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06.19.17  Pending Changes to Federal Bankruptcy Rules Could Negatively Impact Residential Mortgage Lenders
04.12.17  March 2017 Banking Blog Summary
03.07.17  Modernizing New York’s Fraudulent Conveyance Laws
02.21.17  The Sixth Circuit Finds That a Bank Is Not a Transferee for Deposits Made in Excess of the Amount Owed
01.20.17  The Eleventh Circuit Finds that a Debtor’s Misuse of a Lender’s Collateral Gives Rise to a Nondischargeable Claim
11.16.16  Secured Creditors are Rejoicing over the Ninth Circuit's Decision Overruling Costly Precedent
10.12.16  Supreme Court Grants Cert. In FDCPA Claim Related to Filing of Stale Claims in Bankruptcy
10.11.16  Golden Shares or Simply Gold Plated?
08.05.16  The Seventh Circuit Holds Section 546(e) Does Not Extend To Conduits
07.18.16  Flipping on Flip Provisions: Lehman Bankruptcy Court Rules Flip Provisions Enforceable in Bankruptcy
06.02.16  The Ninth Circuit Bankruptcy Appellate Panel Holds That Oversecured Creditors Are Presumptively Entitled to Post-Petition Default Interest
05.24.16  Supreme Court Determines Debts Related to Fraudulent Transfer Schemes May Be Non-Dischargeable
04.06.16  Buyer Beware: District Court Imposes Pension Liability on Private Equity Funds
03.15.16  Old Rules; New Facts – Disruption in the Mid-Stream Gathering and Processing Space
01.29.16  Individual Chapter 11 Debtors Cannot Escape the Absolute Priority Rule
01.21.16  Ninth Circuit Limits Ability of Holdover Occupants to Delay Eviction by Filing Bankruptcy
01.05.16  Commercial Bankruptcy: Selected 2015 Cases of Interest to Banking and Finance
06.24.15  The Tenth Circuit Upholds Shareholder Loans Made to a Financially Distressed Company
05.28.15  Supreme Court Rules Parties Can Consent to Bankruptcy Judge Deciding Stern Claims
02.27.15  The Trust Indenture Act’s New Relevance to Out-of-Court Restructurings
01.29.15  Eleventh Circuit Upholds Collective Action of Supermajority of Lenders in Loan Workout
01.12.15  U.S. Appeals Court Dismisses Ten-Year Litigation
11.24.14  Enforceability of Prepayment Premiums May Hinge on Drafting
11.05.14  Data Privacy Required in Bankruptcy Filings
08.27.14  11th Circuit Unwinds 363 Sale Because Bankruptcy Case Filed in Bad Faith
06.16.14  Bridging the Gap
06.05.14  Lenders Rejoice: Foreclosure Confirmation Statute May Be Waived by Guarantor
06.05.14  The Fifth Circuit Takes on the Issue of Prepayments Premiums
02.20.14  Second Circuit Declares WARN Act Liability of Operating Subsidiary May Be Imposed Upon Parent Holding Company
02.10.14  Georgia Court of Appeals Holds That Guarantors May Waive Foreclosure Confirmation as a Defense to Deficiency Liability
07.09.13  Maryland Circuit Court For Howard County Rules That Lenders Are Not Liable For Recordation Taxes On IDOTs
05.15.13  Bankruptcy Court Approves Repayment of Aircraft Debt Without Payment of Make-Whole Premium
08.23.12  Fifth Circuit Holds that Bankruptcy Code Safe Harbors for “Forward Contract” Apply to Supply Contract
08.20.12  Troutman Sanders Lawyers to Speak at IMN’s Upcoming Conference on Real Estate Workouts
06.08.12  RadLAX – The Supreme Court Gives Significant Victory to Secured Lenders by Sustaining Credit-Bid Rights
05.24.12  TOUSA Alert: 11th Circuit Upholds Bankruptcy Court’s Finding that Payment to Lender by Borrower Subsidiary was a Fraudulent Transfer
05.22.12  Residential lenders beware: Eleventh Circuit affirms strip off in Chapter 7 bankruptcies
10.17.11  Court Rejects Swap’s Triangular Setoff Right in Bankruptcy
03.17.11  District Court Quashes Bankruptcy Court’s Fraudulent Transfer Decision in the TOUSA, Inc. Case
03.09.11  Podcast: Tips from Financial Experts for Getting Funding
05.18.10  Erving Industries, Inc.: The Sale of Electricity May Be Entitled to a Priority Claim Under Section 503(b)(9) of the Bankruptcy Code
04.13.10  Philadelphia Newspapers’ credit bid decision – How does losing the absolute right to credit bid in a sale under a plan of reorganization impact lenders and borrowers?
03.31.09  Utility Alert - Charter Communications Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
11.21.08  Circuit City Stores, Inc. 503(B)(9) Claims Deadline
07.07.08  Bankruptcy Newsletter
07.03.08  Bankruptcy Practice - The Latest on Deepening Insolvency
07.03.08  Bankruptcy Practice - Supreme Court Closes Door on Exemption from State Stamp Taxes for Pre-Confirmation Asset Transfers
03.26.08  Bankruptcy - Seventh Circuit Urges Sanctions for Frivolous Lawsuits

News Releases

08.17.17  Troutman Sanders LLP One of 16 Most Recommended Law Firms
04.05.17  Troutman Sanders Wins M&A Atlas Award for Excellence in Turnaround Deal
08.04.14  Troutman Sanders Adds Bankruptcy Group in New York
01.07.14  Troutman Sanders Adds Bankruptcy Partner in Atlanta Office
09.09.13  Accomplished Bankruptcy Lawyer Penelope Parmes Joins Troutman Sanders’ Orange County Office
10.27.10  Two Bankruptcy Attorneys Joins Troutman Sanders’ New York Office

Press Coverage

06.01.17  5th Circ. Affirms Win for Banks In €137M Financing Dispute
03.10.17  Modernizing New York’s Fraudulent Conveyance Laws
12.07.15  Allied Systems Ch. 11 Plan OK’d After Years of Contention
08.30.14  Four new partners in New York
06.12.14  Heller Case to Arm Hiring Firms in Clawback Fights
05.13.14  Atlanta partner in 'President’s Column'
02.22.12  CDC Corp. puts CDC Software Corp. unit on auction block
07.19.11  New York partner on Cassa NY Hotel's bid to emerge from bankruptcy
10.28.10  Troutman adds two Gibbons pros to Bankruptcy practice