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01.09.19  Unanimous Supreme Court Cements Strength of Arbitration Agreements By Rejecting A “Wholly Groundless” Loophole For Avoiding Arbitration
01.02.19  FCC Releases Final Order on Newly Established Reassigned Telephone Number Database with Safe Harbor from TCPA Liability
11.20.18  High Court Junk Fax Case Is Not Just About Junk Faxes
09.21.18  ALERT for Ninth Circuit and TCPA: A System That Has the Capacity to Automatically Dial Stored Numbers is an ATDS
08.27.18  Employers and Consumer Reporting Agencies: Revise a Key FCRA Form NOW
08.01.18  Federal Inaction And State Activity: Student Loan Edition
06.12.18  Supreme Court Prevents Plaintiffs From Bringing Piggyback Class Actions After the Statute of Limitations Has Run under American Pipe
03.09.18  A Potential Shift On Education Debt Discharge Standards
10.26.17  Congress Kills CFPB’s Arbitration Ban for Financial Services Companies, Returning Focus to State v. Federal Court Wars
07.19.17  Arbitration Rule Compliance Date Set for March 19, 2018
07.10.17  CFPB Issues Rule Banning Class Action Waivers In Arbitration Provisions
12.30.16  District Court Finds That “Complete and Up to Date” Requirement of FCRA § 1681K Does Not Include an Accuracy Component
05.16.16  U.S. Supreme Court Remands Spokeo in Ruling that Mere Technical, Statutory Violation Is Insufficient to Confer Article III Standing
11.04.15  CFPB Imposes $13 Million FCRA Consent Order on Large Consumer Reporting Agencies Due to Employment Background Check Practices
09.25.15  Avoid Becoming the Next Target of a Class Action Taking Aim at Employers’ Background Screening Forms
07.14.15  FCC Issues Sweeping Order Expanding Reach of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act
06.01.15  The Good, the Bad, and the Unclear: FCC Proposal Foreshadows Major News Under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act for Financial Services Companies
04.28.15  Supreme Court Grants Certiorari In Spokeo Case – Set To Address Article III Standing In Cases With No Concrete Harm
02.27.13  Supreme Court Rules Defendants Can Recover Costs Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Without a Showing of Bad Faith and Purpose of Harassment
02.14.13  CFPB Announces Plan to Implement New Rules for Mortgage Industry
12.05.12  Fourth Circuit Reverses FCRA Class Certification Decision for Lack of Typicality
11.20.12  Fannie Mae Mortgage Loan Servicer Falls Within Truth-in-Lending Act Safe Harbor Provision
10.19.12  Sixth Circuit Holds Fraud Policy Does Not Excuse a Furnisher’s Reasonable Investigation Obligations Under the FCRA

News Releases

07.12.18  Benchmark Litigation Names 10 Troutman Sanders Attorneys to 40 & Under Hot List
01.02.18  Troutman Sanders Elects Nine New Partners
10.17.11  David M. Gettings Joins Troutman Sanders’ Virginia Beach Office

Press Coverage

11.20.18  High Court Junk Fax Case Is Not Just About Junk Faxes
05.15.18  Tussling Over Preemption: Emerging Battleground Between State Authorities and Student Loan Servicers
04.05.18  Credit Reporting Agency Shakes FCRA Row Over Shared Data
10.31.17  Brunswick Hit With $2.5M In Fees For 'Misconduct' In IP Suit
10.02.17  Waffle House Wants Applicant Background Check Suit Tossed
09.12.17  Waffle House Serves Up Plan To Combine Job-Screening Suits
08.28.17  Waffle House Applicants Want Job-Screening Suits Combined
08.07.17  11th Circ. Sides With Waffle House In Arbitration Fight
06.22.17  Boat Co. Wins $2.7M Verdict After TC Heartland Move Failed
05.31.17  Boat Co. Derides Foe's Last-Ditch TC Heartland Transfer Bid
01.18.17  Court Finds that Accuracy is Not Part of "Complete and Up to Date" Reporting Requirement
12.06.16  Plaintiffs Don't Know Their Own Suit, Credit Report Co. Says
10.20.16  Wells Fargo Robocall, Text Spam Class Action Settlement
06.05.15  The Good, the Bad and the Unclear in FCC's Plan for TCPA
04.22.15  10 Best Blog Posts: Court Holds LinkedIn Reference Searches Are Not ‘Consumer Reports’ Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act
04.07.15  Starbucks Sanctioned for Willful Spoliation in Defect Row