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01.15.19 Global Privacy Laws: Privacy, IP, and Localization Trends For 2019
12.12.18 Environmental Roundtable Breakfast
11.28.18 HR Steps to Success Webinar - Employee Privacy in the Workplace
11.13.18 Annual Public Company Seminar in Atlanta
11.08.18 Energy Law and Change Webinar: Legal Developments Affecting Oil & Gas Pipelines
10.26.18 Complimentary Webinar Invitation: "A TCPA in Chaos: Navigating the Circuit and District Courts Splits on the Interpretation of the TCPA Since ACA International"
10.19.18 2018 Women in Construction Conference
10.10.18 Troutman Sanders Presents a Preview of the Upcoming U.S. Supreme Court Term
10.04.18 2018 Richmond/Virginia Beach Public Company Seminar
09.27.18 Qualified Retirement Plans, Health & Welfare Plans and Executive Compensation – What You Need to Know for 2019
09.20.18 eMerge's Office 365 eDiscovery Advanced Workshop
09.06.18 2018 Mid-Atlantic Market Update
09.05.18 Environmental Roundtable Breakfast
08.29.18 2018 Market Update
08.28.18 HR Steps to Success Webinar Series - What To do When Immigration Comes Knocking
08.07.18 Species, Strategies & Solutions Group Meeting
07.24.18 Webinar: Cryptocurrency Assets in Financing - Current Regulatory, UCC, and Bankruptcy Concerns
07.12.18 2017-2018 U.S. Supreme Court Term Review
06.20.18 Meet Israel's Most Promising Early Stage Technology Startups
06.12.18 New York State Bar Association International Section Global Law Week
06.06.18 Vendors Risk: Why is this still an issue?
05.23.18 Webinar: A Holistic Review of the Law and Employment Background Screening
05.15.18 2018 Troutman Sanders Tax Seminars
05.09.18 Troutman Sanders eMerge Presents The Risks and Benefits of eDiscovery in Office 365 Webinar
05.03.18 Mission H2O 2018 Meeting
04.24.18 Effective Cyber Risk Management: Overcoming Common Mistakes
04.17.18 Game-Changers in Consumer Class Actions
03.28.18 Environmental Roundtable Breakfast: A Briefing on Environmental Legislation From the 2018 General Assembly Session
03.27.18 The #MeToo Movement: Steps that Business Executives, Board Members and Legal Compliance Counsel Need to Take to Protect Their Company
03.22.18 Data Privacy: The Current Legal Landscape
03.15.18 Troutman Sanders/Janover LLC Tax Reform Seminar
03.13.18 Environmental Roundtable Breakfast: A Briefing on Environmental Legislation From the 2018 General Assembly Session
02.22.18 Examining Recent Trends in Lender Liability, Bank Litigation, and Arbitration
02.13.18 An Inside View: Working with Your Attorney General
01.30.18 Data Breach! The Impact of Equifax & Other High Profile Data Breaches
01.29.18 Diversity & Tech
01.25.18 CLE Webinar: Annual eDiscovery Updates
01.23.18 Defending FCRA Class Actions: A Practical Approach
01.17.18 Inaugural Meeting - Species, Strategies & Solutions Group
12.13.17 Environmental Roundtable Breakfast
12.12.17 Preserving and Protecting Confidentiality when Sharing Information with Regulators
11.30.17 Finance Fundamentals for Real Estate Attorneys - Part 2
11.16.17 Trends in CFIUS: Observations About National Security Clearance for Foreign Investments Webinar
11.14.17 Webinar: Autonomous Vehicles - An Overview of the Regulatory Pileup
11.14.17 VMBA Fall Conference on Environmental Markets in Virginia
11.14.17 Atlanta Public Company Seminar
10.24.17 Women in Construction - Presented by Troutman Sanders LLP
10.19.17 Troutman Sanders Presents a Preview of the Upcoming U.S. Supreme Court Term Review
10.19.17 Qualified Retirement Plans, Health & Welfare Plans, and Plan Governance - What You Need to Know for 2018
10.18.17 2017 Richmond/Virginia Beach Public Company Seminar
10.18.17 Privacy and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - What It Means for Your Company
10.05.17 2017 Residential Mortgage Litigation Survey
10.04.17 Environmental Law Update for Real Estate Attorneys
09.21.17 How to Engage Your Legal Department in Data Incident Response
09.13.17 Environmental Roundtable Breakfast
09.12.17 A Review of Recent Fair Housing Act Municipality Cases and other Municipality Claims
08.30.17 2017 Market Update
08.24.17 A Review of Recent FCRA Trends and Developments
06.21.17 A Review of the Supreme Court's Decision in Henson v. Santander Webinar
06.20.17 Representing a Commercial Client at a Land Use Hearing
06.14.17 Advanced Analytics in eDiscovery
06.12.17 Healthcare Updates & the Future of the Affordable Care Act
06.07.17 2017 Tax Seminars - Orange County Office
05.23.17 Most Notable Professional Liability Insurance Decisions of the Past Year Webinar
05.11.17 Mission H20 Annual Meeting
05.11.17 2017 Tax Seminars - Chicago Office
05.09.17 2017 Tax Seminars - Washington, D.C. Office
04.27.17 Hot Topics in Class Actions
04.27.17 Third Annual Pharma Law Conference
04.18.17 Community Wills Training Program
04.18.17 Business Trends in Real Estate
04.04.17 The Business Interruption Claim Webinar
03.23.17 Electronic Fund Transfer Act (EFTA) - Latest Trends and Developments
03.23.17 Ten D&O and Professional Liability Insurance Decisions from 2015 That Should be on Your Radar Webinar
03.23.17 HR Steps to Success: Hiring Practices
03.22.17 Women in Business & Technology Forum
03.21.17 Overview of Common ALTA Title Insurance Endorsements for Commercial Real Estate Transactions
03.16.17 eMerge Webinar - The Evolving Impact of Technology on Legal Ethics
02.23.17 Data Privacy 101 For Real Estate Attorneys
02.22.17 Bankruptcy and Debt Collection - Latest Trends and Developments
02.09.17 Redlining and Fair Lending: What You Need to Know
01.17.17 'Stupid' Emails: The Intersection Between Technology and Legal Ethics
12.14.16 How Will the Trump Administration Impact the Banking and Financial Services
12.01.16 Getting the Deal Done - 2016 Mid-Atlantic M&A and Capital Markets Update (Richmond, Virginia)
11.18.16 A Webinar: The Hazardous Waste Generator Improvements
11.10.16 2016 Atlanta Public Company Seminar
11.10.16 2016 Workplace Challenges Update
(f/k/a Annual Labor & Employment Seminar)
11.09.16 Troutman Sanders Annual New York Lending Conference
10.19.16 2016 Richmond/Virginia Beach Public Company Seminar
10.19.16 INTA US Roundtable: Emerging Issues in the Electronic Marketplace
10.13.16 U.S. Supreme Court 2016-2017 Term Preview in Raleigh
featuring reflections on a court without Justice Scalia
10.06.16 U.S. Supreme Court 2016-2017 Term Preview in Charlotte
featuring reflections on a court without Justice Scalia
10.05.16 Cybersecurity in the Financial Institutions Industry
09.21.16 Balancing the Burdens & Benefits of Third Party eDiscovery
09.20.16 Hot Spots: Handling Complex Claims in California, Florida, Illinois, and New York (Part II) Webinar
08.31.16 2016 Market Update
08.30.16 An Overview: Proposed CFPB Debt Collection Rules
06.22.16 Richmond Quarterly Environmental Roundtable Breakfasts - June 2016
06.09.16 The Inaugural Women in the Environment Breakfast
06.07.16 A Year in Review - TCPA Developments Since the FCC's Landmark Declaratory Ruling
06.02.16 Protecting Privileges in eDiscovery and Internal Investigations
06.02.16 HR Steps to Success: The FLSA White Collar Exemption Changes are Here! Webinar
05.19.16 FinTech: The Future is Now
05.12.16 Mission H2O Annual Meeting
05.03.16 Data Breach Litigation: How to Avoid It and Be Better Prepared for Defense
03.23.16 eDiscovery Ethics
03.23.16 Complying with U.S. Antiboycott Laws: What You Need to Know
03.23.16 Richmond Quarterly Environmental Roundtable Breakfasts - March 2016
03.03.16 Second Annual Pharma Law Conference
02.29.16 Strategic Green Infrastructure Book Signing Event
02.24.16 HR Steps to Success: Risks and Rewards of Using Independent Contractors
02.23.16 eDiscovery Annual Case Law Update
02.04.16 2016 Legal Update CLE Seminar
01.26.16 Troutman Sanders Public Company Seminar Breakfast
01.13.16 2016 Charlotte Public Company Seminar
01.12.16 2016 Raleigh Public Company Seminar