Unsecured Creditors Representation

The Troutman Sanders Financial Restructuring and Insolvency practice has extensive experience in representing trade creditors in all aspects of insolvency matters, including advising on supply chain issues with financially troubled vendors, advising on the management of pre-bankruptcy customers’ credit exposure, negotiating post-petition credit with the debtor, advising on the assumption or rejection of executory contracts, asserting reclamation rights and rights for goods provided within 20 days of the bankruptcy filing, assisting domestic and foreign vendors in the recovery of their claims, defending preference and other avoidance actions, and advising on the buying or selling of proofs of claim. We represent a wide range of clients in these matters, including technology companies, utilities, landlords, media companies, commercial airlines, and energy companies.

  • Representing an Atlanta-based commercial airline regarding insolvency related issues with various customers and vendors.
  • Representing an energy company operating an interstate natural gas pipeline advising on various insolvency matters.
  • Representing a technology company in connection with supply chain issues caused by the financial deterioration of a significant vendor.
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