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05.08.18  California Supreme Court Adopts Dramatically Worker-Friendly Classification Test
05.22.17  Georgia’s New “Family Care Act” – Using Paid Leave for Sick Family Members
05.16.16  Changes to the FLSA’s White Collar Exemptions Are Finally Here! Higher Salaries and More Overtime, Here We Come.
07.01.15  New FLSA Regulations Are Here . . . But We’ve Got Miles To Go Before We Sleep
12.10.14  Required But Not Integral: Why The Supreme Court Held Security Screening Time Is Unpaid
09.23.14  Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Families Act of 2014 Provides Paid Sick Leave For California Employees
05.08.13  D.C. Circuit Rejects Union Rights Poster Rule
03.04.13  Terminating an Employee for Being an "Irresistible Attraction" – The Iowa Supreme Court Says This Is Not DiscriminatoryOriginally published in Employment & The Law - Winter 2013
01.29.13  D.C. Circuit Invalidates President’s “Recess” Appointments to the NLRB
12.13.12  Seventh Circuit Reverses Its Precedent on Job Reassignment as a Reasonable AccommodationOriginally published in Employment & The Law - Fall 2012
11.05.12  Virginia Imposes Individual Liability in Wrongful Discharge Cases
09.13.12  Court Says Severance Payments Are Not Subject to FICA
09.05.12  Severance Benefits Can Form The Basis Of A Title VII Discrimination ClaimOriginally published in Employment & The Law - Summer 2012
06.21.12  New Georgia Noncompete Law Ineffective Until May 11, 2011, Federal Appeals Court Rules
05.15.12  "Ambush Election" Rule Set Aside as Lacking Board Quorum - What Does This Mean for Union Representation Elections?
04.18.12  One Court Rejects Union Rights Poster and Another Stops the April 30 Posting Deadline
03.05.12  Court Upholds Most of the NLRB’s Union Rights Poster Rule
02.28.12  Maintaining Whistleblower Confidentiality Required Under SOXOriginally published in Employment in the Law - Winter 2012
01.18.12  President Obama’s Controversial Recess Appointments to the NLRB Foreshadow a Lively Year for Labor Law
01.12.12  Supreme Court Rules on “Ministerial Exception” for Discrimination Claims Against Religious Organizations
01.11.12  New Year’s Checklist for Employers: Did You Miss Anything in 2011?
11.02.11  Perspectives on the Final Regulations to the ADA Amendments ActOriginally published in Employment in the Law - Fall 2011
07.15.11  FAQs About FMLA Certification: You Ask, We AnswerOriginally published in Employment in the Law - Summer 2011
06.28.11  NLRB Publishes Rules to Change the Election Process
05.12.11  "New" Georgia Restrictive Covenant Law Signed Into Law . . . Again
04.08.11  Is the Customer Always Right?: The Hidden Danger of Always Giving Your Customers What They Ask ForOriginally published in Employment in the Law - Spring 2011
03.23.11  Supreme Court: Oral Complaints Are Protected by the FLSA
03.03.11  After "Cat's Paw" Case, Employers May Still Land On Their Feet
02.28.10  No Common Law Duty to Safeguard Social Security Numbers
01.05.10  New Year's Checklist for Employers: Did You Miss Any of These Developments in 2010?
12.16.10  Does Federal Genetic Privacy Law Prohibit Employers from Monitoring Their Employees on Facebook?
11.30.10  Computer Use Policies – Is Yours Enforceable?
11.09.10  NLRB Requires “Electronic Posting” For Remedial Notices
11.03.10  Election Brings BIG Changes to Georgia Law on Non-Compete Agreements
10.27.10  Night of the Living . . . Cookies?
07.29.10  Policing Employment Background Checks
07.26.10  Department of Labor Clarifies Break Time Requirements for Nursing Mothers
06.18.10  Supreme Court’s Decision in City of Ontario v. Quon Does Not Yield Big Changes in Private Workplace Privacy Standards
04.16.10  Breaks for Nursing Mothers Quietly Becomes the Law
04.08.10  Is Your Company’s Unpaid Internship Legal?

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08.20.15  Best Lawyers in America Recognizes 123 Troutman Sanders Lawyers

Press Coverage

05.02.16  Who Made the Leadership Atlanta Class of 2017?
02.10.15  Alumnus Feature: Evan Pontz and Pro Bono Work
05.05.13  @EvanPontz: Atlanta partner tweets
04.30.13  Seven answer questions for Law360
12.12.11  Workplace investigations: Pontz on avoiding liability
10.31.11  A fabled defense: Pontz on recent Supreme Court labor ruling
10.03.11  Atlanta partner looks at recent ADAAA regulations regarding the disabled


12.2012  Evan Pontz - Video Bio