Antitrust Litigation

Even the best counseling cannot always avert litigation when the opposing party insists. When escalations occur, we are prepared to offer nothing short of the best litigation advocacy and case management to our clients. At Troutman Sanders, our attorneys have in-depth knowledge of antitrust law and are seasoned litigators. We represent trade association and corporate clients in appellate litigation matters, as parties and as amici curiae, including before the U.S. Supreme Court, where we have helped shape the development of antitrust jurisprudence.

Our attorneys have defended clients against allegations of criminal antitrust violations including bid rigging and price fixing in numerous industries, such as chemicals, international construction, airlines, and real estate. We have represented clients in a multitude of high profile cases with the Department of Justice Antitrust Division, including matters involving vitamins cartels, dynamic random access memory, metal building insulation, and carbon cathode block. We counsel clients in all aspects of government investigations, from responding to the initial grand jury subpoena and search warrants to conclusion of the matter through trial or the Antitrust Division’s declination of the charges. We also advise clients in negotiating through the Department of Justice Antitrust Division’s leniency program and have negotiated several amnesty deals where our clients have avoided all criminal prosecution.

Our approach to every case is to be prepared to take the case to trial. By leveraging our experience, we offer litigation representation that can be more immediate and far more efficient than larger AmLaw 100 firms, with whom we are frequently selected as co-counsel. We predicate our practice on the premise that even complex criminal and civil cases do not necessarily require massive staffing or the correspondingly large cost structure. Through technology, optimization of resources and the specialized services of eMerge, the firm’s electronic discovery affiliate, we are able to more effectively contain the rapidly increasing costs of litigation.