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12.10.18  Leadership Lessons From Westeros (Part I)
11.26.18  3 Tips For Not Being Sued Or Fired Over Your Holiday Party
10.31.18  Build Your Book, Control Your Career
10.15.18  #MeToo Turns One
09.10.18  The Kitten In The Ceiling
08.06.18  3 Unbelievable Employment Cases
07.23.18  Why People Hate Human Resources (And Why Michael Hated Toby)
06.25.18  You’re Fired?
06.11.18  Roseanne, Twitter, And Free Speech For Employees
05.29.18  A Case of ‘Epic’ Proportion For The #MeToo Movement?
04.30.18  The Banning Of Salary Questions
04.02.18  Is Returning The Money Enough To Rescind An NDA?
02.20.18  Non-Disclosure Agreements In The #MeToo Era
01.08.18  The New Wolves Of Wall Street?
12.26.17  The Friend Zone And Sexual Harassment
12.07.17  Terry Crews And Male-On-Male Sexual Harassment
11.27.17  3 Lessons On Holiday Parties From ‘The Office’
11.13.17  What’s Happening With Sexual Orientation Discrimination In The Workplace?
10.17.17  Can Harvey Weinstein Be Successfully Sued?
10.16.17  Colin Kaepernick’s Grievance
10.06.17  DOJ Reverses Stance On Transgender Workplace Protections
10.02.17  Stopping Drive-By Lawsuits
09.20.17  What Happened To The Obama DOL’s New Overtime Rules?
09.05.17  Ron Burgundy And Romance In The Workplace
08.30.17  Collection of Pay Data on the EEO-1 Report On Hold – For Now!
08.21.17  Don't Be A Costanza: 3 Ways to Be a Better Employee
08.07.17  Don’t Be A Lumbergh: Managerial Mistakes to Avoid to Minimize Risk of Employment Lawsuits
07.24.17  Phoebe Buffay And The ‘Friends’ Guide To Sexual Harassment
07.10.17  Lessons From ’30 Rock’ On Mental Illness
06.12.17  3 Things ‘The Office’ Taught Me About Employment Law (Part 2)
05.22.17  Georgia’s New “Family Care Act” – Using Paid Leave for Sick Family Members
11.23.16  Nationwide Injunction Prohibits Implementation of the Department of Labor’s New Overtime Rules

Press Coverage

11.12.18  The Costanza Method
10.30.18  Federal agencies diverge on transgender protections
05.04.18  In California, trying to end the silence in the wake of #MeToo
03.09.18  Why Didn't You Fight Back?’ And Other Questions That Keep Male Sexual Harassment Victims Silent.
02.13.18  How Are Women Lobbyists Handling Harassment?
06.06.17  3 Things ‘The Office’ Taught Me About Employment Law (Part 3)
06.16.17  This Case Is Waymo Uber Than Most Other Trade Secrets Cases
05.01.17  An Employment Lawyer Talks About Antitrust Law
04.17.17  1 Weird Trick to Avoid Sanctions
04.03.17  The SEC Doesn’t Like Your Employment Agreements
03.20.17  4 Tips for Not Getting Sued When Changing Jobs
02.27.17  Protecting Your Secrets (part 4)
02.14.17  Protecting Your Secrets (Part 3)
01.30.17  Protecting Your Secrets (Part 2)
01.17.17  Protecting Your Secrets (Part 1)
12.12.16  Above the Law column: 3 Tips to Avoid Being Deposed About Your Holiday Party