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11.01.18  CFIUS Reform Sets Stage for Increased Restrictions on Foreign Investments, Scrutiny of Foreign Supply Chains
05.11.18  DOJ Issues New Policy Against Duplicative Fines & Penalties for Corporate Misconduct
10.10.17  The CFIUS Process Is Becoming More Challenging For Foreign Investors
02.22.17  DOJ Issues New Guidance on Corporate Compliance Programs
10.25.16  DOJ Secures Its Largest False Claims Act Settlement Involving A Nursing Home Company
07.08.16  DOJ Shines New Light on Environmental Criminal Prosecutions
11.19.15  Revisions to United States Attorney Manual Underscore DOJ’s New Push for Individual Accountability
09.14.15  DOJ Invigorates Push for “Individual Accountability” in Corporate Investigations
08.31.15  Financial Institution Hiring Practice Triggers FCPA Exposure, Resulting In the Bank of New York Mellon Paying $14.8M to the SEC
07.10.15  Court of Appeals Upholds $237M Judgment Against Tuomey Healthcare System
05.09.13  Cooperation and Proactive Compliance Pay Off in FCPA Investigations; Troutman Sanders Adds Lawyer to FCPA Team
05.09.13  Cooperation and Proactive Compliance Pay Off in FCPA Investigations; Troutman Sanders Adds Lawyer to FCPA Team
04.08.13  Canadian Companies Face Exposure From the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
02.26.12  Executive Convicted of Bribery Under FCPA Based Only on Circumstantial Evidence
01.20.12  7th Circuit Ruling Expands Rights of Whistleblowers to Sue their Employers
11.05.10  Government Continues Aggressive Use of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
04.05.10  PACT Act Passage Could Lead to More Criminal Enforcement
01.27.09  Second Circuit Rejects Proposed Ineffective Compliance System Element
12.01.04  Gray v. Rhoads: Doing Indirectly What You Can't Do DirectlyVirginia Lawyer

News Releases

12.07.16  Troutman Sanders Client Tribute Pharmaceuticals Canada, Inc. Awarded Pharmaceutical Deal of the Year
12.07.16  Troutman Sanders Wins Multiple M&A Atlas Awards
02.08.16  Troutman Sanders Represents Tribute Pharmaceuticals Canada, Inc. in a Merger with Pozen, Inc. Creating New Pharmaceutical Company Aralez Pharmaceuticals Inc.
03.19.14  Richmond Partner Selected to Virginia Lawyers Weekly’s 2014 Class of 'Influential Women of Virginia'
01.04.12  Troutman Sanders Partnership Expands By 11

Press Coverage

08.11.17  IV Can't Skirt Antitrust Counterclaims, Capital One Says
03.23.17  Dominion Violated CWA With Coal Ash Arsenic, Judge Says
12.09.15  Pozen and Tribute Announce Plan to Proceed with Merger
09.04.15  Judge Nixes 2 Intellectual Ventures Patents Under Alice
06.22.15  Capital One Gets Favorable Ruling in Security Patent Dispute
06.11.15  Pozen Announces Strategic Acquisition of Tribute
03.02.15  Capital One Can Pursue Antitrust Case
02.20.15  Intellectual Ventures Says Capital One Can't Ax IP With Alice
01.22.15  Capital One Says Alice Dooms Intellectual Ventures IP Suit
05.29.12  Goliath vs. Goliath: Apple and Samsung’s patent battle rages on
02.20.12  New partners/of counsels get ink and more
01.10.12  New partners get ink


05.29.12  Court Allows Apple to Push for Ban on Samsung TabletsLexBlog Network TV