Troutman Sanders LLP is an international law firm with more than 600 lawyers and 16 offices located throughout the United States and China. Founded in 1897, the firm’s heritage of substantive legal experience, demonstrated industry knowledge, and an unwavering commitment to service has resulted in strong, long-standing relationships with clients across the globe. These clients range from multinational corporations to individual entrepreneurs, federal and state agencies to foreign governments, as well as non-profit organizations and businesses representing virtually every sector and industry. The firm has helped to solve challenging and precedent-setting legal issues for some of the most dynamic companies in the world.

トラウトマン・サンダース LLPは、米国及び中国において15の事務所を持ち、600人以上の弁護士を抱える国際法律事務所です。1897年の設立以来、当事務所は豊富な経験、様々な業界に関する知識、そして法務サービスに対する揺るぎないコミットメントにより、世界中の顧客と強固かつ長期的な関係を築き上げ、多国籍企業から個人起業家、連邦や州の政府機関から外国政府、そして非営利組織団体からあらゆる産業分野の民間企業まで、様々な顧客に法務サービスを提供しています。当事務所は、世界に飛躍する企業に対し法務サービスを提供し、困難かつ判例となる様な法的問題を解決してきた実績を持っています。

Main Areas of Practice:




Corporate Transactions: The firm assists clients from nearly every sector of the economy, including publicly-traded multinationals, closely held private companies, private equity firms and investment banks with all types of corporate transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, public and private offerings, project finance and securities matters.


Financial Institutions: The firm has extensive experience working with federal and state regulatory agencies on a wide variety of matters. In addition, the firms’ lawyers have substantial experience in mergers and acquisitions, capital formation, public offerings, securities reporting and corporate governance.

金融機関:当事務所は、多種多様な問題において連邦や州の規制機関との交渉実績を持っています。加えて、当事務所の弁護士は M&A、資本形成、株式公募、証券報告、コーポレート・ガバナンスにおいて豊かな実務経験を有しています。

Tax & Benefits: Troutman Sanders provides clients with representation in all types of planning, transactions and controversies, including specialized experience in the area of utility tax. The firm’s employee benefits and executive compensation practice handles all aspects of compensation and benefits law, design, consulting and application.




Finance: The firm advises on sophisticated financing transactions for all types of organizations, including banks, mortgage companies and other institutional lenders and capital providers. The firm’s lawyers participate in all aspects of commercial lending, asset-based lending, debt financing, workouts, equipment financing, real estate finance and public finance matters. In addition, the firm has substantial depth in the area of renewable financing projects.

ファイナンス:当事務所は銀行、 住宅ローン金融会社、機関融資家、資本提供会社など、あらとあらゆる組織に対して高度な金融取引に関する法的アドバイスを行なっています。当事務所の弁護士はコマーシャル・レンディング、アセット・ベース・レンディング、デット・ファイナンス、債務整理、設備融資、不動産融資および公的融資などのあらゆる側面に携わっています。加えて、当事務所は更新可能なファイナンシング・プロジェクトの分野においても非常に豊かな経験を有しています。

Multifamily Housing: The firm has long-standing experience representing lenders active in the multifamily housing finance industry. The firm is recognized nationwide for its leading skills in closing and delivering loans secured by multifamily projects to secondary market investors.


Real Estate: The firm represents clients in real estate acquisition, disposition, leasing and management, with a primary focus on commercial and industrial property. The firm also represents major banking and financial institutions in the financing of real estate projects.

不動産:当事務所は、 商業・産業不動産の買収、処分、リース、管理に関する法務サービスを提供しています。また、不動産プロジェクトの融資を行なう大手銀行や融資機関に対しても法務サービスを提供しています。



Energy Industry: The firm has long-standing experience in the energy industry, advising electric utilities, independent generators and power marketers, natural gas pipelines, renewable energy suppliers, energy funds, banks and other investors. The firm has represented clients in cutting-edge matters and has been engaged to handle virtually every aspect of their businesses, including mergers, divestitures, financings, regulatory approvals, investigations, audits, rate filings and litigation.

エネルギー産業:当事務所は、エネルギー分野で豊富な経験を有しており、電機公共事業会社、独立系発電事業者やパワー・マーケッター (power marketer)、天然ガスパイプライン、再利用エネルギー提供会社、エネルギ−融資、銀行およびその他の投資家に対して、エネルギー産業に関連したアドバイスを行なっています。最先端の問題において様々な顧客に法務サービスを提供した実績があり、それら顧客を、会社合併、分割、融資、規制承認、調査、監査、電気料金申請および訴訟など、ありとあらゆる側面から支援してきました。

Other Industry Regulation: The firm has significant experience handling diverse regulatory, commercial and litigation matters for clients in sectors, including government contracts, insurance, consumer financial services, financial institutions, telecommunications, health care, life sciences, real estate and tobacco.


Compliance & Advocacy: Firm lawyers counsel and represent clients in significant areas of government regulation and administrative law, including environmental, labor and employment, antitrust and trade regulation, land use regulation, lobbying and public affairs and election law.




Business Litigation: Troutman Sanders defends and prosecutes high-stakes commercial disputes. The firm has a substantial bench of trial lawyers with the experience needed to manage complex, multi-district litigation. The firm’s diverse experience includes litigation in areas such as corporate governance, antitrust and trade regulation, securities, media and entertainment, construction, bankruptcy, white collar, government regulation of consumer products, professional malpractice and products liability. In addition, the firm has extensive experience with enforcement actions and government investigations, including those initiated by State Attorneys General.

事業訴訟: トラウトマン・サンダースは、利害の大きな商業紛争において、申し立てを行なう、あるいは申立てを行なわれた顧客の弁護人として法務サービスを提供しています。当事務所は、複雑な広域係属訴訟を取り扱うために必要とされる経験を有した多くの法廷弁護士を抱えています。それらの弁護士はコーポレート・ガバナンス、独占禁止および取引規制、証券関連、メディア・エンターテイメント、建設、破産、ホワイトカラー犯罪、消費者製品規制、専門職過誤、製造物責任など多岐に及ぶ分野での経験を有しており、さらに州司法長官によって起訴された政府による訴追、捜査に対する取扱いにおいても幅広い経験を有しています。

Financial Services Litigation: The firm has defended complex litigation and class action cases for financial services clients who are on the leading edge of claims and regulations, including national and regional banks, mortgage lenders and servicers, credit card lenders, debt buyers and collectors, credit reporting agencies and auto finance companies.


Insurance Litigation: With decades of experience, firm lawyers offer clients the value of having represented the insurance industry in its most significant and complex matters, extensive government experience and an outstanding record of success. The firm has been involved in coverage disputes in all 50 states and numerous foreign jurisdictions.


Intellectual Property: The firm regularly advises and represents clients in regard to patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets and handles litigation arising in all of the different areas of our practice. Firm lawyers handle matters involving technology licensing and transactions and information management, including privacy and data security.

知的財産訴訟: 当事務所は、特許、商標、著作権、企業秘密に関する法務サービス、アドバイスを提供しており、当事務所が業務を行なう様々な分野で発生する訴訟を取り扱います。当事務所の弁護士は、技術ライセンスや技術取引、プライバシーやデータセキュリティを含む情報管理に関する訴訟を取り扱っています。

GREATER CHINA PRACTICE: Troutman Sanders has offices in Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai. The firm represents multinational and local PRC and Hong Kong companies and financial institutions in a wide range of legal matters, including mergers and acquisitions, sales and divestitures, corporate and commercial transactions, takeovers of Hong Kong and US-listed companies, corporate restructuring, private equity and other foreign investments in China. The firm also assists multinational companies in establishing and operating businesses in China, including incorporating new companies, setting up branches and representative offices, resolving issues under employment, benefits and intellectual property law; negotiating and documenting distribution arrangements; and resolving disputes.


The firm also has offices in Beijing, Charlotte, Chicago, Hong Kong, New York, Orange County, Portland, Raleigh, Richmond, San Diego, San Francisco, Shanghai, Tysons Corner, Virginia Beach, and Washington, DC.

当事務所は、北京、シャーロット、シカゴ、香港、ニューヨーク、ノーフォーク、オレンジ・カウンティー、ポートランド、ローリー、リッチモンド、サンディエゴ、上海、タイソンズコーナー、バージニアビーチ、ワシントンDC に事務所を持っています。