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10.18.17 2017 Richmond/Virginia Beach Public Company Seminar
09.28.17 The Seminar Group - 6th Annual Georgia Construction Law Seminar
09.14.17 American Bar Association Business Law Section Annual Meeting 2017
08.30.17 2017 Market Update
08.23.17 HR Steps to Success
08.16.17 ILTACON 2017
08.10.17 A Review of the New York Cybersecurity Framework for Financial Institutions
07.26.17 Product Liability Litigation Essentials: Creating Legal Holds, Confronting Spoliation Risks, and Crafting Ethical Settlements
06.13.17 HR Steps to Success: Equal Employment Protection for LGBT Workers
06.07.17 2017 Tax Seminars - Orange County Office
06.05.17 2017 NetDiligence Cyber Risk & Privacy Liability Forum
06.05.17 2017 GRC Summit
05.23.17 Most Notable Professional Liability Insurance Decisions of the Past Year Webinar
05.12.17 Food Law: A Comprehensive Review of the Evolving Legal Landscape
05.11.17 2017 Perrin Emerging Insurance Coverage & Allocation Issues Conference
05.11.17 2017 Tax Seminars - Chicago Office
05.09.17 2017 Tax Seminars - Washington, D.C. Office
04.25.17 2017 API Pipeline Conference and Control Room Forum
04.18.17 Community Wills Training Program
04.18.17 Business Trends in Real Estate
04.18.17 Webinar: I-9 Changes & Immigration Update
04.04.17 The Business Interruption Claim Webinar
04.02.17 Consero Financial Services and Insurance Litigation Forum
03.23.17 Ten D&O and Professional Liability Insurance Decisions from 2015 That Should be on Your Radar Webinar
03.23.17 Electronic Fund Transfer Act (EFTA) - Latest Trends and Developments
03.22.17 Infocast 2017 Solar Power Finance & Investment Summit
03.20.17 National Association of Professional Background Screeners Mid-Year Legislative & Regulatory Conference
03.20.17 NAPBS 2017 Mid-Year Legislative & Regulatory Conference
03.16.17 eMerge Webinar - The Evolving Impact of Technology on Legal Ethics
03.07.17 Renewable Energy Projects: Structuring Operations & Maintenance Agreements
03.01.17 2017 ABA Insurance Coverage Litigation Committee CLE Seminar
02.24.17 Government Investigations 2017: Investigations Arising From Data Breach and Privacy Concerns and Parallel Proceedings
02.24.17 NACHA Payments Innovation Alliance Meeting
02.23.17 Data Privacy 101 For Real Estate Attorneys
02.22.17 25th Annual Product Liability Seminar
02.22.17 “Employment Law: Top Five Areas to Watch in 2017” Webinar
02.16.17 Global Legal & IP Confex
02.09.17 ETA & BAFT for International Payments Policy Day
02.09.17 Redlining and Fair Lending: What You Need to Know
02.08.17 Infocast 2017 Wind Power Finance & Investment Summit
02.08.17 2017 ACG Capital Connection
01.24.17 ACI Consumer Finance Class Actions & Litigation Conference
01.24.17 Data Breach Litigation & Investigation Forum 2017
01.17.17 Infocast Projects & Money
11.18.16 2nd Annual National Construction Defect Conference
11.15.16 What's Next in Cyber Insurance: New Trends, New Risks, New Cases, and What We Can Expect in 2017 Webinar
11.10.16 2016 Atlanta Public Company Seminar
11.10.16 2016 Workplace Challenges Update
(f/k/a Annual Labor & Employment Seminar)
11.09.16 Troutman Sanders Annual New York Lending Conference
11.09.16 2016 PLUS Conference
11.04.16 ABA Construction Forum 2016 Conference on the Fundamentals of Construction Law: Learning From the Pros
11.03.16 Advanced Issues in Construction Law
10.19.16 ABA Women in Insurance Networking CLE Meeting
10.13.16 U.S. Supreme Court 2016-2017 Term Preview in Raleigh
featuring reflections on a court without Justice Scalia
10.06.16 U.S. Supreme Court 2016-2017 Term Preview in Charlotte
featuring reflections on a court without Justice Scalia
10.05.16 12th Annual Southeastern M&A/Private Equity Forum
10.05.16 Cybersecurity in the Financial Institutions Industry
09.27.16 2016 PLUS Cyber Symposium
09.21.16 Balancing the Burdens & Benefits of Third Party eDiscovery
09.20.16 Hot Spots: Handling Complex Claims in California, Florida, Illinois, and New York (Part II) Webinar
09.14.16 Georgia Bankers Association De Novo Conference
09.14.16 Thinking Outside the (Black) Box with Early Case Assessment
08.31.16 2016 Market Update
08.06.16 2016 ABA Annual Meeting
07.25.16 New York Bar Association - International Section: Global Corporate Compliance Workshop
06.15.16 Vapor Expo International
06.07.16 A Year in Review - TCPA Developments Since the FCC's Landmark Declaratory Ruling
05.25.16 Hot Spots: Handling Complex Claims in California, Florida, Illinois, and New York (Part I) Webinar
05.19.16 FinTech: The Future is Now
05.12.16 Mission H2O Annual Meeting
04.20.16 2016 PLUS Professional Risk Symposium
04.20.16 NERA Breakfast Briefing: Recent Developments in Class Certification and Damages: Surveys and Regressions
04.08.16 2016 CLM Annual Conference
03.29.16 High Volatility Commercial Real Estate Loans: Guidance for Developers and Lenders on HVCRE Rules and Loan Covenants
03.23.16 eDiscovery Ethics
03.22.16 Infocast Solar Power Finance & Investment Summit
03.15.16 Managing Risks with Contracts in China
03.15.16 Tennessee Environmental Conference
02.10.16 Wind Power Finance & Investment
02.05.16 EUEC 2016
02.04.16 2016 Legal Update CLE Seminar
01.28.16 North Carolina Chamber of Commerce 2016 Environmental Compliance Conference
01.26.16 Infocast's Storage Week
01.26.16 Look But Don't Touch: How Water Quality Regulation Affects Water Availability
01.25.16 ACI's FCPA Boot Camp - Africa Anti-Corruption Seminar
01.20.16 Infocast Projects & Money
12.10.15 2015 Utility Regulation Conference: Rate Case, ROE and Reliability
12.10.15 Corporate Counsel Institute
11.18.15 TPPPA Member Executive Leadership Summit and Retreat
11.17.15 ABA Regional Advanced eDiscovery Meeting
11.11.15 2015 PLUS Annual Conference
10.29.15 2015 Labor & Employment and Benefits Seminar
10.27.15 EUCI's Operating an Effective Utility General Counsel Office; Working with Outside Counsel and Regulators
10.15.15 U.S. Supreme Court Preview
10.15.15 U.S. Supreme Court 2015-2016 Term Preview
10.08.15 The 11th Annual Southeastern M&A/Private Equity Forum
10.07.15 New Federal Rule Amendments on Discovery
10.05.15 ACI Cyber Security & Data Privacy and Protection