.10.14 ABA Business Law Section Spring Meeting: SEC Investigation Risks
04.10.14 American Bar Association: The Outer Limits of Collective Action
04.08.14 Virginia Military Institute Virginia Environmental Symposium
04.06.14 Spring Combustion Turbine Operations Technical Forum Conference
04.03.14 9th Annual Credit and Collection News Conference: FTC and CFPB Challenges
04.02.14 Credit and Collection News Conference: Deputy State Attorneys General Update
03.26.14 Tennessee Environmental Conference: GHG Regulatory Update
03.19.14 Georgia Water Law and Regulation: Issues Confronting Local Governments
03.19.14 NACWA – CWA Jurisdiction, Water Quality Trading
03.16.14 Tennessee Environmental Conference: GHG Regulatory Update
03.13.14 Infocast Annual Transmission Summit
03.12.14 18th Annual Corporate Counsel Institute: Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
03.07.14 ABA Litigation Section: Excess Layer of Coverage
03.06.14 NYSBA Antitrust Section Panel: Antitrust Challenges to Health Insurers
03.05.14 Virginia Professional Engineers in Mining Seminar
03.03.14 Virginia Water Environment Association Industrial Conference
02.28.14 The Freshwater Trust - Water Quality Trading Technical Session
02.24.14 National Association of Attorneys General 2014 Winter Meeting
02.24.14 Infocast Solar Power Finance & Investment
02.18.14 Credit and Collection News Seminar: Collecting in Today’s Economy
02.18.14 Pennsylvania Bar Institute: Defending the White Collar Case
02.18.14 Credit and Collection News Seminar: CFPB, FTC, State Regulators and Compliance
02.14.14 Greater Richmond Chamber of Commerce: Entrepreneurial Trilogy Conference
02.11.14 Infocast Storage Week
02.06.14 ABA Midyear Meeting: Privacy in the Digital Age
02.06.14 Federal Bar Association Seminar, Richmond Chapter
02.04.14 U.S. Senate Subcommittee: The Central West Virginia Drinking Water Crisis
02.04.14 Greater Richmond Chamber's Entrepreneurial Trilogy Seminar
02.04.14 Infocast Wind Power Finance & Investment
02.01.14 Legal Association of Women Students - Emory Law
01.30.14 Tobacco Plus Convenience Expo: FDA Regulation of Tobacco Products
01.22.14 CI Energy Group Managing Power Plant Outages Conference
01.16.14 ACI Privacy & Security of Consumer and Employee Information Forum
01.14.14 Infocast Projects & Money Summit
12.09.13 Inventors Association of Manhattan: IP Tips
12.03.13 Credit and Collection News Seminar: CFPB, State Regulators, and Compliance
12.03.13 California Energy Markets
11.22.13 National Business Institute: E-Discovery Roundtable
11.22.13 ABA: Trends in True Sale and Other Structured Finance Opinions
11.22.13 ACI Financial Institutions Insurance Conference
11.18.13 Infocast Distributed Solar Summit
11.15.13 Global IP Professional Institute - Presentation on Post-Grant Proceedings
11.13.13 Credit and Collection News: CFPB in Its Second Year
11.12.13 Credit and Collection News Seminar: Collecting in Today's Economy
11.08.13 ICLE: Acquisitions of Distressed or Bankrupt Companies
11.05.13 ABA Construction Forum Webinar: Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
10.30.13 Community Banking Forum: Current Legal Issues in Bank M&A
10.30.13 Tobacco Merchants Association: E-Cigarette Regulation Conference
10.29.13 Food and Drug Law Institute: Developing Tobacco Product Standards
10.24.13 New York Chapter of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
10.24.13 American Bar Association - State and Local Government Law Conference
10.23.13 AGC/CFMA National Conference: Financial Solvency Through Better Contract Documents
10.16.13 Association of Corporate Counsel-New York Chapter, Retail Law Committee
10.15.13 ABA Section of Litigation 2013 Insurance Coverage Litigation Committee Women in Insurance Networking Workshop
10.15.13 International Trademark Association: IP Issues in Social Media
10.08.13 Southeastern M&A/Private Equity Forum
10.01.13 Credit and Collection News Seminar: CFPB, State Regulators, and Compliance Session
09.27.13 TerraLex Global Meeting: International Banking and Finance Issues
09.27.13 ACI's 9th National Forum on Residential Mortgage Litigation & Regulatory Enforcement
09.25.13 American Bar Association Webinar: The CFPB's Changing Landscape
09.24.13 Infocast Utility Scale Solar
09.17.13 Credit and Collection News Seminar: Preparing for CFPB Enforcement Actions
09.09.13 Northwest Independent Power Producers Coalition: Changing Trends in WECC
08.24.13 Institute of Special Education Advocacy Conference
08.22.13 Georgia Environmental Conference: EPA Overreach?
08.13.13 Credit and Collection News 8th Annual Credit Grantor Consortium
08.10.13 ABA Annual Meeting: CFPB & State Attorneys General Compliance
08.10.13 ABA: Hot Issues and Enforcement of Remedies in Solar Financing
08.01.13 Financial Institutions Partner Presents: Market Update 2013
07.30.13 National Advanced Forum on Bad Faith Litigation
07.29.13 American Conference Institute: Corporate Counsel's Use of Outside Counsel
07.29.13 Virginia Banker's School of Management: Bank Exam Issues, M&A Trends
07.15.13 Law Seminars International: Coal-Fired Generator Issues
07.13.13 Virginia Bankers Association Webinar: Health Care Reform
07.08.13 Business Research Institute: Patent Specification - Japanese, U.S., EP Patent Laws
06.24.13 The Business of Golf: San Diego Daily Transcript Executive Roundtable
06.20.13 International Congress on Anti-Money Laundering and Sanction
06.20.13 NASABA Annual Convention: Higher IP Consciousness
06.06.13 ICLE’s International Business Crimes: FCPA, Criminal Antitrust and Export Controls
06.05.13 Distributed Solar East Conference: Perspectives on Distributed Solar Generation
05.22.13 'Top Ten Construction Contract Clauses: Owner, Contractor and Subcontractor Perspectives' Webinar
05.16.13 Tobacco Merchant's Association: Deeming Regulations – A Conversation
05.16.13 Year in Review: Tobacco Merchants Association’s 98th Annual Meeting & Conference
05.06.13 TRACE International: Responding to a Whistleblower Letter
05.03.13 Annual Sunshine Backed Bonds Conference: ABS Deals
05.03.13 1st Annual Sunshine Backed Bonds Conference
05.03.13 International Management Conference: Alternative Energy Providers' Round Table
04.25.13 Eminent Domain Conference: CLE International Conference
04.23.13 Food and Drug Law Institute Annual Meeting
04.17.13 Association of Corporate Counsel Retail Practice Group Seminar
04.14.13 Energy Tax Council: Regulated Utilities Matters
04.08.14 Defense Renewable Energy & Military Microgrids Summit
04.03.13 Credit and Collection News Conference: Working with Your State Attorney General
03.21.13 ICLE: Federal Agents Are in the Lobby
03.18.13 Fossil Fuel Generation Retirement: Mothballing and Decommissioning Facilities
03.18.13 Infocast: Solar Power and Finance
03.05.13 University of Oklahoma Energy Institute Symposium
02.27.13 Insurance Coverage Litigation Committee: Controlling Insurance Defense Costs
02.27.13 Solar Energy Industries Association: Doing Deals with Commercial Customers
02.26.13 American Bar Association Conference: Issues Facing Energy Producers
02.19.13 Business Law Section of State Bar of Georgia: Acquisition of the Distressed
02.08.13 State Bar of Georgia Banking and Finance Law Seminar
02.06.13 Strafford CLE: Game Changers for the Industry
02.05.13 American Conference Institute’s: Privacy and Security Information
01.31.13 American Conference Institute: Navigating Class Actions
01.18.13 Transmission in the Pacific Northwest: Buying & Selling Electric Power in the West
01.16.13 U.S. Energy Association: State of Electric Power
01.15.13 Federal Bar Association Seminar, Richmond Chapter
01.01.13 VA Association of Municipal Retirement Systems: Current Issues for Governmental Plans
12.12.12 Virginia CLE - Introduction to the Rocket Docket
12.06.12 Virginia Community Banking Forum: Facing Government/Regulatory Inquiries
12.03.13 Credit and Collection News Seminar: CFPB Examination
11.14.12 ABA Business Law Section: Bad Boy Guarantees
11.13.12 Infocast - Distributed Solar Summit: Securitization
11.09.12 ABA Construction Forum Program: Infrastructure - From the Group Up
11.05.12 ABA Webinar and Teleconference: New Voter Registration Laws
10.18.12 Business Law Society Symposium - William & Mary Law School
10.18.12 American Bar Association: Cloud Cover - Insuring Technology & Cyberliability Risks
10.17.12 ABA International: Effective International Compliance in a Coordinated Enforcement Era
10.09.12 Infocast - Utility Scale Solar Conference
10.05.12 Advanced Business Litigation Institute: Effective International Compliance
10.04.12 Advanced Business Litigation Institute: Common Traits of Persuasive and Effective Lawyers
10.02.12 Georgia Bankers Association CED/Bank Counsel Conference
09.28.12 Indiana State Bar Association: FERC Order No. 1000
09.13.12 Virginia Bankers Association: Managing your Bank's Board of Directors
09.11.12 Platt's 2012 Transmission Planning & Development Conference
09.11.12 Global Outsourcing Association of Lawyers: Global Ethics and Compliance Webinar
09.11.12 Information Management Network: Asset Sales
09.05.12 American Bar Association Conference: Lawyers at Risk in FDCPA Class Actions
08.29.12 Virginia Bankers Association: Challenges Facing Bank Leaders
08.24.12 Georgia Contract Litigation CLE: Lost Profits Damages in Georgia
08.22.12 Georgia Environmental Conference: GHGs and Local Implications
08.08.12 Credit and Collection News 7th Annual Credit Grantor Consortium
08.05.12 ABA State & Local Government Law Section, Annual Meeting, Showcase Panel Presentation
07.27.12 Institute of Special Education Advocacy: Special Education - Claims and Remedies
06.30.12 American Conference Institute: Privacy and Security of Consumer and Employee Information
06.26.12 CFMA National Conference: Contracts - A Specialty Contractor’s Perspective
06.25.12 Infocast - Storage Week Seminar: Texas Power Markets
05.10.12 HB Litigation Conferences: All Sums, Reallocation and Settlement Credits
05.08.12 ULI Conference Panel: General Session Recaps
05.03.12 Defense Distributed Energy & Military Microgrids Summit
04.25.12 ICLE’s International Business Crimes: FCPA, Criminal Antitrust Seminar
04.25.12 Distributed Solar Summit East 2012: Utility Perspectives on Distributed Solar Generation
04.25.12 C5 Public Procurement in Sub-Saharan Africa: Successfully Protesting Challenging Failed Bids
04.25.12 Infocast - Distributed Solar: Appetite for Investing
04.20.12 ABA Annual Conference: Ethical and Compliance Challenges in International Disputes
04.18.12 Association of Corporate Counsel Retail Practice Group Seminar
04.17.12 New York University School of Law: U.S.-China Capital Forum
04.17.12 National Business Institute: Forclosure and Workout Market and Its Impact on Lenders
03.22.12 Leadership Institute for Women of Color Attorneys
03.19.12 Thomas Reuters 4th Compliance & Anti-Money Laundering Conference
03.09.12 16th Annual Corporate Counsel Institute: International Due Diligence
02.27.12 Solar Power Finance & Investment Summit: Transmission and Grid Integration
02.24.12 Latino Activism & Leadership Symposium: House Bill 87 and National Immigration Reform
02.17.12 Banking and Finance Law Seminar: Lawyers Roles Between Bank Clients and the Government
02.14.12 Construction Law Seminar: The ABC’s of an Effective Contract
02.03.12 University of Georgia School of Law - International Energy and Security Conference
02.01.12 Energy, Utility and Environment Conference: Non-Hazardous Secondary Materials Rule
01.30.12 Electric Utilities Environmental Conference: Environmental Nuisance Claims and Air Quality Compliance
01.27.12 Bridgeport - Consumer Class Actions in California: Alternatives to Formal Arbitration
01.26.12 American Conference Institute: Consumer Finance and Class Action Litigation
01.26.12 NYSBA Antitrust Section Panel: What Hath Leegin Wrought?
01.21.12 Information Management Network: An Update on Districts of California Strategy
01.20.12 Virginia Bar Association Annual Meeting: Cloud Computing
01.13.12 Bridgeport Continuing Education: Alternatives to Formal Binding Arbitration
12.06.11 Association of Corporate Counsel Retail Practice Group Seminar
06.23.09 Association of Corporate Counsel Retail Practice Group Conference - Hot topics in Retailing Law
11.14.18 "EPA's New Hazardous Waste Pharmaceutical Rule: What to Expect and How to Comply"
17th National Forum on Prepaid Card Compliance
01.15.15 Infocast 7th Annual Projects & Money
Infocast 8th Annual Utility Scale Solar Summit