The communications and information industries have been an important focus of our practice for decades. Our communications practice features attorneys who are proficient in the technology, experienced in the regulatory and business environment, and prepared to handle a wide variety of matters in which our clients become involved.

Our Clients

Our clients span virtually all segments of the communications and information industries:

  • Long distance carriers
  • Local exchange carriers
  • Mobile telephone carriers
  • Specialized mobile radio carriers
  • Satellite operators
  • Mobile data carriers
  • Paging carriers
  • Conferencing providers
  • Cable television operators
  • Microwave network operators
  • Radio and television broadcasters
  • Fiber optic network developers
  • Internet service providers
  • Call center operators
  • Electric utilities
  • Pipeline and gas distribution operators
  • Gas marketers
  • Railroads
  • Content developers and distributors
  • Software developers and distributors
  • Equipment manufacturers and distributors
  • Financial institutions
  • Communications tower owners and hosts
  • Resellers
  • Infomediaries

Our Practice

We counsel our clients in a wide array of legal, regulatory and commercial matters.

Corporate, Commercial & Financial Transactions

We provide strategic counseling, negotiation, drafting, documentation and due diligence to clients in a range of telecommunications transactions, including:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Joint ventures
  • Project and corporate financing
  • Network construction and development
  • Network capacity exchange transactions
  • Reseller agreements
  • Service agreements
  • Interconnection agreements
  • Program and content licensing, distribution and service arrangements
  • Real property condemnation, purchase, leasing, sale and management
  • Equipment manufacturing, sale and procurement agreements
  • Intellectual property development, protection, acquisition and distribution
  • Access arrangements between carriers and commercial real estate developers and managers
  • Access to satellite capacity
  • Pole attachment and right-of-way agreements
  • Radio frequency relocation agreements
  • Communications tower construction, acquisition, leasing and sale agreements
  • Development of Internet services
  • Development of call centers, including contracting with participants, outsourcing companies, vendors and employees
  • Outsourcing of telecommunications and information resources
  • Counseling financial institutions regarding impact of telecommunications regulations on borrowers

Regulatory Matters

In addition to our day-to-day counseling of clients on issues of regulatory compliance, we represent clients before federal, state, local and foreign regulators in a variety of matters:

  • License tenders
  • Common carrier certification proceedings
  • Exemptions from common carrier certification
  • Common carrier tariffs
  • Local government franchising, licenses and permits for underground and overhead facilities
  • Cable television licensing, including applications, transfers, renewals and license compliance issues
  • Communications tower zoning and permitting
  • Communications tower air hazard issues and radio frequency energy exposure issues
  • Radio license transfers, assignments and modifications
  • Applications for new radio licenses
  • Equipment authorization matters
  • Environmental impact assessments and showings
  • Regulatory classification of services
  • Supervision and approval of affiliate agreements and agreements involving transfers of regulated assets
  • FCC rulemaking proceedings
  • FCC enforcement and compliance proceedings
  • Universal service fund issues
  • Number portability issues
  • 911 service arrangements with local governments

Legislative Matters

We maintain relationships with federal, state and local legislators and take an active role in the legislative process. We monitor pending legislation of interest to our telecommunications clients and have established a record of effective legislative advocacy.


We have broad experience representing our clients before a variety of courts and administrative tribunals, including state and federal courts, state public service commissions and the Federal Communications Commission.


Telecommunications is an integral part of our global infrastructure practice. Troutman Sanders attorneys have "on the ground" infrastructure project development experience in more than 40 countries.