Solid Waste

Troutman Sanders’ lawyers are experienced in all aspects of managing non-hazardous solid waste and do extensive work on behalf of clients and in the government. For example, one of our lawyers drafted most of Virginia's solid waste legislation from 1992 to 1999 while working for the state general assembly.

We have in-depth knowledge of solid-waste permitting requirements and procedures, and understand potential liabilities associated with solid-waste landfills such as methane-gas buildup and contaminant migration. We have litigated open-dumping issues and advised clients on the management of fly ash, bottom ash or fuels byproducts generally.

  • Represented a solid-waste company in the purchase of new transfer station in the Atlanta, Georgia area.
  • Represented a major regional landfill in Georgia on the cutting edge of Subtitle D. We obtained a permit modification to allow the landfill to mine old waste areas, separate out recyclables and create new lined cells, thereby extending the life of the landfill by fifty years.
  • Challenged state laws limiting the importation of solid waste from other states.
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