Waste Management

The proper storage, treatment and disposal of waste is a key area of environmental concern. Government and private and public companies continue to generate increasing amounts hazardous wastes as a by-product of doing business. To limit potential harm, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and state authorities have enacted numerous laws, such as the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), to regulate the treatment of hazardous wastes. Today, corporations and municipalities must contend with accurately classifying waste types (solid, hazardous or other) and disposing of that waste appropriately to avoid penalties or other assessments resulting from non-compliance.

Troutman Sanders’ environmental and natural resources attorneys provide counsel to businesses in establishing compliant waste-management protocols. We also assist our clients in resolving citations or other infractions with the EPA or state agencies, and provide litigation representation in the event matters escalate to the courts.

Areas of concentration include the following: