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Troutman Sanders’ legal team has provided strategic counseling, negotiation, drafting, documentation and due diligence to telecommunications clients for nearly 30 years. Our experience includes the representation of a leading national wireless company in ongoing acquisitions and leases of ground, tower, in-building, university, airport, stadium, and rooftop space for wireless communication facilities across the United States as well as other tower companies in their acquisition, zoning, and environmental matters. Our team handles roughly 700 new sites/amendments per year. We are well-versed in the latest industry issues, including small cells, spider clouds, Wi-Fi, service level agreements, build-to-suits and numerous forms of distributed antenna systems.

Our team is comprised of real estate, environmental, regulatory, and land use attorneys who are uniquely positioned to provide outstanding legal services based on the depth and breadth of our combined knowledge and experience in the telecommunications industry. By working seamlessly between practice groups and offices to coordinate complex projects across jurisdictions, industries and areas of law, we are able to advise clients on virtually any legal matter.

We provide vigorous negotiation and advocacy for domestic and international clients in all areas of transactions, including the development, acquisition, sale, financing, leasing, management and operation of bulk properties and holdings, such as ground, tower, rooftop and in-building space for communications facilities and the development of master leases. Participants in today’s highly competitive telecommunications industry need more than just advice and guidance on complicated legal transactions, they need a competitive advantage.

Our knowledge of global economic and industry trends is matched by our in-depth familiarity with local markets. We also represent clients in their dealings with local officials, as well as state, national and international agencies with regard to issues such as regulatory compliance, land use and zoning.

  • Performed lease negotiations, title, environmental and survey review for a national wireless carrier for approximately 30 years.
  • Represent a wireless company in its acquisition or lease of ground, tower or rooftop space for wireless communications facilities and in distributed antenna system deals for airports, hospitals and athletic arenas.
  • Represent wireless communication companies in connection with obtaining local zoning and development approvals for telecommunications facilities.
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