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10.17.18  How The Affordable Clean Energy Rule Impacts Oil And Gas
10.15.18  Troutman Sanders Authors Chambers USA 2019 Alternative Energy and Power Guide
10.09.18  High Court Unlikely To Solve ESA Issues In Frog Habitat Case
10.02.18  California Strikes Again, Imposing Cost Disclosure Requirements for Small Business Loans
10.02.18  UCC Incorporation By Reference: An Imperfect Way To Perfect
09.26.18  Data Privacy: The Current Legal Landscape September 2018
09.21.18  ALERT for Ninth Circuit and TCPA: A System That Has the Capacity to Automatically Dial Stored Numbers is an ATDS
09.19.18  Where Have The SEC Enforcement Actions Gone?
09.14.18  M&A Perspectives Newsletter Fall 2018
09.11.18  In Case You Missed It: Consumer Financial Services Law Monitor - August in Review
09.10.18  The Kitten In The Ceiling
09.07.18  Troutman Sanders Wins a Significant Appellate Victory Against the CFPB
09.07.18  FTC Conducts First Compliance Sweep Since Amendment to Used Car Rule
09.05.18  Hackers and Phishers and Pretexters, Oh My!
08.29.18  Alaska and Forest Service Begin Work on Roadless Rule
08.27.18  Employers and Consumer Reporting Agencies: Revise a Key FCRA Form NOW
08.22.18  Clarity On Overlapping Background Check Laws In Calif.
08.21.18  Supreme Court of California Affirms Constitutionality of State’s Investigative Consumer Reporting Agencies Act in Connor v. First Student, Inc.
08.07.18  In Case You Missed It: Consumer Financial Services Law Monitor - July in Review
08.07.18  Government Records Significant Victory in Alta Wind
08.06.18  3 Unbelievable Employment Cases
08.03.18  Federal Charters For Fintech: Empowering Disruptors, Increasing Banking Competition
08.01.18  Federal Inaction And State Activity: Student Loan Edition
08.01.18  Patent Rights: Best Practices for Responding to Patent Demand Letters
07.31.18  Spokeo Strikes Again: Why Challenges to Standing Are Key
07.24.18  Employer Lessons in Dealing with FCRA Disclosure Claims
07.23.18  Why People Hate Human Resources (And Why Michael Hated Toby)
07.18.18  Beyond the Headline—Affirmation, Innovation in AT&T Mobility LLC v. Concepcion
07.11.18  SEC Adopts Inline XBRL Tagging for All Public Company Filers
07.09.18  In Case You Missed It: Consumer Financial Services Law Monitor - June in Review
06.29.18  California Passes Sweeping Privacy Changes
06.28.18  Private Equity Quarterly - June 2018
06.28.18  Global Energy Change: Increased Use of Natural Gas and Liquified Natural Gas (LNG)
06.27.18  California on the Verge of Sweeping Privacy Changes
06.26.18  New, Improved Rules For 'High Volatility' Real Estate Loans
06.25.18  IRS Issues Beginning of Construction Guidance for Solar
06.25.18  You’re Fired?
06.25.18  What You Need to Know About the Reformed HVCRE Rules
06.21.18  Georgia Supreme Court Hoechstetter v. Pickens County Decision Poses Zoning Process Challenges for Georgia Local Governments
06.21.18  Time to Assess "Foreign Private Issuer" Status
06.18.18  Jury in West Virginia Returns Verdict for Defendant Lender and Loan Servicer on All Counts
06.18.18  Kathy Who? Permanent Director of the CFPB Nominated by President Trump
06.12.18  Tax Reform and Other Tax Laws Relevant to Asian Americans
06.12.18  Supreme Court Prevents Plaintiffs From Bringing Piggyback Class Actions After the Statute of Limitations Has Run under American Pipe
06.11.18  Roseanne, Twitter, And Free Speech For Employees
06.06.18  The Reform Act Cuts Red Tape for Community Banks
06.06.18  In Case You Missed It: Consumer Financial Services Law Monitor - May in Review
06.01.18  President Trump Signs Bill Providing Regulatory Relief to Regional and Community Banks
05.29.18  A Case of ‘Epic’ Proportion For The #MeToo Movement?
05.24.18  When Defendants Invoke ‘Necessity’ In Pipeline Sabotage
05.22.18  U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Class Action Waivers in Employment Contracts, Adding to its Decisions Consistently Enforcing Arbitration Provisions
05.16.18  Marketing Add-on Warranty Products Draw FTC Scrutiny
05.15.18  FCC Seeks Comment on Interpretation of TCPA Following D.C. Circuit’s ACA Decision
05.11.18  DOJ Issues New Policy Against Duplicative Fines & Penalties for Corporate Misconduct
05.08.18  California Supreme Court Adopts Dramatically Worker-Friendly Classification Test
05.01.18  In Case You Missed It: Consumer Financial Services Law Monitor - April in Review
04.30.18  The Banning Of Salary Questions
04.15.18  Deep Decarbonization and Hydropower
04.05.18  Private Equity Quarterly - April 2018
04.02.18  Is Returning The Money Enough To Rescind An NDA?
04.02.18  In Case You Missed It: Consumer Financial Services Law Monitor - March in Review
04.02.18  Bit by Bit: The Relationship Between Blockchain and the Law Grows
03.29.18  Second Circuit Rules Debt Collectors Need Not Disclose Absence of Interest and Fees
03.26.18  U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit Vacates Fiduciary Rule
03.23.18  Supreme Court Unanimously Decides that State Courts Have Jurisdiction Over Class Actions Brought Under the Securities Act of 1933
03.22.18  President Trump's Steel and Aluminum Tariffs and Their Effect on Fixed-price Construction Contracts
03.21.18  Foolishness Versus Fintech: Foolishness Wins Again
03.16.18  D.C. Circuit Issues Highly Anticipated Ruling in Telephone Consumer Protection Act Appeal
03.09.18  The ‘Well-Pleaded Complaint Rule’ and Pushing the Bounds Post-‘McCulloch
03.09.18  A Potential Shift On Education Debt Discharge Standards
03.08.18  Regulatory Power Moves to the States: What this Means for Companies
03.07.18  What May Happen To Your IPR The Day After Oil States
03.07.18  Managing Sexual Harassment Risks: Top 10 Mistakes Employers Are Making in the #MeToo Era
03.05.18  In Case You Missed It: Consumer Financial Services Law Monitor - February in Review
03.01.18  The Consequences of a Relic’s Codification: The Dubious Case for Bad Faith Dismissals of Involuntary Bankruptcy Petitions
02.28.18  Dish Network Decision Underscores Importance of Compliance with Regulatory Settlements and Associated Litigation Risks
02.26.18  Takeaways From Dismissed Challenge To Trump's CFPB Pick
02.26.18  Data Privacy: The Current Legal Landscape (Annual Edition)
02.23.18  Supreme Court Scales Back Definition of “Whistleblower” for Dodd-Frank’s Anti-Retaliation Provision
02.21.18  Foreign Private Issuers Using IFRS Must Begin Submitting Financial Statements in XBRL
02.21.18  A Demand for Diligence and a Call for Clarity: A Preview of the Supreme Court's Imminent Argument over the Meaning of “Financial Condition” in § 523(A)(2)(A) and (B)
02.20.18  Non-Disclosure Agreements In The #MeToo Era
02.16.18  FERC Issues Final Rules on Electric Storage Participation in RTOs/ISOs and Primary Frequency Response for New Generators
02.15.18  CFPB Announces Subdued Enforcement in 2018-22 Strategic Plan
02.13.18  New Requirements For Protecting Sensitive Government Data Adopted For Government Contractors: Is Your Company In Compliance?
02.08.18  How Zoning Laws Limit Redevelopment of Existing Sites and Buildings
02.08.18  D&O and Professional Liability 2017 - A Year In Review
02.07.18  The Latest On TCPA Exemption For Health Care-Related Calls
02.05.18  In Case You Missed It: Consumer Financial Services Law Monitor - January in Review
02.05.18  New Lawsuit By Former Weinstein Employee Paints A Grim Picture
02.05.18  Key D&O And Professional Liability Trends Of 2017
01.31.18  D.C. Circuit Holds That CFPB Structure is Constitutional
01.29.18  TCPA and Health-Care Related Calls: Court Expands Definition of “Emergency Purpose” to Include Prescription Refill Reminders
01.29.18  Travel Sentry V. Tropp: A Threat To Direct Infringement
01.25.18  Appointment Of CFPB Director Causes Rift Among State AGs
01.22.18  The Patriot: Remembering US District
01.17.18  A Closer Look At Consumer Finance Law In 2017, And Beyond
01.16.18  Federal Deregulation Opens the Door for State-Level Threats to Auto Finance
01.11.18  Anti-Duplication Under RCRA: Synchronizing RCRA With Other Environmental Statutes
01.10.18  Annual Report: 2017 Consumer Financial Services Year in Review and a Look Ahead
01.09.18  Top Data Governance Issues from 2017 and What to Watch in 2018
01.08.18  To Tell The Truth; The Importance Of Full And Frank Disclosure To Preserving The Attorney-Client Privilege
01.08.18  More and More, Faster and Faster
01.08.18  The New Wolves Of Wall Street?
01.05.18  In Case You Missed It: Consumer Financial Services Law Monitor - December in Review
12.26.17  The Friend Zone And Sexual Harassment
12.21.17  The Other Cyberthreat: Business Email Compromise Schemes
12.21.17  CFPB Withdraws its Consumer Disclosures Survey Signaling that Debt Collection Rulemaking Is No Longer at the Top of the CFPB’s Priorities
12.18.17  Conference Committee Reaches Agreement on Tax Reform Bill
12.07.17  Terry Crews And Male-On-Male Sexual Harassment
12.07.17  When Gov't Enforcement Actions And Class Actions Collide
12.04.17  In Case You Missed It: Consumer Financial Services Law Monitor - November in Review
11.30.17  TCPA Litigation Still Hot, Poses Significant Litigation Risk
11.30.17  Insights On Article III Standing Under Ill. Biometrics Law
11.29.17  Federal Judge Denies Injunction, Leaving Trump Appointee Mick Mulvaney Head of CFPB
11.29.17  Creditors Beware: New, Simplified Ch. 13 Comes At A Price
11.27.17  3 Lessons On Holiday Parties From ‘The Office’
11.22.17  DOJ Guidance Is Dead, Long Live DOJ Guidance
11.21.17  NY Statute Governing Liability Policies “Issued or Delivered” in NY Applied To NY Insureds and Risks Though Policy Issued and Delivered Outside NY
11.20.17  FERC Approves $105 Million Settlement with Barclays for Market Manipulation
11.19.17  Business, metro Atlanta both benefit from quality pre-K
11.15.17  CFPB Director Richard Cordray to Step Down
11.13.17  What’s Happening With Sexual Orientation Discrimination In The Workplace?
11.10.17  Impact of Senate Tax Reform Bill on Renewable Energy Projects
11.08.17  Updated IRS Guidance for Assessment of Employer Shared Responsibility Payments Under the Affordable Care Act
11.02.17  In Case You Missed It: Consumer Financial Services Law Monitor - October in Review
11.02.17  Impact of Tax Reform on Renewable Energy Projects
11.01.17  Paid Endorsements of "Military Friendly" Schools Lead to FTC Action
11.01.17  Prioritize and find success through your support system
10.26.17  Congress Kills CFPB’s Arbitration Ban for Financial Services Companies, Returning Focus to State v. Federal Court Wars
10.25.17  Chipping Away at the Till Formula: Second Circuit Momentive Decision Confirms Denial of Make Whole But Raises Interest Rate Calculation in the Chapter 11 Context
10.24.17  Critical Update from the Department of State on Diversity Visa Lottery Registration (DV-2019)
10.20.17  California’s Statewide “Ban-The-Box” Law To Go Into Effect January 2018