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10.15.18  Troutman Sanders Authors Chambers USA 2019 Alternative Energy and Power Guide
08.07.18  Government Records Significant Victory in Alta Wind
06.25.18  IRS Issues Beginning of Construction Guidance for Solar
12.18.17  Conference Committee Reaches Agreement on Tax Reform Bill
11.10.17  Impact of Senate Tax Reform Bill on Renewable Energy Projects
11.02.17  Impact of Tax Reform on Renewable Energy Projects
03.30.17  2016 Renewable Energy Market Year in Review and a Look Ahead to 2017
12.21.16  IRS Broadens Prior “Beginning of Construction” Guidance
11.23.16  FERC Issues Key Rulemakings On Energy Storage
11.08.16  Alta Wind Addresses Fundamental ITC and Depreciation Issues for Renewables
05.06.16  IRS Updates “Beginning of Construction” Guidance to Reflect PATH Act Extension of the PTC and the ITC
03.13.15  IRS Releases Updated Guidance Further Clarifying 'Beginning of Construction' for Renewable Energy Facilities
01.13.15  2014 Troutman Sanders Renewable Energy Market Recap and Look Ahead to 2015
09.23.13  Favorable Updated Guidance on Beginning of Construction
06.26.13  The President’s Climate Action Plan and the Electricity Industry
04.17.13  IRS Releases Guidance on Beginning of Construction for Renewable Energy Facilities
04.05.13  IRS announces inflation adjustment for Production Tax Credits (PTCs)
01.02.13  Congress Extends PTC for Wind and Other Renewable Technologies
03.02.12  FERC Reviews REC Jurisdiction and Standardized REC Agreement
10.20.11  Challenge Made to Imports of Chinese Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells and Panels
10.03.11  CFTC Proposed Implementation Timeline and Compliance Schedules
09.21.11  Washington Energy Report
08.24.11  Proposed Legislation Codifies the End-User Exemption from Margin Requirements
08.09.11  Temporary Relief for Swaps From Some Dodd-Frank Provisions
06.10.11  Wind Power Equipment Subsidies Terminated by China After Successful WTO Challenge
04.27.11  The CFTC Proposes Swap Data Recordkeeping and Reporting Requirements for Pre-Enactment and Transition Swaps
03.01.11  Potential Government Shutdown Could Trigger Emergency Procedures at FERC
02.24.11  EPA Releases Long-Awaited Emissions Standards for Boilers and Incinerators: Some Relief for Existing Solid Fuel Sources, Less So for Others
02.08.11  Court Rejects Treasury Challenge to Section 1603 Cost Basis
01.31.11  Washington Energy Report - January 31
01.11.11  Washington Energy Report - January 11
12.20.10  Treasury Renewable Energy Cash Grant Extended
12.13.10  Washington Energy Report - December 13
12.06.10  Washington Energy Report - December 6
11.22.10  Washington Energy Report - November 22
11.15.10  Washington Energy Report - November 15
11.02.10  United States Launches Unfair Trade Investigation of Alleged China Green Tech Subsidies
11.01.10  Washington Energy Report - November 1
10.18.10  Washington Energy Report - October 18
10.12.10  Washington Energy Report - October 12
10.04.10  Washington Energy Report - October 4
09.27.10  Washington Energy Report - September 27
09.20.10  Washington Energy Report - September 20
09.14.10  IRS Issues Guidance under Codified “Economic Substance” Doctrine
09.13.10  Washington Energy Report - September 13
09.02.10  New Jersey Wind Power Bill Signed Into Law
08.31.10  Annual Filing Required by Recipients of Section 1603 Treasury Cash Grants
08.26.10  FERC Announces Investigation into PJM Market, Gives Staff Subpoena Power
08.19.10  Illinois Solar Energy Ramp-Up Bill Signed Into Law
07.19.10  Washington Energy Report - July 19
07.12.10  Washington Energy Report - July 12
07.06.10  Washington Energy Report - July 6
06.28.10  Washington Energy Report - June 28
06.28.10  Treasury Cash Grant: When “Construction Begins”
06.14.10  Solar City May Be Subject To “Light-Handed” Retail Regulation In Arizona
05.24.10  Washington Energy Report - May 24
05.17.10  Washington Energy Report - May 17
05.13.10  Senators Kerry and Lieberman Present New Climate Bill
05.10.10  Washington Energy Report - May 10
05.03.10  Washington Energy Report - May 3
04.26.10  Washington Energy Report - April 26
04.19.10  Washington Energy Report - April 19
04.15.10  FERC’s Recent Order Regarding QF Filing Requirements and Additional Implications
04.14.10  “Economic Substance” and Renewable Energy Financing
04.12.10  Washington Energy Report - April 12
04.05.10  Washington Energy Report - April 5
04.02.10  It’s Official: EPA Is Now Regulating GHGs Under Clean Air Act
03.29.10  Washington Energy Report - March 29
03.22.10  Washington Energy Report - March 22
03.15.10  Washington Energy Report - March 15
03.01.10  Washington Energy Report - March 1
02.22.10  Washington Energy Report - February 22
02.16.10  Washington Energy Report - February 16
02.08.10  Washington Energy Report - February 8
02.05.10  SEC Publishes Interpretive Guidance on Disclosure Requirements Relating to Climate Change
02.01.10  Washington Energy Report - February 1
01.25.10  Washington Energy Report - January 25
01.18.10  Washington Energy Report - January 18
01.11.10  Washington Energy Report - January 11
12.21.09  Washington Energy Report - December 21
12.18.09  The Path Forward for Public Energy Companies Facing Changed Proxy Rules
12.17.09  Department of Energy Announced Final Rules Reversing Position on First Lien Requirement of Section 1702 for Section 1703 Loan Guarantees
12.14.09  Washington Energy Report - December 14
12.07.09  Washington Energy Report - December 7
10.28.09  DOE Smart Grid Recovery Act Grants: Preparing For Award Requirements
10.16.09  California Federal Court Dismisses Global Warming Common Law Nuisance Lawsuit
10.14.09  Tax Credit for Electricity From Renewables — UpdatedTax Notes
10.08.09  The Department of Energy Announces Private Sector Lender Partnership Program
08.17.09  Applications Open for Advanced Manufacturing Tax Credit
08.07.09  Department of Energy Seeks to Reverse Position on First Lien Requirement of Section 1702
08.04.09  Department of Energy Issues Two Loan Guarantee Solicitation Announcements
08.03.09  Treasury Accepting Applications for Grants In Lieu of Tax Credits
07.29.09  Utilities and Renewable Energy: To Buy or to BuildLaw360
07.22.09  Mitigating Change-in-law Risk Associated with RECs
07.10.09  Treasury and DOE Release Guidance on Applying for Grants in Lieu of Tax Credits

News Releases

09.20.18  Troutman Sanders Advises Con Edison Development on $1.54B Acquisition of Renewable Electric Production Projects from Sempra Energy
08.13.18  Troutman Sanders Authors Chambers USA Practice Guide on Renewable Energy
11.03.14  Troutman Sanders Counsels Southern Power on Acquisition of New Solar Facility
04.08.13  Energy Lawyer Stephen C. Hall Joins Troutman Sanders in Portland
01.28.10  US PREF Continues Educating Capitol Hill, DOE and White House On Renewable Energy Financing
01.21.09  Nuclear Energy Practice Expands Capabilities in Washington D.C.

Press Coverage

11.23.16  Solana Beach to negotiate contract with consultant team for CCA services