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01.11.18  Shutdown's Messy Impact on Consumer Protection Activities
01.07.19  A Small Step Toward 'Employee' Clarity For FCRA
01.03.19  In Case You Missed It: Consumer Financial Services Law Monitor - December in Review
01.02.19  FCC Releases Final Order on Newly Established Reassigned Telephone Number Database with Safe Harbor from TCPA Liability
12.13.18  Some Clarity: Court Holds Screening Reports On Independent Contractors Not Subject to the FCRA Employment Purpose Requirements
12.04.18  In Case You Missed It: Consumer Financial Services Law Monitor - November in Review
11.20.18  High Court Junk Fax Case Is Not Just About Junk Faxes
11.14.18  Solving The Mystery Of Contracting By Hyperlink
11.05.18  In Case You Missed It: Consumer Financial Services Law Monitor - October in Review
11.01.18  Do You Need to Contact Creditors to Verify a Debt?
10.04.18  In Case You Missed It: Consumer Financial Services Law Monitor - September in Review
09.11.18  In Case You Missed It: Consumer Financial Services Law Monitor - August in Review
09.07.18  FTC Conducts First Compliance Sweep Since Amendment to Used Car Rule
08.22.18  Clarity On Overlapping Background Check Laws In Calif.
08.07.18  In Case You Missed It: Consumer Financial Services Law Monitor - July in Review
08.01.18  Federal Inaction And State Activity: Student Loan Edition
07.31.18  Spokeo Strikes Again: Why Challenges to Standing Are Key
07.24.18  Employer Lessons in Dealing with FCRA Disclosure Claims
07.18.18  Beyond the Headline—Affirmation, Innovation in AT&T Mobility LLC v. Concepcion
07.09.18  In Case You Missed It: Consumer Financial Services Law Monitor - June in Review
06.29.18  California Passes Sweeping Privacy Changes
06.18.18  Jury in West Virginia Returns Verdict for Defendant Lender and Loan Servicer on All Counts
06.18.18  Kathy Who? Permanent Director of the CFPB Nominated by President Trump
06.12.18  Supreme Court Prevents Plaintiffs From Bringing Piggyback Class Actions After the Statute of Limitations Has Run under American Pipe
06.06.18  In Case You Missed It: Consumer Financial Services Law Monitor - May in Review
05.16.18  Marketing Add-on Warranty Products Draw FTC Scrutiny
05.15.18  FCC Seeks Comment on Interpretation of TCPA Following D.C. Circuit’s ACA Decision
05.01.18  In Case You Missed It: Consumer Financial Services Law Monitor - April in Review
04.02.18  Bit by Bit: The Relationship Between Blockchain and the Law Grows
04.02.18  In Case You Missed It: Consumer Financial Services Law Monitor - March in Review
03.29.18  Second Circuit Rules Debt Collectors Need Not Disclose Absence of Interest and Fees
03.26.18  U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit Vacates Fiduciary Rule
03.23.18  Supreme Court Unanimously Decides that State Courts Have Jurisdiction Over Class Actions Brought Under the Securities Act of 1933
03.16.18  D.C. Circuit Issues Highly Anticipated Ruling in Telephone Consumer Protection Act Appeal
03.09.18  The ‘Well-Pleaded Complaint Rule’ and Pushing the Bounds Post-‘McCulloch
03.09.18  A Potential Shift On Education Debt Discharge Standards
03.08.18  Regulatory Power Moves to the States: What this Means for Companies
03.01.18  The Consequences of a Relic’s Codification: The Dubious Case for Bad Faith Dismissals of Involuntary Bankruptcy Petitions
02.28.18  Dish Network Decision Underscores Importance of Compliance with Regulatory Settlements and Associated Litigation Risks
02.26.18  Takeaways From Dismissed Challenge To Trump's CFPB Pick
02.21.18  A Demand for Diligence and a Call for Clarity: A Preview of the Supreme Court's Imminent Argument over the Meaning of “Financial Condition” in § 523(A)(2)(A) and (B)
02.15.18  CFPB Announces Subdued Enforcement in 2018-22 Strategic Plan
01.31.18  D.C. Circuit Holds That CFPB Structure is Constitutional
01.29.18  TCPA and Health-Care Related Calls: Court Expands Definition of “Emergency Purpose” to Include Prescription Refill Reminders
01.25.18  Appointment Of CFPB Director Causes Rift Among State AGs
01.10.18  Annual Report: 2017 Consumer Financial Services Year in Review and a Look Ahead
01.05.18  In Case You Missed It: Consumer Financial Services Law Monitor - December in Review
12.04.17  In Case You Missed It: Consumer Financial Services Law Monitor - November in Review
11.30.17  TCPA Litigation Still Hot, Poses Significant Litigation Risk
11.29.17  Federal Judge Denies Injunction, Leaving Trump Appointee Mick Mulvaney Head of CFPB
11.15.17  CFPB Director Richard Cordray to Step Down
11.02.17  In Case You Missed It: Consumer Financial Services Law Monitor - October in Review
10.26.17  Congress Kills CFPB’s Arbitration Ban for Financial Services Companies, Returning Focus to State v. Federal Court Wars
10.20.17  California’s Statewide “Ban-The-Box” Law To Go Into Effect January 2018
10.10.17  FTC and State AGs to Announce Major Coordinated Consumer Fraud Enforcement Initiative
10.05.17  CFPB Rule Requires Payday Lenders to Apply “Ability to Repay” Standard to Loans
10.03.17  Consumer Financial Services Law Monitor Blog - September in Review
09.21.17  CFPB Issues First No-Action Letter to Online Lender Using Alternative Data
09.13.17  Troutman Sanders CFS Law Monitor Blog - August in Review
08.16.17  Spokeo Update: Ninth Circuit Holds that Plaintiff Adequately Alleged Article III Standing
08.11.17  Troutman Sanders CFS Law Monitor Blog - July in Review
08.09.17  Reinventing The Federal Trade Commission
07.19.17  Arbitration Rule Compliance Date Set for March 19, 2018
07.13.17  Troutman Sanders CFS Law Monitor Blog - June in Review
07.10.17  CFPB Issues Rule Banning Class Action Waivers In Arbitration Provisions
06.23.17  New Federal Appeals Court Ruling Provides Ray of Sunshine for TCPA Defendants: Contractual Consent to Receive Calls Cannot be Revoked
06.19.17  Supreme Court Refuses to Extend the Scope of the FDCPA to Consumer Finance Company
06.19.17  Pending Changes to Federal Bankruptcy Rules Could Negatively Impact Residential Mortgage Lenders
06.15.17  WV Appellate Court Finds High Volume of Unanswered Calls Alone Does Not Violate § 46A-2-125(d)
06.12.17  CFPB Updates Its Planned Overhaul of Acceptable Debt Collection Practices
06.09.17  Troutman Sanders CFS Law Monitor Blog – May in Review
05.31.17  State Banking Regulators File Suit Challenging OCC Fintech Charter
05.25.17  TCPA Is Not Dead Yet – Court Trebles Eight Figure TCPA Award While World Awaits ACA Decision
05.16.17  Supreme Court Rules That Filing a Proof of Claim on a Time-Barred Debt Does Not Violate the FDCPA
05.15.17  Spokeo Strikes Again: Fourth Circuit Reverses and Dismisses $12 Million FCRA Class Action on Spokeo Grounds
05.08.17  Troutman Sanders CFS Law Monitor Blog - April in Review
05.05.17  Supreme Court Rules Municipalities Have Standing to Sue Under The FHA, But Raises The Bar On Showing Proximate Cause
04.27.17  New WVCCPA Amendments are Enacted by Governor Justice
04.20.17  Troutman Sanders CFS Law Monitor Blog – March in Review
04.19.17  Washington State Amends Money Transmitter Law to Exclude Payment Processors
04.12.17  March 2017 Banking Blog Summary
04.11.17  U.S. District Court Dismisses CFPB Case Against Payment Processor
03.27.17  Lawmakers in U.S. House of Representatives Pass Bill That Would Reform Class Action Litigation under Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 23
03.20.17  DOJ Brief Opposing CFPB Brings More Uncertainty
03.09.17  Troutman Sanders CFS Law Monitor Blog – February in Review
02.13.17  Data Privacy: The Current Legal Landscape
02.08.17  CFPB Takes Action Against Law Firm Debt Collectors for Lack of Meaningful Involvement
02.07.17  Troutman Sanders CFS Law Monitor Blog – January in Review
01.31.17  2016 Consumer Financial Services Year in Review and a Look Ahead
01.30.17  Employers Beware: Ninth Circuit Finds Inclusion of Liability Waiver in FCRA Background Check Disclosure Form is a Willful Violation
01.26.17  New Mandatory PII Privacy Training for Government Contractors and Subcontractors
01.26.17  Supreme Court Focuses on Intersection of FDCPA and Bankruptcy Code
01.19.17  Supreme Court To Decide Whether Financing Company Collecting Debts Is A “Debt Collector” Under The FDCPA
01.17.17  Revision to New York’s Proposed Cybersecurity Regulations Reflect Risk-Based Approach
01.09.17  Troutman Sanders CFS Law Monitor Blog – December in Review
12.30.16  District Court Finds That “Complete and Up to Date” Requirement of FCRA § 1681K Does Not Include an Accuracy Component
12.21.16  Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler Announces Resignation on Dec. 15, 2016, Signaling Potential Reform to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)
12.08.16  Troutman Sanders CFS Law Monitor Blog – November in Review
11.15.16  Gas and Electric Utility Company Settles TCPA Class Action for $1.1 Million
11.08.16  Troutman Sanders CFS Law Monitor Blog – October in Review
10.13.16  District of Arizona Grants Summary Judgment to JPMorgan Chase on FCRA Background Screening Class Action
10.12.16  Blue Shield and SQM Defeat TCPA Putative Class Action Following Spokeo
10.12.16  D.C. Circuit Rules CFPB “For Cause” Removal of the Director Unconstitutional, but Declines to Shut it Down
10.12.16  Supreme Court Grants Cert. In FDCPA Claim Related to Filing of Stale Claims in Bankruptcy
10.11.16  Troutman Sanders CFS Law Monitor Blog – September in Review
09.08.16  Troutman Sanders CFS Law Monitor Blog – August in Review
08.30.16  Fourth Circuit Rejects FDCPA Liability For Filing Proofs of Claim On Time-Barred Debt
08.09.16  FDIC Proposes Examination Guidance for Third-Party Lending Arrangements
08.08.16  CFPB Introduces New Protections for Borrowers
08.05.16  Troutman Sanders CFS Law Monitor Blog – July in Review
08.04.16  CFPB Outlines Overhaul of Acceptable Debt Collection Practices
07.06.16  Troutman Sanders CFS Law Monitor Blog – June in Review
07.05.16  Sirius XM Settles TCPA Class Action for $35 Million
06.14.16  'Spokeo' Starts to Show Its Effects
06.03.16  Troutman Sanders CFS Law Monitor Blog – May in Review
05.19.16  Supreme Court Rejects Claim That Collection Letters on Attorney General’s Letterhead Sent By Private Debt Collection Attorneys Misled Borrowers
05.16.16  U.S. Supreme Court Remands Spokeo in Ruling that Mere Technical, Statutory Violation Is Insufficient to Confer Article III Standing
05.11.16  FTC Releases New Guidelines for Background Screeners’ Compliance with the FCRA
05.09.16  Troutman Sanders CFS Law Monitor Blog – April in Review
05.06.16  CFPB Attempts to Sound Death Knell for Consumer Class Action Waivers Used by Financial Institutions
04.07.16  Troutman Sanders CFS Law Monitor Blog – March in Review
03.04.16  FTC Looks to Purchased Search Terms in Deceptive Advertising Complaints
03.02.16  Troutman Sanders CFS Law Monitor Blog - February in Review
02.08.16  First 2016 CFPB Bulletin Reinforces Focus on Furnishers
02.02.16  Troutman Sanders CFS Law Monitor Blog - January in Review
02.02.16  Fourth Circuit Affirms Dismissal of Claims that Loan in Excess of Property Value is Unconscionable under the West Virginia Consumer Credit Protection Act
01.06.16  Troutman Sanders CFS Law Monitor Blog - December in Review
12.18.15  New Supreme Court Arbitration Decision Foreshadows Confrontation With CFPB
12.03.15  Troutman Sanders CFS Law Monitor Blog - November in Review
12.01.15  The CFPB Issues Warning and Guidance on Obtaining Consumer Authorization for Preauthorized Electronic Funds Transfers that Confirms a Recording of a Consumer’s Oral Authorization Can Satisfy Regulation E’s Requirements
11.05.15  The FTC Coordinates with Federal, State, and Local Authorities in Nationwide Attack Against Abusive Debt Collectors
11.04.15  CFPB Imposes $13 Million FCRA Consent Order on Large Consumer Reporting Agencies Due to Employment Background Check Practices
11.03.15  Troutman Sanders CFS Law Monitor Blog - October in Review
10.08.15  CFPB Plans to Pave the Way for Yet More Class Actions Against Financial Services Companies
10.06.15  Troutman Sanders CFS Law Monitor Blog - September in Review
09.25.15  Avoid Becoming the Next Target of a Class Action Taking Aim at Employers’ Background Screening Forms
09.02.15  Troutman Sanders CFS Law Monitor Blog - August in Review
08.31.15  Financial Institution Hiring Practice Triggers FCPA Exposure, Resulting In the Bank of New York Mellon Paying $14.8M to the SEC
08.25.15  Third Circuit Upholds FTC’s Authority to Prosecute Companies for Data Breaches
08.04.15  Troutman Sanders CFS Law Monitor Blog - July in Review
07.17.15  Judge Denies Law Firm’s Motion to Dismiss Debt Collection Lawsuit Filed by CFPB
07.14.15  FCC Issues Sweeping Order Expanding Reach of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act
07.10.15  FTC Issues “Start with Security” Guidance Aimed at Helping Businesses Avoid a Data Breach
07.06.15  Troutman Sanders CFS Law Monitor Blog - June in Review
06.26.15  Supreme Court Upholds Disparate Impact Liability Under the Fair Housing Act, but Also Stresses the Theory’s Limitations
06.19.15  FCC Passes New Declaratory Rule Clarifying and Interpreting Multiple, Key Provisions of the TCPA in a Manner That is Generally Unfavorable to Defendants
06.01.15  The Good, the Bad, and the Unclear: FCC Proposal Foreshadows Major News Under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act for Financial Services Companies
05.05.15  Troutman Sanders CFS Law Monitor Blog - April in Review
04.28.15  Supreme Court Grants Certiorari In Spokeo Case – Set To Address Article III Standing In Cases With No Concrete Harm
04.06.15  Troutman Sanders CFS Law Monitor Blog - March in Review
03.20.15  West Virginia Legislature Passes Amendments to WVCCPA
03.11.15  Did You Hear That? CFPB Report to Congress Sounds Death Knell for Arbitration Clauses
03.03.15  Troutman Sanders CFS Law Monitor Blog - February in Review
02.20.15  NY Department of Financial Services Answers FAQs Regarding New Debt Collection Regulations
02.18.15  New .BANK Top Level Domain Names Preparing to Launch
02.03.15  Troutman Sanders CFS Law Monitor Blog - January in Review
01.06.15  Troutman Sanders CFS Law Monitor Blog - December in Review
12.17.14  U.S. Supreme Court Vindicates Broad Jurisdiction of Federal Courts over Class Actions Under CAFA
12.12.14  CFPB Requires Major Credit Reporting Agencies to Inform on Furnishers
12.05.14  New York Announces Sweeping New Regulation of the Debt Collection Industry
11.20.14  New CFPB Enforcement Settlement is a Warning to a Broad Swath of Businesses that Consumer-Reporting and Debt-Collection Procedures are Top Regulatory Priorities
09.30.14  The TCPA Balance Shifts: The Eleventh Circuit Decision In Mais Is Extremely Favorable For Collectors
08.19.14  FCC Opinion On TCPA Consent Could Impact Debt Collectors
03.27.14  New Decision Provides Hope for Common-Sense Application of TCPA, but the High-Stakes Debate Over the Scope of the TCPA Will Continue
03.03.14  Recent FTC Report and CFPB Bulletin Highlight Importance of Investigating Identity Theft Claims
02.05.14  Ninth Circuit Holds That Plaintiff Has Alleged Adequate Constitutional Standing Under the FCRA Based on Claimed Statutory Violations
02.04.14  FDCPA Update: Fourth Circuit Allows for Oral Consumer Disputes under Section 1692g(a), Creating a Larger Split of Authority Within the United States Courts of Appeal
02.03.14  Court Rules That Prior Express Consent Under the TCPA Does Not Require Explicit Statement That an Autodialer May Be Used
01.24.14  Court Ruling Means FCC Free to Issue Unreviewable TCPA “Guidance”
01.22.14  FTC Targets Deceptive Advertising of Sale, Finance and Lease Terms by Automotive Dealers
01.21.14  FTC Penalizes Check Authorization Provider and Associated Collection Agency $3.5 Million for FCRA Violations
01.17.14  California Federal Court Denies CFPB Constitutional Challenge in Debt Relief Case
01.16.14  Supreme Court Rules that CAFA Does Not Allow Removal of Lawsuits Brought by State Attorneys General on Behalf of Consumers
01.10.14  CFPB's Mortgage Rules Take Effect Today
01.08.14  11th Circuit Rejects Percentage Collection Fees Under FDCPA Without Specific Contract Provision
01.02.14  Large Credit Card Company to Pay $75 Million Over Deceptive Credit Card Practices
12.11.13  Federal Reserve Issues Guidance Reminding Banks of Responsibility for Actions of Outside Vendors
11.22.13  CFPB Settles First Enforcement Action Against Payday Lender
11.21.13  CFPB Releases New Simpler Mortgage Disclosure Forms to Aid Consumers in Understanding Loan Process and Costs
11.14.13  Federal Efforts to Reform Auto Lending Based on "Disparate Impact" Theory Gain Steam
11.08.13  ECOA Alert: Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals Holds Written Waiver of ECOA Claims in a Loan Guarantee Is Valid
11.07.13  Major Development: CFPB Issues Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for Debt Collectors
10.21.13  Mortgage Servicers Receive Additional Guidance From CFPB As Implementation Deadline Draws Near
10.18.13  Recent CFPB Enforcement Action Results in $459,000 in Fines for HMDA Violations
10.16.13  TCPA Rule Changes Effective October 16, 2013: Is Your Marketing Campaign Ready?
10.10.13  Fifth Circuit Rules that FDCPA’s Limitations Period Begins When Debtor Suffered “Actual Injury” Through Notice of Underlying Collection Suit
10.10.13  FDCPA Alert: Third Circuit Rules that Certain FDCPA Claims are Not Precluded by Bankruptcy Code
10.07.13  CFPB Settles Action over Payment Processor’s Illegal Fees for $1.376 Million
09.24.13  TCPA Alert: Alabama Federal Court Rules that ATDS Definition Requires “Present” Capacity to Store and Call Random Telephone Numbers
09.23.13  OCC Consent Order Likely to Serve as Model for Debt-Collection and Banking Industries
09.20.13  CFPB and OCC Complete $389 Million Enforcement Action
09.17.13  CFPB Issues Final Amendments to Mortgage Rules
09.13.13  FTC Alert: Debt-Relief Company and Principals Banned from Selling Debt-Relief Services and Telemarketing
09.06.13  CFPB Puts Data Furnishers on Notice of FCRA Dispute Obligations
08.26.13  TCPA: First Federal Appeals Court to Address the Issue Holds That Consumers May Revoke Consent
08.19.13  CFPB Releases Updated Examination Procedures for Mortgage Lenders and Servicers
08.16.13  Eleventh Circuit Exempts Loan Servicers from Truth in Lending Act Disclosure Rules
08.15.13  Cities' Use of Eminent Domain Raises Serious Constitutional and Damage Issues for Lenders, Loan Servicers and Trustees of Securitized Trusts
08.06.13  Leading Lawsuit Challenging the Dodd-Frank Act Dismissed
08.02.13  Federal Court Freezes Assets of Debt Collectors By Injunction in FTC’s Favor
07.30.13  CFPB Associate Director Testifies Before Senate Committee Regarding Payday Loans and Deposit Advance Products
07.24.13  CFPB Sues Mortgage Lender in Federal Court for Violations of Compensation Rule
07.18.13  California’s Newest Legislation Restricts Debt Buyers and Debt Collection
07.17.13  CFPB ALERT: Cordray Confirmation as CFPB Director is a Watershed Moment for Consumer Protection in the United States
07.11.13  CFPB Intends to Extend Reach of Federal Debt Collection Law to All Financial Institutions
07.10.13  CFPB Releases 2013 Dodd-Frank Mortgage Rules Readiness Guide
06.27.13  Noel Canning v. NLRB, Implications for the CFPB and Richard Cordray’s Pending Nomination to Lead the CFPB: Recent Developments
06.25.13  Republicans Demand Answers from CFPB on Indirect Auto Lending Guidelines
06.24.13  Supreme Court of West Virginia Holds that Loan Acceleration Date Begins One-Year Statute of Limitation
06.19.13  Troutman Sanders wins trial on claim to set aside foreclosure sale
06.19.13  Supreme Court Holds That Plaintiffs’ Lawyers May Not Use DMV Records to Solicit Potential Clients in Consumer Auto Class Action
06.14.13  Federal Trade Commission Issues Updated Guidance on Compliance with Red Flags Rule
06.13.13  California Court Performs Surgery on Auto Sales Contract to Find Arbitration Provision Unconscionable
06.07.13  CFPB Revises 900-Page Supervision and Examination Manual with 200+ Pages in TILA and ECOA Updates
06.04.13  CFPB Files First “Abusive Practices” Enforcement Action
05.30.13  U.S. Supreme Court: Are Parens Patriae Actions Removable to Federal Court Under the Class Action Fairness Act?
05.23.13  CFPB Cracks Down on Sham Affiliated Business Arrangements Under Section 8 of RESPA
05.22.13  Victory for the Mortgage Industry in Georgia
05.16.13  FCC Ruling: Companies Can Be Held Vicariously Liable Under the TCPA for Actions Taken by Third-Party Vendors
05.08.13  Major Development: CFPB and U.S. Attorney Collaborate to Bring Federal Criminal Charges Against Debt Relief Company, Principal and Employees
05.03.13  Debt Collectors Get Ready: The CFPB Isn’t the Only Agency to Fear
05.02.13  FCRA Alert: FTC Settles Civil Investigation of Criminal Background Screeners with Consent Order
05.01.13  CFPB Issues Proposed Amendments to Regulation X and Regulation Z
04.16.13  U.S. Supreme Court Allows Defendants’ Strategy of “Picking Off” Named Plaintiffs in FLSA Collective Action
04.11.13  CFPB Issues Small Entity Compliance Guide for Ability-to-Repay Rule
04.02.13  Fourth Circuit Finds HOLA Does Not Preempt State-Law Fraud Claim
03.29.13  CFPB Releases New Consumer Complaint Data
03.27.13  Comcast v. Behrend: U.S. Supreme Court Reiterates “Rigorous” Analysis Required at Class Certification Stage
03.25.13  CFPB Issues 2013 Annual Report: Debt Collection Industry Remains a Top Priority
03.22.13  CFPB Announces Plans to Fundamentally Change Indirect Auto Lending Practices
03.18.13  U.S. Supreme Court: Class Plaintiffs Cannot Stipulate to Lesser Damages to Avoid Federal Jurisdiction Under CAFA
03.14.13  Reminder! Follow FDCPA Requirements Strictly
03.07.13  All Trust Beneficiaries Were Required Parties in a Case Involving No Contest Clause
02.27.13  Supreme Court Rules Defendants Can Recover Costs Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Without a Showing of Bad Faith and Purpose of Harassment
02.20.13  Lawsuit Challenging CFPB Expands to Include 11 States
02.15.13  CFPB Will Supervise Loan Servicing Transfers
02.14.13  CFPB Announces Plan to Implement New Rules for Mortgage Industry
02.07.13  North Carolina Court of Appeals Forestalls Borrower’s Attempt to Collaterally Attack Foreclosure Proceeding
01.28.13  CFPB ALERT: Decision Raises Doubt About Important CFPB Powers
01.24.13  CFPB Restricts Loan Originators’ Compensation
01.23.13  CFPB Releases Rule Aimed at Reforming Force-Placed Homeowners’ Insurance Practices
01.18.13  CFPB Unveils New Mortgage Servicing Rules
01.08.13  TCPA: Plaintiff Seeks Dismissal of Class Claims
01.04.13  TCPA: Complete Turnaround on Definition of ‘Prior Express Consent’
12.19.12  CFPB Issues Fall 2012 Supervisory Highlights Report
12.13.12  Congress Passes Legislation to Ensure Privilege Is Not Waived when Confidential Information Is Shared with the CFPB
12.11.12  West Virginia Circuit Court Holds WVCCPA Claims Expire on Consumer’s Death
12.07.12  Critical FCRA Development: Third Circuit Denies Willfulness Claims in Pro-Defendant Decision
12.07.12  CFPB’s Reach Extends to ‘Larger Participants’ and Beyond
12.05.12  Fourth Circuit Reverses FCRA Class Certification Decision for Lack of Typicality
12.04.12  West Virginia Supreme Court Reverses Bench Verdict Voiding Mortgage and Remands $2M Punitive Damage Award
12.03.12  TCPA: Finally, A Common-Sense Approach to Express Consent
11.29.12  TCPA: FCC Expands Definition of Automatic Telephone Dialing System
11.28.12  U.S. Supreme Court Reinforces Federal Preference for Arbitration
11.27.12  CFPB, FTC Warn Companies Against Misleading Consumers With False Mortgage Advertisements
11.20.12  Fannie Mae Mortgage Loan Servicer Falls Within Truth-in-Lending Act Safe Harbor Provision
11.15.12  Fourth Circuit Affirms Grant of Summary Judgment in Debt Collector’s Favor
11.14.12  Supreme Court: Federal Government May Be Immune From FCRA Money Damages
11.09.12  Supreme Court of Virginia Holds Presumption of Testamentary Capacity Does Not Disappear Unless Rebutted as a Matter of Law
11.02.12  CFPB Revises Notices That CRAs and Employers Must Provide to Consumers, Furnishers of Data, and Users of Consumer Reports
10.26.12  TCPA: Beware! Informational Calls Can Be Viewed as Solicitations
10.24.12  CFPB: Debt Collectors Now Under Federal Supervision
10.19.12  Sixth Circuit Holds Fraud Policy Does Not Excuse a Furnisher’s Reasonable Investigation Obligations Under the FCRA
10.12.12  TCPA: Continued Focus on Unsolicited Text Messages
10.08.12  Latest Development on the Unclaimed Property Front for Life Insurers: West Virginia State Treasurer Files Ten Lawsuits against Life Insurers
10.02.12  American Express Pays $112.5 Million Penalty to Settle Claims with CFPB
10.01.12  West Virginia Trial Court Awards Attorney General $15 Million Judgment for Violations of State Debt Collection and Usury Laws
09.26.12  CFPB Orders Discover to Pay $214 Million
09.18.12  TCPA: Another Warning of the Threat of Significant Damages
09.14.12  U.S. Supreme Court to Decide Whether Putative Class Representative Can Stipulate to Lower Damage Amounts to Evade Federal Jurisdiction of Class Action Under CAFA
08.24.12  FCRA: Second Largest Civil Penalty Obtained by the FTC Against Background Screener
07.30.12  TCPA: California District Court Rules that Monetary Damages Not Required for Standing
07.25.12  Georgia Court of Appeals Rules that Foreclosure Notice Must Include “True Identity of the Secured Creditor”
07.24.12  CFPB Publishes Larger Participant Rule for Credit Reporting Agencies
07.02.12  Consumer Debt Collection: W. Va. Court Cancels Debt and Awards over $300,000 in Statutory Damages
06.29.12  Virginia Trust Law to Help Protect Assets from Creditors While Still Enjoying the Assets Takes Effect on July 1, 2012
06.28.12  Virginia Will Become Friendlier to Trustees on July 1, 2012
06.12.12  FCRA: FTC Settles First Case Involving Sale of Internet and Social Media Data
06.04.12  CFPB Proposes New “Riskiness” Standard for Nonbanks
06.01.12  Fourth Circuit Holds Claims Under the West Virginia Consumer Credit and Protection Act Are Time-Barred if Filed More Than One Year After Loan Acceleration
05.29.12  Supreme Court Limits Scope of Liability for Real Estate Settlement Service Charges under RESPA
05.23.12  Minnesota court resolves “rock-and-a-hard-place” treatment of voicemail messages under FDCPA, grants summary judgment for debt collector
05.21.12  VA Supreme Court Rules Face-to-Face Interview Required Before Foreclosure
05.15.12  TCPA: Due Diligence Necessary When Auto-Dialing Old Cell Phone Numbers
05.11.12  The CFPB Goes After the Mortgage Industry: New Proposed Mortgage Loan Origination (MLO) Standards
05.09.12  The Latest From the CFPB Report Blog - May 9, 2012
05.03.12  Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals Holds the National Bank Act Does Not Preempt State Debt Collection Laws
05.02.12  Two Federal Appeals Courts Split over Borrowers’ Rights to Sue under HAMP
04.26.12  Pre-Dispute Arbitration Clauses Under CFPB Scrutiny
04.19.12  CFPB Files First Consumer Response Annual Report
04.12.12  CFPB Proposes New Rules for Mortgage Servicers
04.11.12  Federal Court Sends Putative FDCPA Class Claim To Individual Arbitration
04.10.12  The JOBS Act and Its Potential Effect on Capital Raising
03.30.12  CFPB Shares Complaints With FTC Consumer Sentinel Database
03.23.12  FCRA: PA District Court Grants Motion to Dismiss “Willfulness” Claims
03.19.12  Troutman Sanders wins four-day jury trial on fraud and wrongful foreclosure claim
03.14.12  CFPB Proposes New Rule to Protect Privileged Information
03.02.12  It’s the Banks Turn: The CFPB Opens Inquiry Into Overdraft Practices and Begins Accepting Consumer Complaints Regarding Depository Services
02.21.12  CFPB Publishes Proposed Rule Defining “Larger Participants” in Consumer Debt Collection and Consumer Reporting
02.16.12  FCC Excludes Debt Collectors from Strengthened Regulations on Telemarketing Robocalls
01.25.12  Appeals Court Rules No FCRA Violation: Defendant’s Interpretation Was “Objectively Reasonable” under Safeco
01.24.12  CFPB’s New Target: Payday Lenders
01.24.12  Flood of TCPA Claims Expected in Federal Courts
01.17.12  New Jurisdiction and Venue Clarification Act Provides Defense-Friendly Changes to Federal Court Removal Procedures
01.12.12  Supreme Court Again Denies Challenge to Consumer Arbitration
01.04.12  Recess Appointment Triggers Full CFPB Powers: What This Means For You Nonbank Entities (Yes, You)
12.27.11  New Requirements for Mortgage Creditors Among Changes to Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure
12.23.11  Tenth Circuit Rules Fax Requesting Employment Information Is Not Communication Under FDCPA
12.16.11  Appeals Court Rules Substantial Compliance With TILA Is Sufficient to Avoid Rescission Period for Disclosure Violations
12.09.11  CFPB Announces Pilot Test of Prototype to Simplify Credit Card Agreements
11.29.11  District Court Rules That Debt Collectors Are Exempt from the TCPA
11.10.11  CFPB Announces Early Warning Notice Process
10.28.11  CFPB Releases Draft Student Loan Disclosure Form
10.24.11  NJ Appeals Court Invalidates Notice of Intent to Foreclose
10.20.11  CFPB Releases Supervision and Examination Procedures Specifically for Mortgage Servicers
10.19.11  CFPB Releases First Edition of Supervision and Examination Manual
10.14.11  D.C. Superior Court Rules on Bank’s Authority to Foreclose
09.29.11  Landmark Legislation to Amend TCPA and Allow Cell Phone Contact Introduced in the House of Representatives
09.27.11  District Court Rules Law Firm Debt Collection Did Not Violate Fair Credit Reporting Act
09.16.11  CFPB Initiates Round Four of Public Comment on Mortgage Disclosure Forms
09.14.11  Maryland Court of Appeals Amends Rules for Judgments on Affidavits Affecting Debt Collectors
09.12.11  Ninth Circuit Rules Against Putative Class Action Involving MERS
08.26.11  District Court Holds the Use of a Predictive Dialer Violates Telephone Consumer Protection Act
08.25.11  Georgia District Court Holds Foreclosure May Be Wrongful Where Security Deed and Note Are "Split"
08.17.11  Remand Denied in National Robo-Signing Class Action
08.02.11  CFPB Announces Third Round of Public Comments for Mortgage Disclosure Forms
07.28.11  CFPB Issues Rule Requiring Notice of State Enforcement Actions
07.25.11  Federal Trade Commission Issues Policy Statement on Collecting Debts of the Deceased
07.21.11  Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Issues Report to Congress on Differences Between Credit Scores Provided to Consumers and Used by Creditors
07.20.11  Federal Trade Commission Issues Staff Report on the Fair Credit Reporting Act and Withdraws Its 1990 Commentary
07.11.11  District Court Dismisses with Prejudice Attempt to Recast Alleged HAMP Violations as Common Law Claims
07.07.11  Final Rules Issued to Implement the Credit Score Disclosure Requirements For Risk-Based Pricing and Adverse Action Notices
06.30.11  CFPB Releases Second Round of Mortgage Disclosure Forms for Public Comment
06.30.11  Announcing the CFPB Report Blog
06.30.11  CFPB Seeking Public Input on Nonbank Supervision Program
06.24.11  Rori Cassirer Expects CFPB Lawsuits On Day One
06.23.11  North Carolina Court of Appeals Invalidates Foreclosure Despite Finding of Valid Debt in Default
06.02.11  Virginia Federal District Court Rejects Independent Personal Stake Exception to Intracorporate Immunity Doctrine for Civil Conspiracy Claims
06.02.11  Virginia Courts Dismiss Claimes of Civil Conspiracy Against Parent Companies and Their Wholly-Owned Subsidaries
06.02.11  CFPB Releases Enforceable Rules and Orders for Public Comment
05.26.11  District Court Dismisses TCPA and FDCPA Claims Arising From Collection Agency’s Calls to a Non-Debtor
05.24.11  GAO Recommends Increased Federal Oversight of Mortgage Servicing and Foreclosures
05.19.11  CFPB Announces Know Before You Owe Project Simplifying Mortgage Disclosure Forms
05.09.11  The CFPB and the Model TILA/RESPA Mortgage Loan Disclosure Form
05.06.11  District Court Dismisses with Prejudice Borrowers’ Claims for Fraudulently Denying Loan Modification Requests and Alleged Violations of Federal and State Consumer Protection Laws
04.29.11  United States Supreme Court Upholds Class Action Waivers In Consumer Arbitration Agreements – Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Study Looms
04.04.11  Troutman Sanders Wins TILA Trial
04.01.11  Agencies Announce Interim Final Rule To Implement Statutory Restrictions On The Garnishment of Federal Benefit Payments
03.09.11  District Court Holds Collection Agency Violates FDCPA for Failing to Comply With State Law Requiring It to Register as a Debt Collector
02.25.11  Seventh Circuit Affirms Dismissal of FDCPA Claim Against Debt Collector for Communicating Directly With Debtor's Counsel
02.09.11  Supreme Court of Illinois Rules Consumer Arbitration Clause Unenforceable
02.01.11  Judicial Deference to Agency's Interpretation of TILA Reaches New High Water Mark
01.24.11  Class Action Against Loan Servicer Dismissed and Class Certification Denied
01.19.11  States Negotiate Settlement with Five of the Nation's Largest Mortgage Banks
01.18.11  District Court Extends Federal Preemption Of State Consumer Claims Under the National Bank Act
01.14.11  Massachusetts Court Requires Assignment Of Mortgage Prior To Foreclosure
10.15.10  Attorneys General Align to Investigate Mortgage Loan Servicers and Prevent Improper Foreclosures
10.13.10  Banking Foreclosure Issues
09.29.10  Procedural Issues in Civil Litigation in the Richmond Division of the Rocket Docket
05.17.10  Red Flags Rule Scheduled to Take Effect June 1, 2010
04.23.10  U.S. Supreme Court Holds That FDCPA Bona Fide Error Defense Does Not Apply to Mistake of Law
04.01.10  U.S. Supreme Court Establishes Open Door Policy to State-Law, Federal-Court Class Actions
03.25.10  Class Action Claims Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Dismissed
02.04.10  Efforts of State Attorneys General to Avoid Federal Court Jurisdiction Continue
12.04.09  Red Flags Rule Opinion regarding Attorney Compliance with Rule Released
11.02.09  Federal Court Rules That Red Flags Rule Does Not Cover Lawyers and FTC Extends Red Flags Deadline Until June 1, 2010
10.26.09  House Unanimously Passes Red Flags Rule Exclusion for Small Firms
08.11.09  U.S. Supreme Court to Review Bona Fide Error Defense to FDCPA Violation
07.30.09  FTC to Delay Enforcement of Red Flags Rule Until November 1, 2009
07.02.09  New Federal Requirements Will Impose Compliance Burdens on and Raise Litigation Risks for All Furnishers of Data to Consumer Reporting Agencies
07.01.09  U.S. Supreme Court Curtails Preemption and Subjects National Banks to State Enforcement of State Fair Lending and Other Laws
06.19.09  FTC Issues Red Flags Rule FAQs
05.15.09  FTC Issues "Fighting Fraud with the Red Flags Rule: A How-To Guide for Business"
05.01.09  FTC to Delay Enforcement of Red Flags Rule Until August 1, 2009
03.06.09  Troutman Sanders Obtains Dismissal of Large FDCPA Class Action
03.01.09  Supreme Court Issues Ruling Determining a Corporation’s “Principal Place of Business”

Blogs and Minisites

04.10.14  Consumer Financial Services Law Monitor
Timely updates on the financial services industry with a focus on recent developments in the law, upcoming regulatory deadlines, and significant judicial opinions that may impact the industry.

News Releases

01.14.19  Law360 Names Troutman Sanders’ Consumer Financial Services Team Among 2018 Practice Groups of the Year
01.02.19  Troutman Sanders Promotes Thirteen New Partners
01.02.19  Troutman Sanders Names New Managing Partner in Raleigh
09.06.18  Troutman Sanders Wins a Significant Appellate Victory Against the CFPB
08.09.18  Law360 Honors Partner Timothy St. George with Rising Star Award
07.12.18  Benchmark Litigation Names 10 Troutman Sanders Attorneys to 40 & Under Hot List
01.02.18  Troutman Sanders Elects Nine New Partners
04.03.17  Financial Services Litigation Partner Joins Troutman Sanders Charlotte Office
01.10.17  Troutman Sanders’ Consumer Financial Services Group Among 2016 Practice Groups of the Year
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10.01.15  Troutman Sanders Adds Partner with Seasoned Experience to Privacy and Financial Services Litigation Practices
07.09.15  Troutman Sanders Adds Partner with Significant CFPB Experience to Government Investigations, Compliance and Enforcement Practice in Atlanta
07.01.15  Troutman Sanders Expands Financial Services Litigation Practice
03.20.14  Troutman Sanders Expands New York Office with New Financial Services Litigation Partner
10.18.13  Troutman Sanders Expands Financial Services Litigation Practice with the Addition of Partners in San Diego and Washington, DC
05.24.10  Troutman Sanders Launches Financial Crimes and Securities Fraud Team

Press Coverage

12.10.18  Attorneys Weigh In on Kraninger Appointment, Impact on Auto Lenders
11.20.18  High Court Junk Fax Case Is Not Just About Junk Faxes
09.14.18  Sports Businessmen Must Honor $26M Debt Guarantee: Judge
09.07.18  5th Circ. Rejects CFPB Bid For Docs From Public Records Co.
08.07.18  Rising Star: Troutman Sanders' Tim St. George
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05.15.18  Tussling Over Preemption: Emerging Battleground Between State Authorities and Student Loan Servicers
05.02.18  Co-founder of Virginia Beach mattress company Leesa betrayed his family's business, says lawsuit
04.05.18  Credit Reporting Agency Shakes FCRA Row Over Shared Data
03.19.18  9th Circ.'s Zappos Ruling Leaves Data Breach Standing Fuzzy
03.14.18  Insurer, Heart Association Duck TCPA Texting Suit
02.08.18  Consumer Attys Fear Mulvaney’s CFPB Could Leave Void
01.05.18  TransUnion, Chamber Back Spokeo's High Court Standing Bid
12.05.17  GAO decides Congress can review auto loan guidance
08.15.17  Spokeo Ruling Deals Blow To Cos. But May Have Silver Lining
08.07.17  11th Circ. Sides With Waffle House In Arbitration Fight
08.03.17  Data Breach Suits Find Easier Path With DC Circ. Ruling
07.11.17  Latest TCPA Decision Eases Path to Court for Consumers, Deepens Circuit Split
07.05.17  Record FCRA Verdict Highlights Privacy's Growing Value
06.22.17  TCPA Defendants Down, But Not Out, With 'Pick-Off' Ruling
06.08.17  Public-Records Publisher Fails To Block CFPB Doc Request
06.08.17  $280M Dish TCPA Penalty May Make Settling More Attractive
05.16.17  Justices Stem Tide Of Suits Against Stale Debt Collectors
05.09.17  U.S. Supreme Court Rejects “Meaningful Attorney Involvement” Case
03.31.17  FCC's Loss On Fax Rule Could Curb Explosion Of TCPA Suits
03.30.17  ‘Soft Pulls’ of Bankrupt’s Credit Report Didn’t Violate Law
03.03.17  LANDS' END: Gorss Motels Files TCPA Class Action Over Junk Faxes
02.14.17  Spokeo Inc: 9th Cir. Hears Oral Argument in FCRA Class Action
02.09.17  ADVANCED CARE: Settles TCPA Class Action for $9.25 Million
01.19.17  COSTCO WHOLESALE: Summary Judgment Filed in Receipt Class Action
01.18.17  Court Finds that Accuracy is Not Part of "Complete and Up to Date" Reporting Requirement
01.18.17  Ikea Ruling Puts Stamp On Novel Post-Spokeo Strategy
01.10.17  ALPHA GAS: Court Grants Prelim OK of $1.1MM TCPA Class Deal
01.06.17  UNITED COLLECTION: Court Allows Limited Discovery in TCPA Suit
01.06.17  CONVERGENT OUTSOURCING: Seeks Approval of Class Action Settlement
12.06.16  Plaintiffs Don't Know Their Own Suit, Credit Report Co. Says
12.02.16  Spokeo Split: How High Court's Ruling Is Being Interpreted
12.01.16  Settlement Proves Costly in Case of Pre-Recorded Phone Calls
11.22.16  Law360 MVP Awards Go To Top Attorneys From 76 Firms
10.20.16  Wells Fargo Robocall, Text Spam Class Action Settlement
10.07.16  JPMorgan Job Seeker Loses FCRA Background Check Suit
08.30.16  Troutman Snags Litigator From Kilpatrick; and Other 'On the Move' News
07.21.15  New Atlanta Partner Continues to Obtain Press
04.28.15  High Court Poised to Set Pace of Privacy Class Actions
10.16.14  Culling Consent From 11th Circ. TCPA Case
10.01.14  Retailers Brace for Upcoming Supreme Court Cases
08.19.14  FCC Opinion On TCPA Consent Could Impact Debt Collectors
07.10.14  9th Circ. Eases TCPA Risks For Deep-Pocketed Companies
05.13.14  Pa. Ruling Supports Common-Sense Application of TCPA
12.18.13  CFPB Issues Preliminary Results of its Arbitration Study
11.08.13  Banks Caught in the Middle of Regulators’ Fair-Lending Pursuits
01.30.13  Partner John Lynch Quoted Amid CFPB Director Concerns
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