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10.02.18  California Strikes Again, Imposing Cost Disclosure Requirements for Small Business Loans
05.31.16  Troutman Sanders Lawyers Publish Consumer Financial Regulation Survey
12.12.14  Drive Time Settlement Is A Sign Of The Times For CFPB
12.09.14  CFPB Steps Up Efforts to Fundamentally Reform Indirect Auto Finance Industry in Face of Growing Resistance
11.20.14  New CFPB Enforcement Settlement is a Warning to a Broad Swath of Businesses that Consumer-Reporting and Debt-Collection Procedures are Top Regulatory Priorities
09.25.14  CFPB Steps Up Efforts to Fundamentally Reform Indirect Auto Finance Industry
03.03.14  Recent FTC Report and CFPB Bulletin Highlight Importance of Investigating Identity Theft Claims
01.22.14  FTC Targets Deceptive Advertising of Sale, Finance and Lease Terms by Automotive Dealers
01.21.14  FTC Penalizes Check Authorization Provider and Associated Collection Agency $3.5 Million for FCRA Violations
12.16.13  CFPB Issues Preliminary Results of its Arbitration Study
11.22.13  CFPB Settles First Enforcement Action Against Payday Lender
11.14.13  Federal Efforts to Reform Auto Lending Based on "Disparate Impact" Theory Gain Steam
11.07.13  Major Development: CFPB Issues Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for Debt Collectors
09.06.13  CFPB Puts Data Furnishers on Notice of FCRA Dispute Obligations
08.12.13  Heat Turned Up on Payday Lenders by CFPB and Other Regulators
08.06.13  Leading Lawsuit Challenging the Dodd-Frank Act Dismissed
07.11.13  CFPB Intends to Extend Reach of Federal Debt Collection Law to All Financial Institutions
06.25.13  Republicans Demand Answers from CFPB on Indirect Auto Lending Guidelines
06.19.13  Supreme Court Holds That Plaintiffs’ Lawyers May Not Use DMV Records to Solicit Potential Clients in Consumer Auto Class Action
06.14.13  Federal Trade Commission Issues Updated Guidance on Compliance with Red Flags Rule
06.13.13  California Court Performs Surgery on Auto Sales Contract to Find Arbitration Provision Unconscionable
06.04.13  CFPB Files First “Abusive Practices” Enforcement Action
03.22.13  CFPB Announces Plans to Fundamentally Change Indirect Auto Lending Practices
02.20.13  Lawsuit Challenging CFPB Expands to Include 11 States
05.11.12  The CFPB Goes After the Mortgage Industry: New Proposed Mortgage Loan Origination (MLO) Standards
07.07.11  Final Rules Issued to Implement the Credit Score Disclosure Requirements For Risk-Based Pricing and Adverse Action Notices
11.18.10  FDA Issues Proposed Rule for New Cigarette Warnings Comments Due: January 11, 2011
05.17.10  Red Flags Rule Scheduled to Take Effect June 1, 2010
02.04.10  Efforts of State Attorneys General to Avoid Federal Court Jurisdiction Continue
01.15.10  NAAG Creates New State-Federal Task Force on Mortgage Enforcement
12.04.09  Red Flags Rule Opinion regarding Attorney Compliance with Rule Released
11.02.09  Federal Court Rules That Red Flags Rule Does Not Cover Lawyers and FTC Extends Red Flags Deadline Until June 1, 2010
10.26.09  House Unanimously Passes Red Flags Rule Exclusion for Small Firms
10.23.09  New Fire Safe Cigarette Certification - Deadlines in 2010
08.28.09  FTC Red Flags Rule: 401(k) Plan Guidance Based on Participant Loans
07.30.09  FTC to Delay Enforcement of Red Flags Rule Until November 1, 2009
06.19.09  FTC Issues Red Flags Rule FAQs
06.12.09  Federal Law Enforcement Agencies are Aggressively Enforcing State Tobacco Laws
05.15.09  FTC Issues "Fighting Fraud with the Red Flags Rule: A How-To Guide for Business"
05.01.09  FTC to Delay Enforcement of Red Flags Rule Until August 1, 2009
04.20.09  FTC Issues Guidance on Red Flags Rule to Utility Companies
04.01.09  Red Flags Rule
02.23.09  Congress Hikes Taxes for Tobacco Products - Floor Tax Provisions Apply to Products Held for Sale on April 1, 2009
10.23.08  Consumer Law - FTC Postpones Red Flags Rule Compliance
04.01.07  Congress Again Considers FDA RegulationSmokeshop Magazine

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01.26.12  Troutman Sanders Promotes Four to Of Counsel Positions

Press Coverage

12.18.13  CFPB Issues Preliminary Results of its Arbitration Study
02.20.12  New partners/of counsels get ink and more
02.24.09  Raising a red flag: Addressing identity theft and its impact on providersCoding Edge
02.01.09  Red Flags Rule Protects Patients: FTC Rule on Identity Theft Impacts Providers