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Articles & Publications

09.29.17  How Financial Services Companies Should Face E-Discovery
12.28.15  5 Tips for Meeting the New Federal Discovery Rules
12.02.15  2015 Revisions to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Are Now In Effect: 5 Key Practice Pointers to Meeting the New Requirements
02.06.15  Choosing Effective E-Discovery Technology Providers
01.12.15  Special Masters: How to Make the Best of Both Worlds, Part V
11.07.14  Dispelling 5 Misconceptions in E-Discovery
09.21.10  Grimm Sanction for E-Discovery Spoliation: Jail Time

News Releases

06.06.17  Troutman Sanders’ eMerge Recognized Twice in Daily Report’s “Best Of 2017”
08.18.16  One-on-One with Alison Grounds, Managing Director of Troutman Sanders eMerge
11.02.15  Troutman Sanders Secures Top Rankings in Benchmark Litigation 2016
10.29.15  Troutman Sanders’ eMerge Receives Best Of Rankings in Two Categories for the Second Year in a Row
09.10.15  Troutman Sanders eMerge Managing Director Receives First Monica Bay STEM Leadership Award
10.20.14  Troutman Sanders Wins Relativity Fest Innovation Award for Best Law Firm Solution
09.30.14  Troutman Sanders’ eMerge Practice Receives Top Honors
11.27.13  Troutman Sanders Secures Top Rankings in Benchmark Litigation 2014
08.28.13  Troutman Sanders Partner Selected as One of 'Georgia's 40 Under 40' and Wins Technology Advocate of the Year Award
01.04.12  Troutman Sanders Partnership Expands By 11

Press Coverage

01.29.19  Uncivil Procedure: The E-Discovery Podcast
08.23.18  4 Stories of Change: Law Firm Innovators Talk the People Behind Tech Change
06.19.18  Getting Clients on Board with Your Firm's e-Discovery Practice
11.16.17  Architects of Top e-Discovery Brands Share Barriers and Blueprints
03.08.16  What’s the Toughest Challenge for Women in e-Discovery?
01.14.16  6 Software Options You Need to Know in Evaluating E-discovery Solutions
01.07.16  Predictions for 2016 and the Changing E-Discovery Landscape
10.29.15  Leaders Urge Women to Be 'Flexible and Organic' to Succeed
08.19.15  Atlanta Partner Alison Grounds Selected to Receive Monica Bay STEM Leadership Award
03.13.15  More Steps to Choosing Effective E-Discovery Technology Providers
01.08.15  Partners Named LCA Fellows
12.19.14  E-Discovery: Don’t Hate It, Embrace It
11.05.14  Effective eDiscovery and eStrategies in Extra Contractual Litigation
10.22.14  eMerge team wins Innovation Award for Best Law Firm Solution
09.25.14  eMerge listed Best of 2014
07.30.14  E-Discovery, Big Data
07.17.14  How to Protect Privilege When Outsourcing E-Discovery
07.03.14  E-Discovery and Big Data
10.28.13  eMerge ranked on "best of" list
08.26.13  Atlanta lawyer named "On the Rise" and Technology Advocate of the Year
10.01.12  The cost of e-discovery
07.09.12  Newspaper touts Alison Grounds, Troutman Sanders’ eMerge leader
02.20.12  New partners/of counsels get ink and more
09.09.11  A legal odyssey: attorneys navigating discovery technology


10.18.12  Alison Grounds - Video Bio