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11.21.17  NY Statute Governing Liability Policies “Issued or Delivered” in NY Applied To NY Insureds and Risks Though Policy Issued and Delivered Outside NY
11.15.17  CFPB Director Richard Cordray to Step Down
11.10.17  Impact of Senate Tax Reform Bill on Renewable Energy Projects
11.08.17  Updated IRS Guidance for Assessment of Employer Shared Responsibility Payments Under the Affordable Care Act
11.02.17  Impact of Tax Reform on Renewable Energy Projects
11.02.17  In Case You Missed It: Consumer Financial Services Law Monitor - October in Review
11.01.17  Paid Endorsements of "Military Friendly" Schools Lead to FTC Action
11.01.17  Prioritize and find success through your support system
10.31.17  "Legal Guide to Doing Business in China" from the Troutman Sanders Greater China Practice
10.26.17  Congress Kills CFPB’s Arbitration Ban for Financial Services Companies, Returning Focus to State v. Federal Court Wars
10.25.17  Chipping Away at the Till Formula: Second Circuit Momentive Decision Confirms Denial of Make Whole But Raises Interest Rate Calculation in the Chapter 11 Context
10.24.17  Critical Update from the Department of State on Diversity Visa Lottery Registration (DV-2019)
10.20.17  California’s Statewide “Ban-The-Box” Law To Go Into Effect January 2018
10.18.17  Navigating The Pitfalls Of Civil Investigative Demands
10.17.17  Can Harvey Weinstein Be Successfully Sued?
10.16.17  Colin Kaepernick’s Grievance
10.10.17  Data Privacy Landscape Update - October 2017
10.10.17  FTC and State AGs to Announce Major Coordinated Consumer Fraud Enforcement Initiative
10.10.17  The CFIUS Process Is Becoming More Challenging For Foreign Investors
10.09.17  Current Autonomous Vehicle Technology Standards for Privacy and Security
10.06.17  DOJ Reverses Stance On Transgender Workplace Protections
10.05.17  CFPB Rule Requires Payday Lenders to Apply “Ability to Repay” Standard to Loans
10.03.17  OCIE’s Guidance on Cybersecurity for Financial Firms
10.03.17  Consumer Financial Services Law Monitor Blog - September in Review
10.03.17  NYSE Proposes to Limit the Release of Material News Immediately After the Close of Trading
10.03.17  Considerations on Dual-Shops Following 'Navillus'
10.03.17  SEC Staff Issues Information Update for Advisors Filing Other-Than-Annual Amendments to Form ADV
10.03.17  Trump Signs Executive Order Overhauling the Environmental, Permitting Review Process for Infrastructure Projects
10.02.17  Stopping Drive-By Lawsuits
10.02.17  Department of Energy Proposes FERC-Authorized Full Cost Recovery for Certain Nuclear and Coal Power Generation
09.29.17  How Financial Services Companies Should Face E-Discovery
09.27.17  Litigating Patent Infringement Cases in the ‘Rocket Docket
09.26.17  Let’s Get Physical: The Federal Circuit Weighs in on Patent Venue After TC Heartland
09.25.17  A few ideas Georgia can take to land Amazon’s HQ2
09.21.17  CFPB Issues First No-Action Letter to Online Lender Using Alternative Data
09.20.17  LIBOR Is Dying; Many May Mourn
09.20.17  What Happened To The Obama DOL’s New Overtime Rules?
09.19.17  Information on Diversity Visa Lottery Registration (DV-2019)
09.13.17  Troutman Sanders CFS Law Monitor Blog - August in Review
09.07.17  House First, Ask Questions Later
09.06.17  The Federal Reserve Proposes Guidance on Supervisory Expectations for Boards of Directors
09.06.17  A Lawyer’s Guide To NIST's 'Security And Privacy Controls'
09.05.17  Ron Burgundy And Romance In The Workplace
08.30.17  Collection of Pay Data on the EEO-1 Report On Hold – For Now!
08.24.17  Ninth Circuit Holds TCPA Claims Are Invasion of Privacy Claims
08.22.17  Challenging The FDA On 'Natural' Cigarettes
08.21.17  Don't Be A Costanza: 3 Ways to Be a Better Employee
08.21.17  Small Changes to an Ad Can Make Big Differences in a Puffery Analysis
08.18.17  New Version of the Form I-9 Available
08.17.17  Jury Trials Under Environmental Statutes
08.16.17  Spokeo Update: Ninth Circuit Holds that Plaintiff Adequately Alleged Article III Standing
08.11.17  Venturing Into The Land Of Location Data Collection
08.11.17  Troutman Sanders CFS Law Monitor Blog - July in Review
08.09.17  Reinventing The Federal Trade Commission
08.07.17  Series LLC- An Uncertain Choice for Businesses
08.07.17  Don’t Be A Lumbergh: Managerial Mistakes to Avoid to Minimize Risk of Employment Lawsuits
08.01.17  A Practical Approach to Defending Fair Credit Reporting Act Class Actions in Federal Court
08.01.17  US Presidents Are Not Immune From Criminal Prosecution
07.25.17  Increased Focus on Employment-Based Visa Compliance and Enforcement
07.24.17  Phoebe Buffay And The ‘Friends’ Guide To Sexual Harassment
07.19.17  Arbitration Rule Compliance Date Set for March 19, 2018
07.13.17  Troutman Sanders CFS Law Monitor Blog - June in Review
07.10.17  Lessons From ’30 Rock’ On Mental Illness
07.10.17  CFPB Issues Rule Banning Class Action Waivers In Arbitration Provisions
06.27.17  Virginia Real Estate Purchase and Sale Issues for Buyers
06.23.17  New Federal Appeals Court Ruling Provides Ray of Sunshine for TCPA Defendants: Contractual Consent to Receive Calls Cannot be Revoked
06.19.17  Supreme Court Refuses to Extend the Scope of the FDCPA to Consumer Finance Company
06.19.17  Pending Changes to Federal Bankruptcy Rules Could Negatively Impact Residential Mortgage Lenders
06.15.17  WV Appellate Court Finds High Volume of Unanswered Calls Alone Does Not Violate § 46A-2-125(d)
06.15.17  Time to Assess "Foreign Private Issuer" Status
06.14.17  $6.8 Million Penalty Upheld in Overstock Price Advertising Case
06.13.17  NYC “Fair Workweek” Laws Will Affect Fast Food and Retail Industries
06.12.17  Special Masters: How to Help Judges Extend Their Reach ... And Exceed Their Grasp
06.12.17  3 Things ‘The Office’ Taught Me About Employment Law (Part 2)
06.12.17  CFPB Updates Its Planned Overhaul of Acceptable Debt Collection Practices
06.09.17  Troutman Sanders CFS Law Monitor Blog – May in Review
06.07.17  Health Care Cybersecurity On Life Support
06.01.17  New Focus on Lithium Battery Safety
05.31.17  State Banking Regulators File Suit Challenging OCC Fintech Charter
05.25.17  TCPA Is Not Dead Yet – Court Trebles Eight Figure TCPA Award While World Awaits ACA Decision
05.22.17  Are You Ready For the New California Prop 65 Warning Requirements?
05.22.17  Georgia’s New “Family Care Act” – Using Paid Leave for Sick Family Members
05.19.17  Why Insider Benefit Is Irrelevant To Criminal Insider Trading
05.18.17  Private Equity Quarterly – Spring 2017
05.16.17  Supreme Court Rules That Filing a Proof of Claim on a Time-Barred Debt Does Not Violate the FDCPA
05.16.17  WannaCry Ransomware: Understanding the Cyber Attack that Rocked the World
05.15.17  Spokeo Strikes Again: Fourth Circuit Reverses and Dismisses $12 Million FCRA Class Action on Spokeo Grounds
05.15.17  New Georgia Law Strengthens Business Judgment Rule
05.08.17  CPSC Recalls Put Focus on Lithium Ion Battery Safety
05.08.17  Troutman Sanders CFS Law Monitor Blog - April in Review
05.05.17  Supreme Court Rules Municipalities Have Standing to Sue Under The FHA, But Raises The Bar On Showing Proximate Cause
04.28.17  ESG, Greenwashing and Other Four-Letter Words
04.27.17  New WVCCPA Amendments are Enacted by Governor Justice
04.26.17  Third Circuit Curbs Insurers’ Asbestos Exposure
04.20.17  Troutman Sanders CFS Law Monitor Blog – March in Review
04.19.17  Washington State Amends Money Transmitter Law to Exclude Payment Processors
04.18.17  SEC Adopts T+2 Settlement Cycle for Securities Transactions
04.12.17  March 2017 Banking Blog Summary
04.11.17  U.S. District Court Dismisses CFPB Case Against Payment Processor
04.07.17  A Message to Employers Who Aren’t in a Current OFCCP Audit
04.06.17  Seventh Circuit Issues Landmark Ruling Permitting Sexual Orientation Discrimination Claims Under Title VII
03.31.17  Plaintiffs Not Reading the Terms of Use Dooms Two New Jersey TCCWNA Class Actions
03.30.17  2016 Renewable Energy Market Year in Review and a Look Ahead to 2017
03.27.17  Lawmakers in U.S. House of Representatives Pass Bill That Would Reform Class Action Litigation under Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 23
03.22.17  Federal Reserve Board Expands Financial Stability Presumption for Decisions on M&A Proposals under the Bank Holding Company Act
03.21.17  Foreign Private Issuers May Begin Submitting Their Financial Statements in XBRL
03.20.17  DOJ Brief Opposing CFPB Brings More Uncertainty
03.14.17  North Carolina Supreme Court Upholds Denial of Arbitration Based Upon Breach of Fiduciary Duty
03.09.17  Troutman Sanders CFS Law Monitor Blog – February in Review
03.07.17  USCIS to Suspend Premium Processing for H-1B Petitions on April 3, 2017
03.07.17  Modernizing New York’s Fraudulent Conveyance Laws
03.06.16  Preparing for Opportunity – Questions You Should Answer to Be Ready for a Capital Raise
03.01.17  Private Equity Quarterly - Winter 2017
02.27.17  D&O and Professional Liability 2016 - A Year In Review
02.23.17  Troutman Sanders Strategies - NC Legislative Update
02.22.17  DOJ Issues New Guidance on Corporate Compliance Programs
02.21.17  The Sixth Circuit Finds That a Bank Is Not a Transferee for Deposits Made in Excess of the Amount Owed
02.21.17  China’s Internet Sovereignty
02.16.17  Troutman Sanders Partner Steven Gravely Contributes to Healthcare Information Management Systems Society’s “Book of the Year”
02.14.17  Hospital Fined $3.2 Million for Failing to Secure Its Mobile Devices
02.13.17  Data Privacy: The Current Legal Landscape
02.09.17  USCIS to Begin Accepting Cap-Subject H-1B Petitions on Monday, April 3, 2017
02.09.17  HIPAA Breach Notification Deadline Fast Approaching
02.08.17  CFPB Takes Action Against Law Firm Debt Collectors for Lack of Meaningful Involvement
02.07.17  HSR Transaction and Filing Fee Thresholds Adjusted
02.07.17  Troutman Sanders CFS Law Monitor Blog – January in Review
02.06.17  Environmental Law & Policy Monitor Blog Update
02.03.17  FERC Delegates Authority to Staff in Absence of Quorum
02.02.17  Tips on Completing the New I-9 and E-Verify
01.31.17  2016 Consumer Financial Services Year in Review and a Look Ahead
01.31.17  Recent Developments – Employee Benefits
01.30.17  Employers Beware: Ninth Circuit Finds Inclusion of Liability Waiver in FCRA Background Check Disclosure Form is a Willful Violation
01.26.17  New Mandatory PII Privacy Training for Government Contractors and Subcontractors
01.26.17  Supreme Court Focuses on Intersection of FDCPA and Bankruptcy Code
01.25.17  President Trump’s Affordable Care Act Executive Order – Business As Usual for Employer Sponsored Group Health Plans
01.23.17  No Bad Faith Failure To Settle Where Insurer Refused Stipulated Judgment Potentially In Excess of Policy Limits Coupled With A Covenant Not To Execute Against The InsuredOriginally published in California Insurance Newsletter - Vol. 11, 2017
01.23.17  Unauthorized Use Of Trademarked Logo On Insured’s Website Not Covered Advertising InjuryOriginally published in California Insurance Newsletter - Vol. 11, 2017
01.23.17  Underlying Complaint Allegations Did Not Create Duty To Defend Under Additional Insured Coverage Where Entity Did Not Actually Meet Policy’s Additional Insured DefinitionOriginally published in California Insurance Newsletter - Vol. 11, 2017
01.23.17  Employment-Related Practices Exclusion Precludes Duty To Defend Or Indemnify Insured Accused Of Negligent Hiring and SupervisionOriginally published in California Insurance Newsletter - Vol. 11, 2017
01.23.17  Report Data Breaches On Time or Pay the Price
01.23.17  Insured-vs-Insured Exclusion Bars Coverage for Action Against Corporation Brought By Minority Shareholders Who Were Also Former DirectorsOriginally published in California Insurance Newsletter - Vol. 11, 2017
01.23.17  California Supreme Court To Consider Whether Contributing Excess Insurer Can Sue Primary Insurer For Unreasonably Rejecting Prior Settlement Demands When Case Settles Before JudgmentOriginally published in California Insurance Newsletter - Vol. 11, 2017
01.23.17  California Supreme Court Certifies Ninth Circuit’s Question: Is There An Accidental “Occurrence” For Purposes Of A Negligent Hiring And Supervision Claim Against The Insured That Arises From Bodily Injury Deliberately Caused By The Insured’s Employee?Originally published in California Insurance Newsletter - Vol. 11, 2017
01.23.17  Insurer Did Not Breach Any Duty Where No One Had Ever Satisfied Policy’s Self-Insured Retention And The Underlying Action Resulted In A Default Judgment Against The InsuredOriginally published in California Insurance Newsletter - Vol. 11, 2017
01.23.17  D&O Insurer With No Duty To Defend Ordered To Produce Loss Reserve Information But Not To Answer Interrogatories Asking For Its Interpretation Of Policy Terms In The AbstractOriginally published in California Insurance Newsletter - Vol. 11, 2017
01.23.17  California Supreme Court To Consider Whether a Primary Insurer With An “Other Insurance” Clause Can Enforce It Against A Primary Insurer Without One, Or Enforce A Limits Reduction ClauseOriginally published in California Insurance Newsletter - Vol. 11, 2017
01.23.17  Insurer Held Liable For Bad Faith Refusal To Settle Despite Superfluous Exception In Proposed Release For The Insured’s Criminal Restitution LiabilityOriginally published in California Insurance Newsletter - Vol. 11, 2017
01.23.17  A Known Construction Defect Left Uncorrected Is Not An Accidental “Occurrence”Originally published in California Insurance Newsletter - Vol. 11, 2017
01.20.17  The Eleventh Circuit Finds that a Debtor’s Misuse of a Lender’s Collateral Gives Rise to a Nondischargeable Claim
01.19.17  Supreme Court To Decide Whether Financing Company Collecting Debts Is A “Debt Collector” Under The FDCPA
01.18.17  Courts Continue to Uphold Forum Selection Bylaws
01.17.17  Revision to New York’s Proposed Cybersecurity Regulations Reflect Risk-Based Approach
01.09.17  Troutman Sanders CFS Law Monitor Blog – December in Review
01.05.17  New Leverage in the Federal Marketplace for Commercial Item and Commercial Systems Contractors
01.04.17  Minimal Blanket, Maximum Comfort: Less is More When Drafting “All Assets” UCC-1 Descriptions
12.30.16  District Court Finds That “Complete and Up to Date” Requirement of FCRA § 1681K Does Not Include an Accuracy Component
12.23.16  Troutman Sanders Strategies 2017 Federal Outlook
12.21.16  IRS Broadens Prior “Beginning of Construction” Guidance
12.21.16  Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler Announces Resignation on Dec. 15, 2016, Signaling Potential Reform to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)
12.20.16  21st Century Cures Act: A New Prescription for the Healthcare Industry
12.20.16  SEC Staff Issues New C&DIs Related to Foreign Issuers and Other Matters
12.19.16  Retention of EB-1, EB-2, and EB-3 Immigrant Workers and Program Improvements Affecting High-Skilled Nonimmigrant Workers
12.08.16  Troutman Sanders CFS Law Monitor Blog – November in Review
11.28.16  IRS Notice 2016-70 Grants Narrow Extension for ACA Filing Requirement and Penalty Relief for Employers