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09.21.18  ALERT for Ninth Circuit and TCPA: A System That Has the Capacity to Automatically Dial Stored Numbers is an ATDS
08.27.18  Employers and Consumer Reporting Agencies: Revise a Key FCRA Form NOW
03.29.18  Second Circuit Rules Debt Collectors Need Not Disclose Absence of Interest and Fees
12.21.17  CFPB Withdraws its Consumer Disclosures Survey Signaling that Debt Collection Rulemaking Is No Longer at the Top of the CFPB’s Priorities
06.19.17  Supreme Court Refuses to Extend the Scope of the FDCPA to Consumer Finance Company
02.08.17  CFPB Takes Action Against Law Firm Debt Collectors for Lack of Meaningful Involvement
08.30.16  Fourth Circuit Rejects FDCPA Liability For Filing Proofs of Claim On Time-Barred Debt
08.08.16  CFPB Introduces New Protections for Borrowers
02.08.16  First 2016 CFPB Bulletin Reinforces Focus on Furnishers
12.01.15  The CFPB Issues Warning and Guidance on Obtaining Consumer Authorization for Preauthorized Electronic Funds Transfers that Confirms a Recording of a Consumer’s Oral Authorization Can Satisfy Regulation E’s Requirements
11.05.15  The FTC Coordinates with Federal, State, and Local Authorities in Nationwide Attack Against Abusive Debt Collectors
07.24.15  Payment Tech Gets Some CFPB Guidance
03.11.15  Did You Hear That? CFPB Report to Congress Sounds Death Knell for Arbitration Clauses
12.09.14  Fourth Circuit Rules Debt Collector Violated ‘Call Charged’ Section of TCPA for Using an ATDS to Call a Residential Landline
12.05.14  New York Announces Sweeping New Regulation of the Debt Collection Industry
01.21.14  FTC Penalizes Check Authorization Provider and Associated Collection Agency $3.5 Million for FCRA Violations
11.07.13  Major Development: CFPB Issues Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for Debt Collectors
10.16.13  TCPA Rule Changes Effective October 16, 2013: Is Your Marketing Campaign Ready?
08.15.13  Cities' Use of Eminent Domain Raises Serious Constitutional and Damage Issues for Lenders, Loan Servicers and Trustees of Securitized Trusts
02.27.13  Supreme Court Rules Defendants Can Recover Costs Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Without a Showing of Bad Faith and Purpose of Harassment
02.14.13  CFPB Announces Plan to Implement New Rules for Mortgage Industry
01.18.13  CFPB Unveils New Mortgage Servicing Rules
12.13.12  Congress Passes Legislation to Ensure Privilege Is Not Waived when Confidential Information Is Shared with the CFPB
11.27.12  CFPB, FTC Warn Companies Against Misleading Consumers With False Mortgage Advertisements
11.02.12  CFPB Revises Notices That CRAs and Employers Must Provide to Consumers, Furnishers of Data, and Users of Consumer Reports
10.19.12  Sixth Circuit Holds Fraud Policy Does Not Excuse a Furnisher’s Reasonable Investigation Obligations Under the FCRA
05.21.12  VA Supreme Court Rules Face-to-Face Interview Required Before Foreclosure
05.02.12  Two Federal Appeals Courts Split over Borrowers’ Rights to Sue under HAMP
03.30.12  CFPB Shares Complaints With FTC Consumer Sentinel Database
02.21.12  CFPB Publishes Proposed Rule Defining “Larger Participants” in Consumer Debt Collection and Consumer Reporting
02.16.12  FCC Excludes Debt Collectors from Strengthened Regulations on Telemarketing Robocalls
12.23.11  Tenth Circuit Rules Fax Requesting Employment Information Is Not Communication Under FDCPA
11.29.11  District Court Rules That Debt Collectors Are Exempt from the TCPA
09.29.11  Landmark Legislation to Amend TCPA and Allow Cell Phone Contact Introduced in the House of Representatives
09.27.11  District Court Rules Law Firm Debt Collection Did Not Violate Fair Credit Reporting Act
08.26.11  District Court Holds the Use of a Predictive Dialer Violates Telephone Consumer Protection Act
07.26.11  OCC Adopts Final Rule on Federal Preemption and State Visitorial Powers Applicable to National Banks and Federal Savings Associations
07.25.11  Federal Trade Commission Issues Policy Statement on Collecting Debts of the Deceased
07.21.11  Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Issues Report to Congress on Differences Between Credit Scores Provided to Consumers and Used by Creditors
07.20.11  Federal Trade Commission Issues Staff Report on the Fair Credit Reporting Act and Withdraws Its 1990 Commentary
07.11.11  District Court Dismisses with Prejudice Attempt to Recast Alleged HAMP Violations as Common Law Claims
05.26.11  District Court Dismisses TCPA and FDCPA Claims Arising From Collection Agency’s Calls to a Non-Debtor
05.06.11  District Court Dismisses with Prejudice Borrowers’ Claims for Fraudulently Denying Loan Modification Requests and Alleged Violations of Federal and State Consumer Protection Laws
04.01.11  Agencies Announce Interim Final Rule To Implement Statutory Restrictions On The Garnishment of Federal Benefit Payments
03.09.11  District Court Holds Collection Agency Violates FDCPA for Failing to Comply With State Law Requiring It to Register as a Debt Collector
02.25.11  Seventh Circuit Affirms Dismissal of FDCPA Claim Against Debt Collector for Communicating Directly With Debtor's Counsel

News Releases

01.02.19  Troutman Sanders Promotes Thirteen New Partners
06.09.09  Ethan G. Ostroff Joins Troutman Sanders in Virginia Beach

Press Coverage

05.09.17  U.S. Supreme Court Rejects “Meaningful Attorney Involvement” Case
01.23.17  Unknown Company Trying To Avoid CFPB's Grasp, Cites Recent D.C. Decision
01.06.17  UNITED COLLECTION: Court Allows Limited Discovery in TCPA Suit
04.29.15  Indiana and Pennsylvania District Courts Hold that Filing Proofs of Claim on Time-Barred Debt Does Not Violate FDCPA
08.30.11  Assisting victims of severe weather