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01.11.18  Anti-Duplication Under RCRA: Synchronizing RCRA With Other Environmental Statutes
08.17.17  Jury Trials Under Environmental Statutes
12.08.15  New DOJ Policy Targets Individuals (Not Just Companies) For Alleged Violations of Environmental Law
04.07.15  The Clean Water Act Permit Shield - Recent Battles
05.24.13  Chemical Safety Improvement Act of 2013 Refocuses TSCA Reform
05.01.13  Wastewater NPDES Permits: Legal Protections
09.24.12  Ninth Circuit Upholds Dismissal of Climate Change Nuisance Case
05.16.12  A Water-Related Take on BLM’s Proposed Fracking Rules
11.03.11  Georgia Reservoir Law Update: New Cases, New Statutes, New Directions
06.21.11  U.S. Supreme Court Reverses AEP v. Connecticut: EPA, Not Judges and Juries, Will Decide Climate Change Policy
12.06.10  Supreme Court Grants Certiorari in Second Circuit Global Warming Nuisance Case
05.06.10  Historic Coal Ash Disposal Regulations Finally Proposed by EPA
03.02.10  Fifth Circuit Grants Rehearing En Banc in Comer Climate Change Tort Litigation
02.01.10  Public Utility Disclosure of Impending Regulatory Changes for Coal Ash By Product Storage
10.29.09  EPA’s New Coal Ash Regulations - Is Your Company Prepared?
10.19.09  Fifth Circuit Allows Climate Change Nuisance Lawsuit to Proceed
04.04.07  Energy/Environmental - The Supreme Court’s Global Warming Decision
03.21.05  MTBE: A Tale of Air, Water, and Civil ProcedureNR&E

News Releases

08.15.17  Best Lawyers in America Recognizes Troutman Sanders Lawyers in National, Regional Rankings
08.20.15  Best Lawyers in America Recognizes 123 Troutman Sanders Lawyers

Press Coverage

05.18.18  Troutman Designed Its New Atlanta Headquarters for the Future
03.23.17  Dominion Violated CWA With Coal Ash Arsenic, Judge Says
03.23.17  Ga. Updating Coal Plant Permits To End Enviros' Suit
01.29.16  6 Environmental Nuisance Suits Attorneys Need To Track
12.24.15  2016 Cases to Watch
10.13.15  Transportation Cases to Watch
10.05.15  Troutman Sanders and Client Challenge EPA Rule
10.01.15  VW, Kirkland Face DOJ Push for Individual Prosecutions
07.01.15  Murray Energy Sues to Stop EPA’s New CWA Protections
05.26.15  Utility Seeks to Dismiss CWA Ash Suit as Advocates Hint at Future Cases
05.07.15  5 Environmental Class Actions Attorneys Need to Track
04.10.15  9th Circ. CERCLA Ruling Puts Focus on Prior Settlements
03.26.15  Industrial Cleaning Cos. to Pay EPA's Ga. Superfund Costs
09.14.12  How the Supreme Court handles environmental class actions
08.31.12  Troutman Sanders listed as a top firm with 15 top attorneys
06.04.12  Summary judgment granted to Scientific-Atlanta (now Cisco Systems)
08.01.11  Be prepared: What to do with unexpected EPA inspections
06.30.11  Op-ed discusses contentious AEP v. Connecticut
11.02.10  Atlanta partner article on reverse bifurcation published by American Bar
05.22.10  Atlanta partner featured in podcast: The costs, consequences and future of EPA’s coal ash proposalsSNLEnergy