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Consumer Financial Services Webinar Archive

Please note that we are not able to offer CLE for viewing the recorded webinar program.

2018 Webinars

10.26.2018 - A TCPA in Chaos: Navigating the Circuit and District Courts Splits on the Interpretation of the TCPA Since ACA International

10.25.2018 - FCRA Overview: Understanding the Law & What to Watch Out For

09.28.2018 - 2018 Update on FDCPA Case Law, Litigation Trends, and Regulatory Enforcement

06.06.2018 - Vendor Risk: Why Is This Still An Issue?

04.24.2018 - Effective Cyber Risk Management: Overcoming Common Mistakes

04.17.2018 - Game-Changers in Consumer Class Action

03.31.2018 - Data Privacy: The Current Legal Landscape March 2018

03.20.2018 - Did the D.C. Circuit Short-Circuit the TCPA? Life After ACA v. FCC

02.23.2018 - Examining Recent Trends in Lender Liability, Bank Litigation, and Arbitration

01.23.2018 - Defending FCRA Class Actions: A Practical Approach

2017 Webinars

12.12.2017 - Preserving and Protecting Confidentiality when Sharing Information with Regulators

10.18.17 - Privacy and General Data Protection (GDPR) – What It Means for Your Company

10.05.17 - Residential Mortgage Litigation Survey: Litigators Discuss the Current State of Individual and Class Action Consumer Mortgage Claims

9.21.17 - How to Engage Your Legal Department in Data Incident Response

9.12.17 - A Review of Recent Fair Housing Act Municipality Cases and other Municipality Claims

8.29.17 - Right to Cure Expanded to Consumer Loan and Debt Collection Litigation

8.24.17 - A Review of Recent FCRA Trends and Developments

8.10.17 - A Review of New York Cybersecurity Framework for Financial Institutions

07.18.17 - A Review: The CFPB's Rule on Arbitration and What It Might Mean for Your Company

06.29.17 - A Post-Inauguration Regulatory and Litigation Update Affecting Financial Institutions

06.21.17 - A Review of the Supreme Court's Decision in Henson v. Santander

04.19.17 - Post-Spokeo Survey – An Analysis of Trends and Developments in the Courts

03.23.17 - Electronic Funds Transfer Act - Latest Trends and Developments 

02.22.17 - Bankruptcy & Debt Collection - Latest Trends and Developments

02.09.17 - Redlining and Fair Lending - What You Need To Know

2016 Webinars

12.14.16 - What Will the Trump Administration Mean for the Banking and Financial Services Industry?

11.10.16 - The Supreme Court’s Spokeo Decision – A Busy Six Months

11.03.16 - The Ten Commandments to Avoid Lender Liability

10.05.16 - Cybersecurity Data Breach Litigation for Financial Institutions

08.30.16 - Proposed CFPB Debt Collection Rules

06.07.16 - TCPA Year in Review

05.03.16 - Data Breach Litigation: How to Avoid it and Be Better Prepared for Defense