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05.18.17  Private Equity Quarterly – Spring 2017
05.15.17  New Georgia Law Strengthens Business Judgment Rule
04.28.17  ESG, Greenwashing and Other Four-Letter Words
04.18.17  SEC Adopts T+2 Settlement Cycle for Securities Transactions
03.21.17  Foreign Private Issuers May Begin Submitting Their Financial Statements in XBRL
03.01.17  Private Equity Quarterly - Winter 2017
02.07.17  HSR Transaction and Filing Fee Thresholds Adjusted
01.18.17  Courts Continue to Uphold Forum Selection Bylaws
11.17.16  Private Equity Quarterly - Fall 2016
09.15.16  SEC Proposes to Require Hyperlinks to Exhibits
08.25.16  Private Equity Quarterly - Summer 2016
07.21.16  SEC Proposes Amendments to Definition of “Smaller Reporting Company” to Expand Availability
07.20.16  Cross-Border Mergers in Europe Just Became Easier
07.14.16  HSR Civil Penalty Skyrockets
06.30.16  SEC Adopts Final Rules for Resource Extraction Issuers Under Dodd-Frank Act
06.08.16  SEC Misses the Mark with Non-GAAP Guidance and Comments
05.26.16  SEC Misses the Mark with Non-GAAP Guidance and Comments
05.06.16  The Rise of Real Estate GP Funds
04.04.16  Preserving Value in M&A Transactions: The Indemnification Claim Process
03.25.16  HHS Launches Phase 2 HIPAA Audits
02.11.16  Troutman Sanders Litigation Lawyers Author Chapter on Accountants' Liability
02.10.16  The Indemnification Claim Process in M&A Transactions
01.19.16  Virginia Construction Law Deskbook Chapter Penned
01.14.16  SEC Adopts Interim Final Rules Implementing 'FAST' Act Provisions
12.18.15  SEC Proposes Rules for Resource Extraction Issuers Under Dodd-Frank Act
12.16.15  The “FAST” Act and its Implications on Securities Laws
10.29.15  To Address Cyber Vulnerability, Address the Human Factor
10.16.15  Cracking Down on PE Fee and Expense Allocation Practices
09.25.15  NYSE Updates Timely Alert Procedures
09.21.15  IRS Notice 2015-66 Extends Certain FATCA Transitional Rules and Expands Definition of Grandfathered Obligation
09.16.15  That’s a Lot of Pineapples — Delaware Court of Chancery Holds Dole Executives Personally Liable for $148 Million in Damages from Breaches of Fiduciary Duty and Fraud in Going-Private Transaction: Lessons for Deal Lawyers
09.01.15  Activist Investors Cannot Rely on HSR’s Passive Investor Exemption (At Least Not Yet)
04.20.15  The Supreme Court’s Recent Omnicare Decision Already Netting Big Results For Issuers
03.05.15  Delaware Court Invalidates Target Stockholders’ Post-Closing Indemnification Obligations to the Buyer in Private Company Merger Transaction: Cigna Health and Life Insurance Co. v. Audax Health Solutions, Inc.
02.27.15  The Trust Indenture Act’s New Relevance to Out-of-Court Restructurings
01.14.15  IPO Handbook for Hong Kong 2015
01.12.15  Albemarle Acquires Rockwood Holdings
11.24.14  Foreign Entity Payees of U.S. Source Income: Learn How to Fill Out IRS Form W-8BEN-E
10.14.14  SEC Releases Risk Alert and FAQs on Customer Sales of Securities
09.24.14  Corporate Inversions: Considerations Other Than Tax Benefits
08.31.14  Virginia Legislative Update
07.28.14  SDX Protocol: Be Patient
05.05.14  #SECGuidance — Using Social Media in Registered Securities Offerings
04.14.14  D.C. Circuit Strikes Down Conflict Minerals Rules
04.10.14  Risk Factors in Your Form 10-Q
03.24.14  Georgia’s Merchant Acquirer Limited Purpose Bank Act
02.05.14  Registered Capital is Dead: Long Live Subscribed Capital! (The End of Thin Capitalization Rules in China)
01.30.14  Time to Prepare for Changes in New York’s Not-for-Profit Laws
12.19.13  Beware of the Self-Anointed Standard Setters – Like the SASB
12.05.13  New SEC Guidance on “Bad Actor” Disqualification Events for Accredited Investor Offerings Under Rule 506
12.02.13  Evaluation of Evaluations
10.14.13  FINRA Enhances its Public Offering Review Programs
10.08.13  New Bad Actor Disqualification Events Trigger Disclosure Obligations and Possible Loss of Accredited Investor Exemption
09.19.13  SEC Proposes Pay Ratio Rule.....Do You Want the Good News or the Bad News?
09.16.13  Conflict Minerals Rulemaking Petition
08.19.13  Using Non-GAAP Measures – Observations after Ten Years of SEC Regulation
07.25.13  District Court Vacates SEC Rules Requiring Resource Extraction Payment Disclosure
07.15.13  SEC Adopts and Proposes New Rules for Accredited Investor Offerings
05.21.13  Integrity, Not Just Ethics Programs
04.03.13  Corporate Disclosure Through Tweets and Facebook? Not so fast.
10.08.12  Conflict Minerals – A Second Look
09.18.12  New FINRA Rule 5123 Requires a Post-Sale Filing for Certain Private Placements
09.13.12  SEC Issues Final Rules Requiring Disclosure of Payments to Governments by Resource Extraction Issuers
09.05.12  Proposed Rule Amendments Would Permit General Solicitation and General Advertising in Certain Private Placements
08.23.12  Don’t Panic, At Least Not Yet
07.09.12  FINRA Increases Corporate Financing Rule Filing Fees and Proposes Amendments Regarding Deferred Compensation Arrangements
07.03.12  SEC Issues Final Rules on Independence of Compensation Committees and Consultants
06.25.12  FINRA’s Private Placement Filing Rule Is Final
04.10.12  The JOBS Act and Its Potential Effect on Capital Raising
02.09.12  A World Without ISS?
02.02.12  NYSE Narrows Broker Discretionary Voting
01.17.12  SEC Staff Issues Guidance on European Debt Exposure
11.09.11  When 51% Does Not Equal a Majority
10.19.11  SEC Releases Disclosure Guidance for Cyber Security Risks and Incidents
10.11.11  FINRA Revises Proposed Rule on Private Placements
09.07.11  SEC Will Not Appeal Proxy Access Ruling
07.28.11  SEC Proxy Access Regime Invalidated by Court of Appeals
05.13.11  Frequency Votes: Don’t Forget the New 150 Day Requirement
05.05.11  Radar Guns and ISS
03.28.11  PCAOB Focuses on Audits of Chinese Reverse Merger Companies
02.04.11  FINRA Proposes New Private Placement Requirements
02.01.11  How to respond to "No"
01.26.11  SEC Approves "Say on Pay" and "Say When on Pay" Rules
01.21.11  Facebook's Raw Deal
11.15.10  Concerns Grow Over New Dodd-Frank Act Whistleblower Provisions
11.02.10  United States Launches Unfair Trade Investigation of Alleged China Green Tech Subsidies
10.19.10  ATM Offerings – Flexible, Opportunistic Access to Capital
07.23.10  We Want Your Vote! Preparing Now For the Inevitable Proxy Access Regime
07.19.10  Financial Reform Bill Limits “Accredited Investors” Under Regulation D
07.07.10  Supreme Court Upholds Constitutionality of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002
07.09.10  Say-on-Pay: Wrong Solution, Wrong Problem
04.12.10  Key Business and Individual Tax Provisions Included in Recently Enacted Health Care Reform
03.03.10  Note to SEC: “reasonably likely to be enacted”? You have got to be kidding!
03.02.10  SEC Amends Rules Requiring Internet Availability of Proxy Materials
02.11.10  Do Last Year’s Risk Factors Look Good? Not So Fast...
02.05.10  SEC Publishes Interpretive Guidance on Disclosure Requirements Relating to Climate Change
02.01.10  Public Utility Disclosure of Impending Regulatory Changes for Coal Ash By Product Storage
01.27.10  SEC Issues Interpretive Guidance on Current Disclosure Requirements Concerning Matters Relating to Climate Change
10.29.09  SEC Staff Legal Bulletin No. 14E (CF) Executive Summary
07.09.09  SEC Approves Elimination of Broker Discretionary Voting in Director Elections
07.09.09  SEC Proposes Measures Related to Corporate Governance
07.08.09  Summary of SEC Proposed Proxy Access Rules and Shareholder Bill of Rights Act
06.23.09  Obama Administration, Treasury Propose No Capital Gains Tax on Qualified Small Business Stock
06.15.09  Compensation and Risk Oversight by Boards of Directors
06.08.09  Obama Administration, Treasury Propose to Increase Taxes on Private Equity and Venture Capital Fund Managers
05.21.09  Obama Administration to Increase Regulation of Private Equity and Venture Capital Funds
03.09.09  Delaware Chancery Court Dismisses Claims for Breach of Fiduciary Duty in Connection with Subprime Exposure in Citigroup Derivative Action
02.18.09  American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 Summary of Executive Compensation Requirements
01.26.09  Private Equity And Venture Capital Funds Should Consider Whether They Need To Revise Their Indemnification Agreements
12.04.08  Private Companies Will Soon Be Required to File Form Ds Electronically - Consider Whether You Need to Obtain a CIK Code
10.09.08  Credit Crisis & Government Intervention - Be Ready for Intensified Government Attention
08.26.08  China Alert - Proposed Amendment of the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance
01.18.08  Securities & Corporate Governance - SEC Permits Smaller Listed Companies to Register Primary Offerings on Form S-3
12.20.07  Securities & Corporate Governance - SEC Adopts Wide Ranging Changes to Rule 144
12.05.07  Securities & Corporate Governance - SEC Approves Rule Clarifying Exclusion of Shareholder Director Nominations
11.26.07  Securities & Corporate Governance Monthly - The New Electronic Proxy Filing Requirements: What You Need to Know for Your 2008 Proxy
11.26.07  Securities & Corporate Governance Monthly - SEC Issues Executive Compensation Report
11.20.07  Securities & Corporate Governance Advisory
11.19.07  Securities & Corporate Governance - SEC Adopts Wide Ranging Changes to Rule 144
11.19.07  Securities & Corporate Governance - GAAP Reconciliation Eliminated for IFRS Financial Statements
11.19.07  Securities & Corporate Governance - SEC Provides Relief for Certain Companies with 500 or more Option Holders
11.19.07  Securities & Corporate Governance - SEC Eliminates Rule 145 Limitations for Most Business Combination Transactions
11.19.07  Securities & Corporate Governance - SEC Eliminates Reg S-B and Expands Availability of Scaled Disclosure
01.26.07  Securities & Capital Markets
11.07.06  Securities & Capital Markets

News Releases

08.17.17  Troutman Sanders LLP One of 16 Most Recommended Law Firms
05.04.17  Troutman Sanders Advises Tullow Oil plc on £607 Million Rights Issue
04.17.17  Troutman Sanders Advises Windstream Holdings on $227.5 Million Merger
02.24.17  Troutman Sanders Advises Lumos Networks Corp. on EQT Infrastructure Acquisition
02.23.17  Troutman Sanders Advises ARRIS on $800 Million Acquisition
02.14.17  Troutman Sanders Expansion Continues on West Coast
01.25.17  Troutman Sanders Corporate Practice Recognized with Lawyer Monthly’s Takeover Deal of the Year
01.13.17  Troutman Sanders Partner Chengfei Ding Awarded “Deal of the Year 2016”
01.09.17  Troutman Sanders Counsels Living Proof, Inc. in Acquisition by Unilever
01.04.17  Troutman Sanders Advises Pacific Ethanol in Refinancing, Business Expansion
12.14.16  Troutman Sanders Advises Ohr Pharmaceutical on Public Offering of Common Stock and Warrants
12.14.16  Troutman Sanders Advises Fullshare Holdings Limited on China High Speed Takeover
12.07.16  Troutman Sanders Wins Multiple M&A Atlas Awards
12.05.16  Troutman Sanders Advises Snyder’s-Lance in Sale of Diamond of California®
11.09.16  Troutman Sanders Advises on Billion Dollar Merger of EarthLink and Windstream
11.09.16  Troutman Sanders Adds Two Corporate Partners in New York
10.27.16  Troutman Sanders Moves into New Office Space in Shanghai
10.21.16  Troutman Sanders Advises on Leading Canadian Pharmaceutical Closing
10.18.16  Troutman Sanders Advises Charles Smith Wines on Acquisition by Constellation Brands
09.07.16  Troutman Sanders Counsels Cynapsus in Transaction with Sunovion
08.01.16  Troutman Sanders Counsels Client in $1.3B Chinese-Indian Pharma Deal
06.06.16  Continuing Its Expansion in Greater China, Jason Kuo Joins Troutman Sanders in Hong Kong
04.28.16  Troutman Sanders Continues Expansion in Orange County With the Addition of a Corporate Partner
04.14.16  Troutman Sanders Guides Snyder’s-Lance in Major Snack Food Merger
03.25.16  Troutman Sanders Receives Practice and Individual Rankings in the 2016 Chambers Global Guide
03.21.16  Troutman Sanders Secures Practice and Individual Lawyer Rankings in the 2016 Chambers Asia-Pacific Guide
02.09.16  Four Troutman Sanders Partners Recognized as BTI Client Service All-Stars
02.08.16  Troutman Sanders Represents Tribute Pharmaceuticals Canada, Inc. in a Merger with Pozen, Inc. Creating New Pharmaceutical Company Aralez Pharmaceuticals Inc.
01.25.15  Troutman Sanders Lawyers Named North Carolina’s ‘Legal Elite’
01.05.16  Troutman Sanders Elects Nine New Partners
01.05.16  Troutman Sanders Takes the Lead on Atlanta’s Most Complex 2015 Transaction
12.07.15  Troutman Sanders Advises Southern on Solar Power Investment
11.17.15  Troutman Sanders Advises BNC Bancorp on Acquisition of High Point Bank Corporation
11.05.15  Susan Stoops Ancarrow, Partner, Troutman Sanders LLP to Speak at KC’s Event
11.02.15  Troutman Sanders Secures Top Rankings in Benchmark Litigation 2016
10.29.15  Troutman Sanders Receives Two ‘Deal of the Year’ M&A Atlas Awards
06.09.15  Troutman Sanders Advises Greenheart Group Limited on Its Acquisition by Newforest Group Limited
06.01.15  Troutman Sanders Advises CITIC Securities Company Limited on the Purchase of the Controlling Interest in KVB Kunlun Financial Group Limited
04.23.15  Troutman Sanders Assists Eastern Virginia Bankshares with $20 Million Private Placement
04.21.15  Troutman Sanders Advises ARRIS on $2.1 Billion Acquisition of Pace plc
04.14.15  Troutman Sanders Continues Corporate Expansion in Charlotte Office
03.02.15  Troutman Sanders Advises CIAM Group Limited on Voluntary General Offer Made by FDG Electric Vehicles Limited and Disposal of Interests in Agnita Limited to FDG Electric Vehicles Limited
02.18.15  Troutman Sanders Attorneys Honored as 2015 BTI Client Service All-Stars
01.09.15  Troutman Sanders Continues Growth in Corporate and Private Equity Practices in New York
07.10.14  Troutman Sanders Expands Private Equity Practice with Veteran Deal Maker in New York
06.25.14  Troutman Sanders Expands International Corporate Practice with New Partner in Shanghai
04.23.14  Troutman Sanders Canadian Practice Receives Top Rankings in Various Industry League Tables
04.23.14  Leading Public-Private Partnership Lawyer Joins Troutman Sanders
03.20.14  Troutman Sanders Expands Corporate Practice in Orange County
01.29.14  Troutman Sanders Achieves High Rankings in 2013 Industry League Tables For Canada and Asia Transactions
01.27.14  Troutman Sanders Ranks in Various Industry League Tables
09.12.13  Troutman Sanders Files Conflict Minerals Rulemaking Petition
07.25.13  Troutman Sanders Receives Top U.S. Firm Rankings in Various Thomson Reuters' Industry League Tables
05.08.13  Troutman Sanders Receives Top U.S. Firm Rankings in Various Thomson Reuters' Industry League Tables
04.05.13  Troutman Sanders Receives International Rankings in the 2013 Chambers Asia Pacific Guide
02.22.12  Troutman Sanders Tops U.S. Firms on Thomson Reuters' Industry League Tables
02.14.12  Troutman Sanders Tops Thomson Reuters’ Industry League Table
08.31.11  Troutman Sanders Tops Thomson Reuters' M&A Industry League Table
08.16.11  Troutman Sanders Tops Thomson Reuters' Industry League Tables
05.24.10  Troutman Sanders Launches Financial Crimes and Securities Fraud Team

Press Coverage

09.13.17  8th Circ. Sets Standing Marker With Data Breach Rulings
08.17.17  Birmingham bank to expand Florida presence with purchase of Jacksonville bank
06.23.17  These Former Pro Athletes Want To Help Other Athletes Avoid Financial Crises
05.31.17  Courts Continue to Uphold Forum-Selection
05.10.17  DHX Media to Acquire Peanuts & Strawberry Shortcake
05.01.17  Corporate Transactions of Importance
04.03.17  Windstream (WIN) Agrees to Acquire Broadview Networks for $227.5M
04.04.17  Restructuring Your Way to a New Tomorrow: The Emerging Trend of “Stapled Secondary” Private Equity Fund Restructurings
03.11.17  Labour Tribunal Must Fulfil its "Inquisitorial" Role
03.02.17  A Revolution In Renewable Energy Finance
03.02.17  CFO Awards Provides an Excellent Networking Opportunity
02.24.17  Troutman Sanders Named a Winner of China Business Law Journal’s 2016 China Business Law Awards
02.22.17  ARRIS to Acquire Ruckus Wireless and ICX Switch Business for $800 Million
02.21.17  Lumos to be acquired for $950 million
01.13.17  Partner Chengfei Ding Receives “Deal of the Year 2016” by China Business Law Journal
01.01.17  Restructuring Your Way to a New Tomorrow: The Emerging Trend of “Stapled Secondary” Private Equity Fund Restructurings
01.01.17  Specific Issues in IPOs
12.1.16  Takeover Deal of the Year 2016
11.28.16  Snyder's-Lance Announces Divestiture Of Diamond Of California® Culinary Nut Business
11.23.16  Not Just Earnouts: Creative Ways To Bridge Valuation Gaps
11.21.16  Troutman Sanders Snags 2 DLA Piper Corporate Partners
11.09.16  Alta Wind ruling marks 'significant setback' for government
11.01.16  SEC Adopts Final Rules for Resource Extraction Issuers under Dodd-Frank Act
10.17.16  Ontario Teachers buys Constellation's Canadian wine business for $780 million
10.01.16  Arbitration in M&A Transactions: Laws of New York and Deleware
09.02.16  Five Steps to Compliance with the Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces Final Rule
08.31.16  Sunovion Pharma to buy Canada's Cynapsus for $624 million
08.30.16  Troutman Sanders, Simpson Thacher on $1.3B Chinese-Indian Pharma Deal
07.13.16  H2O Innovation Enters U.S. Operation and Maintenance Market With the Acquisition of Utility Partners and Concurrent Private Placement of $20 M
06.17.16  BNC Bancorp Completes Merger with Southcoast Financial Corporation
05.05.16  New Corporate Lawyer in Orange County
04.28.16  Indigo Minerals Completes Capital Raise and Acquisition
04.09.16  United Community Banks to Acquire Tidelands Bancshares
04.05.16  State Bank Financial (STBZ) to Acquire NBG Bancorp in $68M Deal
04.01.16  U.S. Federal Trade Commission Grants Early Termination of Waiting Period Under Hart-Scott-Rodino
03.26.16  Old Point Enters Agreement with PL Capital
02.25.16  Southern Co. to Acquire N.C. Company in $431 Million Deal
02.23.16  Troutman Sanders Ranks in Chambers Asia-Pacific Guide
02.22.16  Orange County Office Ranked One of the Largest in Orange County
02.04.16  Troutman Sanders Posts 'Eye-Popping' Year
02.01.16  EarthLink Sells Certain IT Services Assets
02.01.16  The Year in Deals and the Law Firms Behind Them
01.25.16  Skadden Leads $98M Go-Private Deal for US-Listed Jinpan
01.21.16  4 Things Firms Can Do to Win More Clients in 2016
01.20.16  Troutman Sanders Names New Managing Partner in Virginia Beach
01.06.16  Troutman Advises ARRIS on $2.1B Cross-Border Buy of Pace
12.21.15  Southern Co. Nabs Controlling Stake in Calif. Solar Project
12.15.15  Newell Rubbermaid to Buy Jarden for More Than $15 Billion
12.09.15  WashingtonFirst Bankshares, Inc. Completed a Public Offering of 1.655 Million Shares of Its Voting Common Stock
12.09.15  Pozen and Tribute Announce Plan to Proceed with Merger
12.01.15  Southern Buys Texas Solar Project from Recurrent Energy
12.01.15  CommitteePalooza
11.20.15  BNC Bancorp in N.C. to Buy High Point Bank
11.16.15  Troutman Sanders Ranked in Legal 500 Asia Pacific 2016
10.30.15  Big Deals: Canada-based Cynapsus Therapeutics Inc.
10.28.15  Snyder’s-Lance Shells Out $1.91B for Diamond Foods
10.27.15  Fidelity Southern to Buy American Enterprise in Fla.
10.21.15  Heritage Bank to Join Southern Bank
10.20.15  BNC Bancorp Closes Acquisition of CertusBank Branches in South Carolina
10.15.15  Who’s Who of Law & Accounting
10.08.15  Hong Kong Partner Named Leading Lawyer
10.08.15  Southern Company Prices Public Offering of 6.25% Notes Due 2075 for $875 Million
09.10.15  Robert Bourguignon’s Move to Troutman Sanders Continues Press Run
09.03.15  United Community Banks Acquires Palmetto Bancshares
09.01.15  Hamilton State Bancshares Closes Acquisition of Highland Commercial Bank
08.24.15  Intrexon Prices Public Offering of Shares for $200 Million
08.19.15  Pamplona Capital Invests $150M in Fiber Telecom Provider
08.19.15  Vornado Signs Lease on West Chelsea Office Space
08.04.15  J. W. Childs Associates Acquires Shoe Sensation from Palisade Capital Management
08.03.15  WashingtonFirst Bankshares Closes 1st Portfolio Holding Acquisition
07.20.15  Deals Mentioned in Lexpert
07.01.15  The Riverside Company-Backed H-D Acquires FirstMark
06.30.15  Cynapsus Therapeutics Begins Trading on OTCQX®
06.29.15  Troutman’s Chu Advises on Greenheart Acquisition
06.21.15  Court Appointee Chases (and Finds) Investor Cash that Vanished in China
06.11.15  Pozen Announces Strategic Acquisition of Tribute
06.01.15  BNC Bancorp to Buy CertusBank Branches in U.S. Carolinas Expansion
05.29.15  WashingtonFirst Bankshares to Acquire Mortgage Lender 1st Portfolio in USD 7.7m Deal
05.28.15  Troutman Sanders Advises Creator Holdings Limited
05.26.15  Arcan Resources Completes $171.25M Debt for Equity Exchange
05.26.15  IRS Notice 2015-17—Employer Payment Plans and the ACA's Market Reforms
05.15.15  Intrexon Corporation Completes Acquisition of Okanagan Specialty Fruits Inc.
05.15.15  Hamilton State Bancshares to Acquire Highland Financial Services
05.04.15  United Community Banks Closes Merger with MoneyTree, First National Bank
04.30.15  ARRIS Group Acquires Pace plc
04.29.15  United Community Banks and Palmetto Bancshares Announce Merger Agreement
04.28.15  Eastern Virginia Bankshares, Inc. Announces Private Placement of $20.0 Million of Fixed to Floating Rate Subordinated Notes
04.21.15  Troutman Sanders Receives Good Apple Award
04.19.15  Alec Watson Joins Charlotte Office
03.03.15  New Lawyers in Charlotte Obtain Press Coverage
02.19.15  Five Star Credit Union Agrees to Acquire Farmers State Bank
02.16.15  Troutman Sanders Increases Gains Over 2013
01.31.15  United Community Banks Acquiring First National Bank
01.12.15  New Partner in New York
01.08.15  Hong Kong Partner Named 2015 Leading Lawyer
12.18.14  Asia Deal Digest
12.01.14  Troutman Sanders, Plesner win $6.4 mln arbitration case for Trayton
11.20.14  Best Practices for Strategic Management - EarthLink
11.17.14  Albemarle, Rockwood deal gets shareholder nod
10.15.14  Deal of the Year
10.10.14  Managing partner named a Who's Who
09.16.14  Chindex Stockholders Approve Merger
09.03.14  U.S. Dry Cleaning Services announces public offering of common stock
08.29.14  Global Legal Awards: Global M&A Deals of the Year
08.17.14  Partner in AJC article on Georgia banks facing uncertain futures
07.29.14  Ryan Pedraza joins Troutman Sanders
07.29.14  Orange County partner profiled in Law360 Q&A
07.18.14  One of the first 25 on Facebook - New York's Amie Broder
07.16.14  Albemarle acquiring rival, Rockwood Holdings
07.11.14  Michael Weinsier joins Troutman Sanders in New York
07.10.14  Troutman Sanders Wins Global Legal Award
07.09.14  Brand Group Holdings Inc. issues subordinated notes
07.08.14  Law360 Profiles Atlanta Partner
07.01.14  A Cautionary Tale: KKR’s Gardner Denver Settlement
06.27.14  Troutman Sanders Expands International Corporate Practice with New Partner in Shanghai
06.25.14  11th largest stock and debt deal in 2013
06.24.14  Troutman Sanders serves as PAL on OTCQX
04.11.14  Including Risk Factors In 10-Q – Is it Good Practice?
10.04.13  Atlanta partner quoted in American BankerAmerican Banker
09.11.13  Firm's rulemaking petition with the SEC gets media attention
08.27.13  Using Non-CAAP Measures – Observations After Ten Years of SEC RegulationThe CLS Blue Sky Blog
09.12.11  New attorney in New York
01.28.11  Richmond partners help coal giant Massey in sale